Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Location: Erikur's flat • Date: September 24

The door to his flat slammed open as Erikur came charging in, his long muggle coat flying behind him. He stopped short when he saw his sister perched on his sagging armchair. Eyes wide, breathing hard, his brain seemed to jam shut when it registered that she was not, in fact, dying of horrific ailments or appearing in any form of danger.

"El, you....I got a letter and.....what the fuck?"
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So maybe Elisif over reacted a little, but she had to do something to get her brother to come back home. She missed him greatly, and if this was the quickest way to get him here, then so be it. He'd forgive her for putting the shits up him, she just knew he would.

After having snooped around his place a little bit, Eli made herself comfortable and waited for her big brother's return. When he finally burst into his home, Elisif jumped out of her skin. "Jesús, Erikur. Þú hræddir vitleysuna út af mér!" she said in Icelandic. "Have you ever heard of knocking?" Then she remembered, she's in his home, and laughed lightly to herself.

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"I scared you?!" Erikur exclaimed, exasperated. "Elie what the hell is going on? Middle of the Sahara desert and I get a letter from you saying you needed me ASAP, some fucking emergency and you need me in London, and you're scared? This is my fucking flat!" Erikur ran a hand through his wispy blonde hair.

"What the fuck?!" he repeated.

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"Okaaay, okaaay! Relax!" she said while getting to her feet, "you'll give yourself a heart attack if you're not careful" she couldn't help but to laugh a little at the heart attack comment, but soon went serious. While holding her hands up Elisif said "I admit, I might have got you here by overreacting a little bit. But I missed you".

Seeing as Erikur had mentioned this was his flat, Eli couldn't help herself and said while raising an accusing eye brow "yeah we're in your flat aren't we... So would you care to explain what all those potion bottles are in your draw? You know, the ones with other people's names on them!?"

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Erikur didn't know whether to yell at his sister or straight up kill her. He settled on throwing his hands onto his head and letting out a steady stream of Icelandic and Polish swears.

"What the shit were you playing at? If you missed me so much why didn't you just say so? I was in fucking Egypt! It's not exactly a hop skip and a jump to London!" It was then that her potions statement hit him. "And what the shit were you doing in my lab?!"

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"Would you have really came to visit me if I simply said 'I miss you, come and visit me'? Would you have honestly dropped everything and got your butt over here just for that reason alone?" she asked while raising a knowing brow at her brother. "No! Of course you wouldn't! So I had no choice but to exaggerate a little bit in my letter in order to get you here".

Eli rolled her eyes over the question of what she was doing in Erikur's lab. She waved a lazy, dismissive hand and said "that's really not the point. What the point is, is what the hell have you got all those potions for!? You aren't a healer or a medi wizard of any kind, so what are those potions for?"

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"You've no right to be going through my stuff!" Erikur countered. "I'm a grown-ass adult in a grown-ass flat. What I keep in here is none of your bloody business! How'd you get in anyway? And...you could have sent a bloody owl! Just because I'm not around doesn't mean I can't write. Jesus!"

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"I have every right to be going through your stuff!" she replied in a huffy tone. "For starters, I'm your sister! And if I didn't go through your stuff and catch you out with that stuff, then someone else would have, someone who wouldn't be as calm as I'm being and also someone with power to lock you up! So it really is a good thing that I went through your stuff, because now I can talk you into getting rid of it all!"

Eli walked over to Erikur and smacked his arm, then added "ALL of it needs getting rid of!"

Elisif shook her head to disagree over the owl, and said "owls aren't good enough. Sending the one to get my emergency letter to you was enough, but to just chat back and forth and not in person? It wouldn't have done. I needed to see you face to face".

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Erikur breathed through his nose with the ferocity of a wild beast. He whipped out his wand, pointed it at Elisif, and then pointed it at his laboratory. The door slammed shut and locked itself with an audible series of clicks, though there were no visible locks on the door. "What I do in my spare time is none of your business. And some of that stuff is actually legal, believe it or not," he added, pointing his wand back at her.

"Nobody gets in my flat without my say so -and you don't count! - and NOTHING is getting rid of here. Why are you so desperate to see me, anyway? I haven't exactly grown a beard or anything." He did recently get a tattoo of the Queen on his buttock but she didn't need to know that.

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Elisif rolled her eyes and folded her arms tightly over her chest when Erikur locked his door. "Well it isn't all legal now is it? And clearly you know you're in the wrong because you just locked your door. And I'll be here all day waiting for you to admit I'm right..." she lifted a hand to her ear, cupped the back of it to indicate she was listening, and finished with "I'm waiting, Boo, come on, admit I'm right and we can be done with this".

Erikur saying Eli didn't count as someone who could come into his flat without him made her scoff. "I do count! I'm your sister! Of course I count!" When she was asked why she was so desperate to see her brother, she shrugged a little. "I dunno.... I had a bad a feeling, I needed to see you to make sure everything was okay".

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Erikur held his wand to Elisif's face, a thousand hexes flying through his head. But if he hexed his sister their parents would give him hell. He compromised by transfiguring a stupid stuffed platypus nearby (why the hell did he even have that?) into a turtle. Anger vented, he returned his wand to Elisif's face.

"I brew potions to make people happy. Ain't nothing wrong with making people happy 'cept the government don't like people being happy." He threw up his arms. "It's all bureaucracy anyway. It's not like what I'm doing is hurting anyone. I'm not forcing anyone to take my shit. If they don't like it, they don't have to buy it."

Erikur pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a sigh. "Jesus, Elle.....I....honestly I'm okay. I don't know why you've got yourself all worked up. Look, how about we...I dunno....go on a hike sometime? I saw a couple giants last time I went up the Pyrenees. Ever done giant-baiting? It's a ton of fun."

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Elisif didn't flinch or move when Erikur pointed his wand. The worst thing he could do to her was death, and Eli knew her brother wouldn't kill her, no matter how shady he could be or how annoying she could be. At the end of the day they're brother and sister, and they love each other and she knew he wouldn't kill her. So she wasn't too worried about what he would do.

When the wand was turned onto the platypus and it was turned into a turtle, Eli laughed lightly through her nose. "You was going to turn me into a turtle!?" she laughed fully now. "You're lucky I love you" anyone else Eli would have hexed, but then again, she wouldn't be in this situation with anyone else as she didn't care what anyone else did.

"But there is!" she protested over making other people happy. "When you're at risk of getting into trouble with law officials then there is plenty wrong with it. I choose you over other peoples happiness. Now stop brewing those kind of potions!"

Elisif was soon raising a curious brow over the suggestion of them hiking sometime. "I've not" she replied over giant baiting. "But I want to... How do we do that?"
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If Erikur could roll his eyes any harder he would be looking at the back of his head.

"A, I dare you to make me. B, by putting on some fucking boots and walkin' up a fucking mountain. Seriously, El, this is not the first time. Remember last New Year? You and I went up Hvannadalshnjúkur and picked volcanic eldur-buds? Jeez El, how much sleep did you get last night?"
It was a testament to Erikur's utter inability to listen to advice that he followed this question with,
"Pretty sure I've got something that can help with that...."

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"Merlin's beard! I remember hiking! But I haven't done any giant-baiting, you knob! Stop being so--" and she didn't finish her sentence off because she realised her brother was offering her some of his special potions, literally moments after they were just arguing about how she wanted him to stop making them.

"And because there's no giants around to bait you're trying to bait me into kicking your ass, is that right?" she asked while folding her arms firmly over her chest in an annoyed stance. "You might be bigger and stronger than me, bro... But I will still kick your butt if you push me".

Eri rolled her eyes over her and Erikur's arguing, then asked "now when can we go on a hike?" she really wanted to go hiking, not only would she get to spend some much needed brother and sister time with her brother, but she knew Erikur couldn't make or sell any of his potions if he was out hiking with her.

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Erikur's foxy ears perked up. Oh good, she'd finally come to her senses! About the only truth in all that nonsense she'd been saying was how she could kick his butt.....a fact that he would vehemently deny to his dying day.....but a fact nonetheless.

Immediately summoning a rucksack packed just for the occasion (and packed with gear and provisions for exactly two people!) Erikur swept his arm around his sister and Apparated to the nearest mountain.

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