Location: Twickenham Rugby Stadium • Date: September 17th, 2002

Ginny was nervous.

She felt that she shouldn't be, because she had known Harry almost her whole life, and there was a point in time where he was one of the people she could totally relax and be herself around, and everything had felt natural and comfortable. Now, it felt like she was going on a first date for the first time, and even though Harry was the same, Ginny had her guard up. She had been hurt now, and instinctively she wanted to protect herself from being hurt again.

But despite all of that, here she was, dressed in Muggle clothing - Ginny opted for jeans and a plain T-shirt, she wanted to blend in as much as possible, even if they were less likely to be recognised in the Muggle world.

It seemed to be working, as she was stood slightly off to the side at the entrance of the stadium, watching the hordes of Muggles entering, keeping an eye out for Harry.

Played By: Susan

Harry Potter,

Harry had spent the better half of the morning getting ready. After stealing the shower from his roommate, rummaging through his dresser for something suitable to wear to today’s event and arguing with the mirror about his disheveled hair, Harry wasted no time in getting to the stadium where his meet up with Ginny was being held. He stood in the moving crowd easily spotting her vibrant red hair as she stood waiting for him at the entrance.

His heart leapt with joy.

She showed.

Harry felt as if he should’ve been more nervous, but he was surprisingly relaxed. It was just the two of them in a casual environment surrounded by muggles who had absolutely no idea who either of them were.

“Excuse me, miss? Do you happen to have the time?” asked a familiar voice to Ginny’s left.

Harry was standing beside her wearing dark wash jeans, a slightly wrinkled t-shirt, and a boyish grin. For once in his young adult life he wasn’t late, though this probably had to do with him being unable to sleep much the previous night which allowed an early morning rise, and yet he didn’t seem tired in the slightest bit.
Ginny suddenly turned around at the sound of a familiar voice. Her heart leapt a little bit, perhaps because it had been so long since she had seen Harry, and she was nervous. Maybe a tiny bit excited too, but mostly nervous.

"Oh hi," Ginny said, and she couldn't help but smile back. "Nice Muggle clothes. You're a natural at blending in," she joked. Because everyone knew that if anyone was least likely to blend in anywhere, it was Harry Potter.

Played By: Susan

Harry Potter,

His smile widened at her joking. “I’m really glad you could make it,” said Harry, “The match wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without someone here to harass me.”

He retrieved two tickets from the pocket of his jeans and extended one out to Ginny with a slightly apologetic look. “I know we agreed to pay for our own tickets but they were selling out quickly and I wanted to be sure we could sit together.” Harry then shrugged. “Maybe you could buy the food or-“ he took a quick look at their surroundings “I’m sure there’s souvenir shop somewhere. One can never own too many tacky t-shirts.”
"Okay fine," Ginny said, as she did have to admit she'd rather sit with Harry than sit with a whole bunch of random Muggles she didn't know. She'd probably slip up somehow, and then she'd be told off by the Ministry of Magic for breaking the Statute of Secrecy, and it would all be too much hassle.

"I'll get us the snacks and T-shirts then, we need some more classy Muggle clothing to add to our collections," Ginny smiled, quickly looking around to make sure nobody questioned her use of the word Muggle.

"Shall we go get snacks before it starts?"

Played By: Susan

Harry Potter,

Harry nodded,”Definitely. Let’s go.”

He lead the way through the bustling crowd as they pushed their way through the entry gate. “So what are you in the mood for? Hotdog? Hamburger? Pastry? “ he asked after handing over his ticket to grant him access to the event. When response was given Harry turned around. He was alone.

At some point he had become separated from her in the crowd. Panic began to settle in the pit of Harry’s stomach.

“Ginny?” He called out,” Ginny!”
"I think a hamburger," Ginny said - it was a classic, always a great fast food option. Though before she managed to make it anywhere near the burger stand, they got swept up in the crowd and she got separated from Harry.

"I'm here!" Ginny called back, as she could hear his voice - he hadn't actually even drifted that far away. Pushing past a group of teenage Muggle boys, she was quickly by Harry's side again.

Played By: Susan

Harry Potter,

Harry heard Ginny's voice. He turned his head this way and that looking for her until he was suddenly met with a face full of bright red hair. “Right. There you are, “he smiled, looking relieved.

“So, let’s go grab those hamburgers.” He grabbed her hand, so they wouldn’t get separated again, more so him than her, and didn’t stop until they reached the concession stand to place their orders. Harry eyed the single order of french fries that the person in front of him walked away with, piled high as a miniature mountain smothered in liquid cheese. “That’s…a lot of chips. Fancy splitting an order with me to go with our hamburgers? I can’t take it on by myself. I’ll fall into a food coma.”
Ginny let him take her hand - she told herself it was only for the crowds, to avoid losing each other, as she was firm with herself about not wanting to move too fast with Harry this time. She had to make sure that he really was okay, and that he would be good for her.

"Okay, yeah, I couldn't finish one that size either," Ginny grinned, "with cheese on, yes? I've already decided I don't care about my healthy eating plan I'm supposed to be following for training," she shrugged.

Played By: Susan

Harry Potter,

“Well, I think you look great. One day of terrible eating won’t do you any harm.”

Her smile was infectious, and Harry couldn’t stop grinning even as he placed the food order and handed Ginny her hamburger after paying for it.

“Come on,” he said as he snaked his way through the crowd,” Our seats are just over here.” With one hand holding his hamburger and the other now holding their cheesy fries, he stood in the isle staring blankly at the rows of seats quickly filling up with occupants. “I didn’t buy priority seating. I figured if we were going to do this then we were going to do this right. Just like everyone else.”

He nodded to their assigned seats. “This is us. “
Ginny blushed a little at his comment about her looking good, but she just nodded slightly before focusing on getting through the crowds.

"Sounds good, we'll blend in like proper Muggles," Ginny replied, holding her burger, deciding to wait until they were seated to start digging into it.

"Right, so you grew up going to Muggle school before Hogwarts, what is this game all about then?" Ginny asked once they were sat down, before grabbing some of the fries.

Played By: Susan

Harry Potter,

Harry settled into his seat, still holding the cheese fries between him and Ginny. “I did, yeah. It was the only thing the other kids were intent on playing during recreational time. I never played but I learned enough about the sport just by sitting on the sidelines.”

Harry set his burger in his lap and reached for a fry just as the players ran onto the field. He had to shout over the roaring crowd in order for Ginny to hear him. “The game is broken down into two 40 minute halves with a 10 minute rest period in between. The team has the most points wins. Points can be scored by one of four ways: A try, A conversion, A penalty kick, and A drop goal. I’ll point them out to you throughout the match so you can see.” He figured this method would be easier than trying to explain it. Like him, Ginny was a visual learner.

“All you really need to know is that the attacking players must remain behind the ball while it’s active. The defending team, however, must tackle a player by grabbing a hold and pulling them to the floor.” Harry took a bite of his fry and winked at Ginny.

“So as you can see, in this case, the “bludgers” are the people themselves. I can be quite brutal for a muggle sport. I wasn’t allowed to play in school because I was...” Harry paused for dramatic flair and lightly tapped a fry to his lips as if trying to recall a memory, “...ah, yes, I was too scrawny of a kid. Like this!” He held up the cheesy fry for visual reference. “Dudley, though, he’s a full on potato. The sport was perfect for him.”
Ginny listened, nodding along. She thought she was kind of understanding it - as she had played Quidditch all her life, team sports should come naturally to her. Though it was strange to see a sport with just Muggles running, no magic at all.

"It does look very brutal!" Ginny said, surprised. Quidditch was brutal, but you didn't see the players physically pulling and pushing each other off their broomsticks. Unless you were the Slytherin team back at Hogwarts, then you did resort to such tactics.

"Yeah, you'd have been flattened," Ginny laughed, teasing light heartedly. "Especially by that guy, look," she pointed at one of the players, the biggest, burliest one who seemed to be tackling people left, right and centre. "With no magic, you wouldn't stand a chance against that guy."

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Wearing an enormous fake moustache and a set of Harry's Uncle Vernon's finest outerwear (his uncle was good for precisely one thing, and that was an ample supply of horrible disguise-worthy muggle clothing), Ron squeezed his magically-inflated self into a seat a few seats back. A deep-set scowl pulled it all together.
Dating his sister again was he? After everything that happened? He may be Ron's best mate, but he wasn't letting Ginny get hurt.

Sure his brothers scoffed at him for it, but he wasn't gonna let Ginny get hurt again.

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