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Temper ajar and looking quite happy to be there when all he wanted to do was really work on an account the Japanese man counted the tiles on the floor to keep from cussing every word he knew out loud, while that would get him his goal of getting kicked out it wouldn't get his household off of his back. His fingers tapped the top of his seat as he waited with his leg crossed.

His foot soon began tapping, not with the irritation of the wait but the irritation of what he had just dealt with at home. He was beginning to think that his title didn't matter anymore, for when the cards were up Yoru seemed to still be in control.
"He's lucky he's my legal father, the things I would do if he wasn't." A little bit or his irritation flowing out of his mouth.

His head was killing him, thankfully not as bad as the first time he ended up in here. If anything this time it was just making his personality that much more friendly and nothing more.