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Somehow he had gone from mixing drinks and chatting up the girls who came into the joint, in hopes of tips to kicking out a couple guys who decided that harassing said girls were ok. The door of the pub flew open as two men flew out, Dillians temper getting fed for the night while his co-workers shook their heads. The only reason he wasn't being stopped was probably due to the fact these two weren't major spenders.

His foot landed back on the ground as he opened up the door to join them and inspect any damage, his intent on making sure they didn't re-enter. Where the people who actually were hired to do this job? He had no idea.
"Were a pub, not a Dating service. Move along, before I really lose my temper." He said to them, looking up to see another person walking up to join the rowdy crowd inside.

Played By: Maki
Walking out from the side of another building, Anchor analyzes the scene before breaching closer. He surpassed a grimace when noticing the structures origin. Pubs. he detested stepping foot in such a place. Hopefully someone was willing to cooperate and not deal with a drunken twit.

"Trouble?" Anchor approaches.

His unit obtained reports of suspicious magic activity in this area. Anchor's purpose for being there was merely to confirm the suspects whereabouts—whether here or elsewhere, any lead would do for the investigation unit to take proper action. Granted, that's if he could prove these findings since Anchor more or less came here by freewill.

Played By: ayn
The two men hed tossed out realized two things, Dillian had a temper....and the man poking his nose into it was an official. They seemed to take off within seconds.His attention caught the man walking towards him....perfect. He had just lost his temper in front of the Ministry, as if his kind needed help with their reputations.

The door shut behind him, keeping other inside out of the situation.
"Just some men mistaking our joint as a dating service. Nothing more." He put his hands in his worn jeans.
"Anything I can help you with?"

If this man really wanted inside he wasn't going to stop him. Only reason he let it close was so he could possibly keep others out of the situation with the roudy men.

Played By: Maki
"Perceptive? Good, will make the process easier," there was definite annoyance in his voice, but only subtle. One could call it almost condensation then agitation...or perhaps passive aggression? It wasn't rare Anchor found willful persons yet it wasn't common either. Anything to make his part of the job easy would anyone gain Anchor's good graces, even if just ten seconds.

"I'm from the investigation unit of The Law Enforcement patch. I'll be asking questions to each and every patronage here as this establishment hones reports of the personage we're looking for," Anchor steps toward him whilst pulling out a pen and small pamphlet, "but first, where is the owner?" Anchor recounts back to when he mentioned "our joint".

Played By: ayn
Speaking of perceptive... and his temper he could already see how this man was going to tempt him to show it to him personally. His arms now crossed he looked directly at the man. The paper wasn't making him feel any better.
"Got a paper saying you have legal rights to invade anyone's privacy in this establishment?"

He wasn't going to mention any owner and or customer until he had proof he absolutely had to. Being registered, he wasn't afraid to put his neck on the line. By all accounts, he was just another person with rights thanks to the Ministry's making them legal by signing a piece of paper. He also wasn't stupid.

Played By: Maki
Anchor seizes from rolling his eyes. After shuffling in his coat pocket he blankly holds out a small permit. It explained how the Ministry could access property when there were a culprit to be found but nothing more, "There. As you can see the only right I have is for investigation purpose," he didn't want the man touching it for personal reasons so held it at a safe distance for him to read. If anything, the least he could see was their signature stamp. The quicker he could get this done, the faster he could get home to some tea. Anchor wouldn't doubt he'd need some anyway, after this.

"If you don't agree then I'll make arrangements for you and anyone else to be taken in questioning elsewhere," he stares, "I haven't the means to waste time."

Played By: ayn
His senses read over the words of the paper. Well, his hands were tied. He got out of the doorway without a word.
"Take my advice. Youll get more out of them by not threatening them." He sternly warned.

He knew his customers, and threats usually ended violently.

Played By: Maki
Anchor walks past him in a subtle sneer, "If my intentions were such there'd be no need for conversing."

He steps fully inside as musk and alcohol fills his senses. The place was tidy and looked as any average pub with regular chatter while others were more discreet. Some looked in Anchor's direction but either shifted gazes when seeing him or just glared. However, the information he needed was in the owner's hands or someone else who held records to previous customers. There were a couple of suspects already, now that was left was to match the evidence to them as well as attain a third option if neither were the culprit. Only then could he interview the others around...which he could already tell it wasn't going to be fun.

"Now, the owner?"

Played By: ayn
"Out. Family emergency." His tone clipped, the other bartender looking at him like he was nuts for letting this guy in. He mouthed 'has papers' and went back behind the bar to serve people while this guy stalked around looking around the customers for the people he was looking for...or clues...or whatever his goal was.
'Papers huh?' He nodded pouring a couple shots of bourbon for a couple of people.

"Looking for the owner." He said the man sighing. 'The one time he's out.' His co-worker responded. Dillian just nodded and started cleaning glasses. If this guy wanted to question him? He was in for a treat. Dillian wasn't a people person.

Played By: Maki
"I see," Anchor hums with another look around the establishment, "Well sirs, it appears you both will be questioned first. Your names?" he asks in a dull tone, scratching his pen to make sure it was working. At the same time, there was a batch of other paper in his hand but obviously not ready to show them yet.

Played By: ayn
His co-worker really liked him now, he could feel the glares...and happily glared back. "Dillian Smith. This is Thomas Seymore, what's this about Mr...."He hinted for a name. His tone wasn't friendly in the least, a bit of warning under it. Their place of work under investigation? Not good.

Played By: Maki
"Nib," Anchor quickly scribbles their names, then he drops down four photos on the bar table with no further response. They were mugshots of culprits: one had dyed red hair; one had a buzzcut; another a black tiger-esque tattoo, and with the last having crystal blue eyes. Caught for petty crimes and only one for first degree murder using magic, but it was hard to say if they were involved with this specific case.

"Jenson York, Vernon Hook, Shruti Moran, and Jermaine Callahan," he states in monotone, "Seen or record any of these men?"

Played By: ayn
Now his co-workers attention was peaked, looking at the photo's Dillian knew what was coming...Not that he was wanting anything to be said about it.
'Looks like the guys you kicked out the night before.' Dillian could have kicked his butt in that moment. The rules were one does not talk, they say they know nothing and while Dillian did not know much...that included not recognizing them.

"Well Mr. Nib," He started. "I know the faces, I know they had bad attitudes and I know I enjoyed kicking them out. Other than that, I don't know these people. Didn't even know their names until you told me them." He kept is simple. Only giving the simple details, which for once was honest. He really didn't know any more than that.

Played By: Maki
Interesting, so they were here, but did this happen before the initial incident or after?

True, more than one culprit was possible; hence the coincidence of their capture. Still, the simultaneousness after prior lack of knowledge seemed strange to connect. That and nothing detested Anchor more than absolute brutes outsmarting the Ministry, even if they did get 'caught'. For some reason, settling them as the true culprits didn't satisfy him.

"Anything strange prior? What about their interactions with one another?"

Played By: ayn
"Cocky, belligerent, Rude, violent-" He was cut off by his co-worker already seeing where this was going and feeling the need to stop him. He raised an eyebrow and started cleaning the tables.
"Look, Mr. Nib by the time they came in here they were already halfway to even our cut off limit...They were sloppy and seemed to be buddy buddy." Though nomally those intoxicated seemed that way...a side effect of drinking. If they weren't 'loving' they were 'violent' or 'emotional'.

He motioned to an empty table,
"Started harassing a couple of our regulars at that table, wanting free drinks. There really isn't much more I can say."He thought back a little. "Wait, they did say the lived near Hogsmeade." He said more so to himself.

Played By: Maki