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Nicole laughed lightly when Genesis said vampires aren't picky creatures, and so she handed him the bag of blood as it was. She took a seat in an arm chair and watched as he drank the blood, she wondered often about vampires and their drinking blood deal. She just couldn't understand how it could taste so good to anyone, did they hate it and just forced it down because they had to? Or did they genuinely love the stuff?

"I've heard blood tastes sweet to vampires..." she stated, and while giving Genesis a curious look, she asked "is that true, or do you just get used to it or force yourself to like it and think it tastes sweet? Or does it not taste sweet at all?"

Played By: Binxyboo
He took the back with one last thank you, opening the cap and taking a drink of it as the blood went down his parched throat. It was amazingly sweet to him at the moment if that's what she was wondering. He could feel his abilities coming back a little faster, his healing abilities were kicking in a little faster with it.
"It's...bitter to me actually, but I like bitter? So maybe it depends on what the vampire prefers. This batch is sweet though, Type O I'm assuming." He smiled.
"I had to force myself at first...I didn't...really want to be one. But I wanted to see my family again, and finally just...accepted the situation for what it was." He admitted.

Played By: Maki
Nicole found this all so fascinating. Vampires scared the crap out of her and made her very uncomfortable, but they still fascinated her, and being the knowledge junkie she is she just loved to learn about things. However, with Nic being too scared to talk to vampires normally, she had no way to learn, until recently with her and Barbas getting to know each other, and now with Genesis. She figured not all vampires were evil monsters.

"Wow" she said over Genesis not wanting to be a vampire, and how he had to force himself to drink the blood. "That sounds rough. How did you become a vampire, who turned you? Or if I'm being too nosy, I'm sorry. I can stop prying?"

Played By: Binxyboo
He simply nodded, remembering the urg to go to his kida even though even though that could spell death for them in his mind at the time. The funny part being he should have just gone to them and he wouldn't have had all these problems.
"I...made a bad deal with an undergound group. They attacked my family when i screwed up...turned me to try to get me to get them." he paused.
"Obviously that didn't work out for them." he added.

Leaning in the couch he looked over.
"It's fine. I've accepted the mistakes I made. I'm just glad I can still be apart of their lives." he smiled.
"If they allow it."

Played By: Maki
Nicole listened intently to everything Genesis was saying, and on his last words when he said 'if they allow it', she frowned deeply. "Why would they not allow it? You're their family, everyone deserves more than one chance, especially if they're family". Perhaps Nicole should listen to her own words, didn't Steven deserve a chance? He is after all her dad.

Played By: Binxyboo
He sighed,
"Because like your father...i left them to fend for themselves. I thought I was keeping them safe, and when things got better....lost my temper with the one actually helping them." he admitted.
"I think....there still angry about it all." He chose not to addin it was said person he attacked that had tortured him.

Played By: Maki
Nicole sighed a little and listened as Genesis explained. "They probably are still angry. It's pretty soon isn't it? Since you've returned? They might just need some time to adjust, to cool off. To get over it all". That was what Nicole knew she needed, she needed time before she could talk to her dad, then maybe decide where to go from there, if she could forgive him or if it was best he just went away again.

Played By: Binxyboo
He looked up at her, knowing from what hed seen outside where her mind was going. He didn't know the details and tjats why he hadn't said anything. Till now. He simply nodded about his own family not wanting to add in the fact hed crushed a family members head in.
"If you don't mind my asking. Why did he leave?"

Played By: Maki
Nicole shook her head to reply that she didn't mind Genesis asking. She sighed lightly then went silent as she tried to think of the most 'in a nutshell' version of her dad's story that she could give.

"How I remember it is he had to go into hiding. For work reasons, he wasn't safe and had to hide. Apparently it was safer for everyone" she started. "Gosh, it was so long ago. I can barely remember what my mum told me. But he did come back to us once, but then my mum was killed and he went into hiding again. Then I went to live with one of my last relatives, and I never heard from him again, until tonight".

Played By: Binxyboo
He wanted to tell her to let the man get to know her again, he had done just that and knew how it felt to not be accepted. The only difference was the white monkeys had just been dealt with and it didn't have to do with work. He sat and tried to think of a way to say it without seeming like he was calling the kettle black.
"Seem's like they loved you...and it seems he still does. I'd give him a chance, I am in the same shoes as him and I can tell you: It hurts to have someone you care about shut you out." He smiled slightly. "That doesn't mean don't let him know what he did wrong, just...smooth the issue out and move on when you're ready?" He didn't know if he made sense.

Played By: Maki
Nicole frowned a little as she listened to Genesis give his two cents on the issue, and while giving a little sigh she got up and went to peek out of the window to look at her dad, who was still sitting in his car on the street.

Hearing Genesis explain that it hurts to be shut out by someone you love, it made Nicole sad to think her dad was hurting, but she was hurting too, for all those years he never came back to her. "He had so much time to come back, the war ended a while ago now. And even before the war broke out he could have still come back, and then taken me with him when the second war broke".

Nicole closed her curtain and went to sit back down, "I think it might just take some time. But I'll hear him out, eventually... I guess. And I guess your family have been less than willing to hear your side of things too? If you understand the pain of being shut out?"

Played By: Binxyboo
He was also seeing his family's point of view as she spoke. Understanding more so why Prue was so angry with him. He brought the blood bag back to his lips as he thought about everything that had happened, Shiro hadn't been at fault either. It was his fault that he made an enemy out of the young man. Funny how talking to a kind stranger can bring you back into focus.
"Let him say his reasons when you're ready. Go from there." He simply offered his suggestion. "I assume he had reasons."

He nodded,
"Yeah, I was turned by those who tried to kill my family. I thought that going away would protect them, it only angered them as my friend took over my job protecting them. That same friend...I attacked." He leaned back. "It's the vampire in me when I'm stressed or angry or with someone of my 'friends' standoff personality, it seems to take over. I didn't mean to hurt him."

Played By: Maki