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Walking in, dressed to the nines with his Black button up shirt and Blacks slacks he walked up to the table Hiro had taken possession of that evening, he hadn't planned on joining the public tonight. He had planned on staying home and trying to figure out how he was going to tell Shiro that now he was on paper...he might have to take back the title of Kumicho. That was until he read the local paper and find a possible problem that could affect them in the future.

While no names had been given and the paper made it clear that no ties could be made, it did mean they would have to change locations when it came to their dumps. He tossed Hiro the paper and ordered a drink, taking a seat.
"Well? What's your opinion so-honbucho?" He asked, realizing that Hiro would always have to have an important role if he was connected to his son and the next Oya-bun.

The drink coming to the table and took it to his lips and raised an eyebrow.
"That location was supposed to be secure." He mused.
Needing some air he had let one of the men watch their daughter, a man who had been trustworthy in the past. He took a sip of his drink, looking over one of the many reports he'd been assigned just as the paper landed in front of him with a sharply dressed Japanese vampire giving him a look that he couldn't make out. Did he want to kill him? Or was he just wanting to maim him? Either way, he felt like downing the drink in his hand and would have if the paper hadn't been given to him as a distraction. He looked over the information, not really seeing a problem with it. Bodies were found but never connected.
"My opinion is our security money to the Ministry is working. Read it again, no connections can be made. It's rumored Yoru, your panicking over rumors." He said once the spell was up keeping others from hearing, as he mentally cursed Yoru's stupidity in choosing to bring this up in a public location.
"Wait...are you actually worried about this?" He saw the look on Yoru's face change to concern.

The new name caught his attention, he already had that title as well as Ko-bun because no one else was trusted by Shiro to do the job. He set the paper down,
"You say that title like it's new and shiny...Or is it...your seeing I do my job well?" He wasn't amused. It shouldn't have taken this long to get to this point.
Not knowing if he should be concerned or angry about this, his mind started wondering just what they were doing to his and his fathers legacy. In his day and his fathers day, no bodies were found. At least not until years later on the very rare occasion there was a drought and bodies were uncovered, bodies that weren't recognizable. Or they did it the magical way, the body just vanishing into history altogether. That was how they dealt with these situations.
"Your idiots, utter and complete idiots. I will say it again: I trained you better." He was speaking low key, but Hiro would know better. He leaned back, not going further into it due to location.
"It better stay rumors." He hissed.

He shook his head,
"No, I've always trusted you in that way. You know what your doing," He took a look at the paper. "Most of the time." He added in. He sighed, running his hand over his face.
"I might have to take his title away, He's on paper and has problems that might just affect his job. It's not his fault if anything I wish I had been able to kill Genesis...but at the end of the day that doesn't change the fact we need to run effectively." Him only speaking so openly due to the fact that the spell was still up.
"Now take the spell down before we look suspicious." He gently ordered.
He nodded, mindlessly listening to the insults flying his way. The paper becoming the most fascinating thing in the world, he only looked up when Yoru seemed to be done with his little lecture.
"You trained us fine, and this will stay rumor." His voice clipped. All the others had...six years and no one had connected them to anything yet, though they didn't do it too often and always only did it if they needed to fix a problem. That might have helped.

His breath hitched a bit when he realized what Yoru was talking about. Really talking about. He took down the spell once Yoru was done, already knowing what code names to use to keep what they were really talking about under wraps. He just hoped Yoru still remembered them.
"I had a feeling that was coming, I didn't want to be right." He didn't blame Yoru for this, it wasn't like he came back and just took back over. He had told both boy's when he died...he died and thus didn't need to take back control. If anything he blamed Genesis, like Yoru did.
"How far in the company are you thinking of Knocking him down?" He asked, no venom in his question.
"What happened to our old ways Kawazaki? My father made those rules for a reason and the man before him made the rules we still have also for a reason." He wasn't letting this go, though he would not continue saying their organization name. Not that the spell was down. "I also expect you to listen to me when I'm talking to you." He noted as Kawazaki had checked out when he mentioned them being idiots.

Simply nodding, they both had to agree on that.
"He's good at barking orders, he's good at keeping the rules straight...I'm thinking of cutting him down just one rank. He'd be able to still have control of most things, just not be as responsible for when people messed up. I'd take back over cleaning the mess." He took a drink of his bourbon, his son hadn't been sleeping, his son obviously was taking his old habit of overworking and went into overdrive with it. That was also part of his thinking when this issue came up.
"I thought he was ready, I honestly don't know how he got so...caught up in being me." The heartless vampire had to admit he did have one soft spot. His son.
The liquid went down his throat, looking at his old boss...well upcoming boss.
"Remember when that one company forced us into using other business arrangments? We had to change our ways to save ours? Same thing Nakamura." The glass sat on the table.

Looking down at the glass as Yoru spoke, relief took over his being. Yoru wasn't taking away his lovers control, not completely. He didn't want to know what would happen to Shiro's nerves should that have happened.
"He wanted to make you proud, he wanted you to see him as someone who had done something." He smiled, "You were right you know."
Switching the blades to take out vampires made sense, keeping bodies recognizable didn't. He, however, had a feeling he wasn't going to get anywhere with this man in front of him. Not unless he got violent, which due to them being in public wasn't something he wanted to do. He'd pick this back up at home, and it wouldn't be in a nice manner.

"He has made me proud, other than this little bump in the road he's kept everything the way I had it. The way I taught him." He meant that other than the fact he was mingling with outsiders.
"Right about what?" He'd told Kawazaki many things over the years, pinpointing just one situation where he was right was impossible.
He chuckled, Yoru was slowly but surely turning into the man they had known in the past. Someone who supported his men and left his crude attitude towards the rest of the world. He just prayed Yoru would not create a seen with 'outsiders' in England. That was his only worry.
"You should tell him that," He simply said. Shiro was bending over backward to prove to Yoru he was still dependable.

Taking a sip of his drink he looked at Yoru,
"That he can be dangerous when his mind has no goal, He cornered Genesis a couple nights ago. Yoru he looked like the actual devil, enough so to give you a run for your money." He mused. "I need help, we need to give him something to focus on."
Looking at Hiro's glass he raised an eyebrow.
"Think he's coming undone?" He asked in a tone that screamed 'I'm not asking to be cute'. The tone he used when one of the boy's needed help, the tone that he used when his organization was not in control.
He sighed,
"Outwardly? No. He's doing his job, he's focusing on what he needs to. Inwardly? Yes. I think he's in an internal battle with himself. Trying to fight his need to keep himself the same." Neither men had expected the last case to bring up family matters or even bonds. They had always just done the job and left it at that...not this time.
"He's not happy, he is wanting to reach out. He's not the kid focused on revenge that you took in."
He said nothing, Shiro was his and his son only. He didn't want to share him with the Binx family, and he sure didn't want the Batsu family back in the picture. They had disowned his family in his father's generation, and thus he saw no reason to invite them back into it.
"You know Hiro...I was a child when my father told me just how wonderfully the Batsu family, my cousins by blood treated the Nakamura side of the family. Thing is, Hiro we follow the rules of the old samurai, Batsu's were a samurai magical clan when that was a thing. Don't you find it funny once we got our rep by today's society suddenly it's a bad thing?"

He took a sip of his own drink. "And the Binx's are outsiders. We stick to our own kind, remember that rule? We keep it pure. I think...though I could..." He was now trying to figure out a way to help his son.

"Be more fatherly...." He offered. "Maybe openly accept you two." He wouldn't like that...but if Hiro kept his son happy.
He sighed, he had heard this one before and he knew what was coming with the Binx's. Yoru would never accept them as anything but old clients that no longer needed to be even talked to. Shiro obviously thought differently.
"The edo period is over Yoru, were just thugs now to everyone. Our swords and wands are no longer seen as noble." He simply looked over expecting to see a glare, it scared him when he saw the man instead deep in thought. He also didn't know what to say to make it better for his boss.

He also knew better than to chuckle when Yoru mentioned being fatherly.
"You'll give him a heart attack." He mused. "You'll honestly give him a full-on heart attack." He added again as if his point hadn't been made before.
He snorted, history was going past them. Had been going past them before he was born.
"Doesn't mean I need to update my ways. The ways of our group, I'm moving us back to Japan." And that was final. "We belong in Japan. Once we're there, he'll see that's where we belong."

Hiro's words were only met with a blinking Yoru.
"What? don't see me as fatherly?" He thought he had always been like a father to his boy's. Many of which came from the street and had no one.
"Oh...he'll love that." He mused. "He'll fight you on that." He added in. Part of him wanted to see who would win, that was if yoru didn't use his vampire abilities to cheat.
"He understands we work from Japan, but he also...has found a home here." He explained. "Do you really want to take that from him?" He asked.

Now he laughed, Full blown laughter.
"You? Fatherly?" He looked over, instantly his laughter stopping. "Your strong, dependable...but nowhere near a cuddly father who cares for his children Yoru. If your a father figure....your that strict father that their son is scared of disappointing." He explained, hoping he just didn't start the process of Yoru making sure he turned up dead.
He'd been drinking in the back, listening to the two men who were obviously from his home country as they spoke...old ways? What did these two men know about how the old days were? The assumption they did almost made the vampire laugh. For one, they both while dressed nicely...had an air of 'youngness' about them. Even the vampire who had just mentioned...wait. He had just mentioned his old family? They lived on, and were now to boot in England? Somehow that made him a little sad, while he had left he had left because he had no place to belong. He was royally kicked out for his own.

To know the current members were actually preferring to stay in England and not honor their home country with pride by residing there saddened him greatly. He could tell the other vampire wasn't anyone to be proud of, what he could get off of him through his tone and general attitude was filled with cruelty and things that would scare the boogie man under a child's bed. He was a man who took power and ran with it by how he was speaking to the young mortal. If he was talking about the old ways, he wasn't following them.
"And what would you know about the old ways, Mr....Nakamura was it?" He stood up, his Kimono sleeves falling to his sides. His drink still in hand. "What would you know about honor?"
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