[London] Don't I Know You?

Anubis Binx Jr,

Anubis was currently walking down one of the busy streets of muggle London. He didn't have to work until later tonight, so he was free to do what he wanted, and with nothing to actually do, he just walked the streets of London, aimlessly.

Soon enough Anubis found he had something to do, he spotted someone inside a store he needed to say hello to. The young Binx man headed inside and went straight to the young woman he recognized. "Hey" he said, "I know you, don't I?" he gave a half smile, then added "you were in that group meeting thing in Hogwarts".
The woman was, in fact, a man, a wizard really, dressed in a disguise courtesy of Harry's brilliantly arsenine brain.
"Oh!" Ron-ita yelped in a painfully high-pitched voice, holding a flowery fan to his/her makeup-laden face. "No, no I don't think so. No, I really think you're mistaken, dear me..." He quickly turned his face away, making painful eye contact with Harry "I'm not in a girl's dress" Potter, silently pleading for a distraction.

Played By: Purple

Re: [London] Don't I Know You?

Harry Potter,

Harry was fighting the urge to smirk as he caught Ron’s pleading stare.

“You’ll have to excuse my lady friend,” he said to Anubis, “She’s a bit shy.”

Like Ron, Harry was also in disguise. He had painstakingly convinced Ron to assist him with an undercover assignment. Fortunately for Harry, he got to wear the top hat and tail coat with a lovely mustache to match his blonde hair. “We were just spending a little bit of time together before we head off to the theater.” Harry wrapped an a around Ron to pull him closer to his side. “Come on, Snookums. We’ll be late if we don’t go now. “

Harry smiled and tipped his hat in a fashionable farewell to Anubis before he swept Ron off of his pretty little feet and out the door.

He couldn’t wait to get home and tell Ginny about this.
A woman entered just as the “ lovely couple” left the shop. She looked frustrated and tired from a long day’s work. Eager though she was to find a gift for her beloved husband for their upcoming anniversary. They weren’t celebrating until next week, but she refused to come home empty handed.