[London] Wasp & a Harpie

It was a few days before that big Binx party Johnny invited her to, and to be honest, Brook really didn't want to go. She'd much rather stay at home, in bed reading the latest Quidditch monthly magazine. She just really wanted to be lazy, but she had said she would go and so she had to go shopping for a new outfit.

Currently sitting in a pub not too far from her place, Brook was at the bar with one shopping bag on the bar beside her. Primark the bag read across the front. All Brook managed to get for her new outfit was a new mini skirt and a cropped t-shirt. She didn't like to wear fancy clothing, her father made her do it enough growing up when he threw his big gala parties back home. She'd had enough of that and now she had to do it again. But it was different this time, it was for a friend.

Brook took a sip of her coffee that was sitting on the bar top, then peered into her bag, hoping no one would moan at her for under dressing for the party, especially Barbas. If anyone was going to bitch at her, it would be him or Misty.

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Charlotte was over today, she had practice that started at 5am and they just got done.

Char wandered into a pub, looking for a quick drink and meal before she returned home to sleep for a few hours before she had to be back at practice.

Taking a seat next to a girls bag, she flagged down the bartender and ordered a coffee. She spared a glance over to the owner of the bag, she looked familiar, but Char couldn’t place where she had seen her before. Not wanting to be rude, she turned back to watch the bartender pour her a hot cup of coffee.

Played By: Elaine
Brooklyn glanced at the person who sat at the bar, and she too recognized them as they did her. But Brook knew exactly where she'd seen the other woman's face from. Brookie always kept up to date with quidditch players, news, information etc etc. Not just because her job is being a Quidditch player, but it's something she's done since always! So, she knew this was Charlotte Ashworth, the Holyhead Harpies chaser.

"Ashworth..." she said as a small greeting to the other woman, then took a sip of her coffee. "I hope you've been training hard for our teams next head to head game" she added with a little smirk appearing on her face.

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Char looked back over to the other woman, she was having a hard time placing her. Finally, it dawned on her right before Brooklyn spoke. When Brooke did, her thought was confirmed. Char smiled "Stone," She took a sip of her coffee, already feeling more alert. "Of course we have, I hope you're prepared for defeat." She said with a laugh.

"Its nice to see you though, it's not often I get to meet players off the pitch." She said with a smile and raised her coffee to Brooklyn.

Played By: Elaine
"I hope you're laughing because you know how funny it is that we'd get beaten, especially by your team" she said with a playful grin on her face. It was always fun having a little banter with the other team players, but some of them took it to heart and got pissy about it. But Brook felt confident the other woman would look at it all as playful, fun banter and nothing serious.

Charlotte's final words and the salute with her coffee just made Brook more sure the girls were both definitely just having a laugh. "I know what you mean, the only times I'm ever with other plays when not on the pitch is when I'm with my own team mates. I don't see other players that often, and any time I do a lot of the times they're not as fun with the banter as you".

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Char let out another laugh, "You seem delusional, you might want to have that checked out." She said and took a sip of her coffee. Playful banter she could do, Char didn't detect any real malice behind Brook's words.

Char smirked, "Just remember how great I am when you aim a bludger at my head." She laughed out. "My jaw still hurts from the last match I had agains Puddlemere. They obviously didn't find me as entertaining." She said and rubbed her jawline.

"How has your season been going so far?" She looked over at Brook, "Every match we've had beautiful weather, it makes me nervous for the first one we have in the rain."

Played By: Elaine
Brooklyn laughed when she was called delusional, then said "honest. I'm honest, and a realist".

The beater was soon snorting a laugh when Charlotte spoke about her previous encounter with the players on the Puddlemere team. "See, I do usually aim for the face. A nice bludger to the head or face is way more fun than aiming anywhere else. But hearing you've recently had that treatment, I kind of feel bad for you and it temps me to go a bit easier on you for our next game".

Brook smirked a little, she was joking, kind of. She did tend to deliberately aim her bludgers at the other players heads, and she didn't like to go easy on anyone in any shape or form. But she could at least aim her bludger at the girl's arm or gut, seeing as she'd already been wounded a little. "But I don't want you thinking I've gone soft, so... I guess we'll have to see what happens" she grinned.

"So far the season's been good. We've won a few, lost a couple... But I honestly can't wait for the rainy matches. Sure it makes it harder, but I love a challenge and I love the rush you get when it's more dangerous" she said, grinning from ear to ear with excitement over their hazardous weather matches that were soon to come. "You'll do great though, don't worry about it too much".

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Charlotte laughed, "You might need to get your head checked out." She said looking over her coffee. "I'll just have to make sure I'm fast enough." She smiled. "I'm sure I can manage to get away."

Char nodded along, their teams were pretty much neck and neck in terms of wins to losses. "Ugh." Char put her head down on the bar. "I love playing in the rain, but hate afterwards. Even if I'm dry I still feel soggy." She said with a laugh.

Played By: Elaine
"No way, you need yours checking, love!" she said then snorted a laugh. Brook was soon nodding to agree with Charlotte, over the chaser being quick enough to get away from any bludgers. "Totally! I mean, not if it's one of mine of course!" she smirked, "but any other time? You'll totally have it!"

Brooklyn was soon laughing about Char being soggy after the games, no matter that she was dry afterwards. "I totally know what you mean. But I don't mind the soggy feeling too much, when I'm in front of a warm and crackling fire though. If I'm sitting around with no fire then it's not the same. It's not enjoyable then".

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Char was all laughs, it was fantastic to unwind and crack jokes with someone who understood Quidditch.

Char smiled, "Or a warm bath, that helps sometimes." She shivered, "I had a nightmare once that the Harpies lost a match in the rain and our captain wouldn't let us change out of our robes to dry off. It was terrible," She sighed, "Not the losing, but the soggy robes." She said with a laugh. "I hate being moist." She said with another shiver.

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Brooklyn had to excuse herself as an owl dropped in to deliver her an emergency family meeting letter. Mariana had just walked into the pub when the Quidditch star had made her quick exit. "Jeeze, where's the fire, Missy!" she called out to almost being knocked over by Brooklyn, but Mar found it amusing more than anything else. Kids today, they're always in a rush.

Mariana headed to the bar and sat next to the other Quidditch star, who Mar just clocked eyes on. "Ooh! I know you" she said with a friendly smile. "You're that Quidditch player. I'm not very good with names, sorry. I'm just good with remembering faces".
Char blinked at Brooklyn as she made her way out of the bar. "Good luck, see you at the next match!" She yelled out and turned back to her drink and finished it off. She flagged down the barkeep and ordered another, not quite ready to head home yet.

She turned her head when someone sat down next to her. "I am indeed that quidditch player," She said with a smile. "Charlotte Ashworth, nice to meet you." She said and extended her hand.

Played By: Elaine
Mariana shook the girl's hand with a big smile on her face as she done so. "Charlotte! That's it!" she replied while taking her hand back. "I had Samantha in my head for some reason. But I didn't think that was right. Anyway, yeah it's nice to meet you. I'm Mariana".

Mariana turned her attention to the bar staff, and once she had their attention she ordered a beer. She glanced back at Charlotte and smiled again. She didn't want to bother the other woman, but Mar just couldn't help herself. "Have you got any games coming up soon, or are you on break for a bit?"
Char giggled. "Thats me!" She smiled at the other girl. "Nice to meet you." She took a gulp of her drink and turned her attention back to Mariana. "I honestly was supposed to be on a break, so naturally I've had practice at the ass crack of dawn every day." She groaned. She was starting to feel the tell tale sign of intoxication, warm in her stomach. "Lovely how work seems inescapable sometimes. Not that I don't like playing, just could use more naps." She said and giggled.

Once her brain caught up with her mouth she blushed. "Sorry, bit of an overshare." She said and nervously laughed.

Played By: Elaine
Mariana laughed at the other woman's comment of oversharing. "Nah, that's fine. Don't worry about it, and to me that totally wasn't oversharing" she replied with an amused look on her face. "I tend to overshare a lot, so I'll apologise in advance in case I do."

Mariana took a sip of her drink, then said "Apparently people don't like it when you talk about sex, and share the stories about the times when you pulled a muscle doing certain acrobatic moves in the bedroom" she rolled her eyes playfully. "I thought I was sharing a funny story, but apparently that was oversharing and no one wanted to hear about it".