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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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"Go!" He said, his need for blood overpowering him. "I said go!" Marai stepped forward wanting to help him get further away than just the street, but he didn't trust himself. Not right now. She looked like she wanted to cry as she ran off into the night. The relief of it being night had left him as he now faced a new problem.

Weak as an injured mortal and a target for the sun that would be up in just a few hours he didn't know where he could go. The laws making it hard to find shelter in a public place he cursed at his situation.
"Dammit, I'm going to kill those bastards." His voice held no strength.

He stumbled a little further resting on one of the gates that lead to another house, not even noticing the presence around him in his weakened state.

Played By: Maki

Re: [Ministry] The pit

Nicole had just finished a shift at the Blood Moon Inn and was headed home for bed. It was still early, 10:00pm and she was headed for bed, she felt lame. But after a long afternoon and evening at the inn, she needed some sleep! Or the very least a hot bubble bath.

The witch was just approaching her house when she seen someone hanging onto her gate, they didn't look so good. "Erm.. Hello? Are you ok?" she asked with concern clear in her voice. She was concerned for the person, but also felt a little hesitant to get too close, as she didn't know what going on, she'd watched too many zombie films with Ragen lately, and with vampires, werewolves, magic etc all being real, zombies could be too! So, she didn't want to get too close in case the guy was a flesh eating zombie.

Played By: Binxyboo

Steven Martin,

Finally! Steven had found his daughter! He found out where she lived and had been staking the place out for the past week. He was lucky to of met his granddaughter the other day, but he asked Ragen to not tell Nicole he was back yet, he wanted to tell her himself, once he knew what he was going to say.

At the moment Steven was parked across the street in his car, watching the house again waiting for Nicole to come home. But instead of Nicole, he seen some guy who looked like he'd had a few rounds with Mike Tyson, and didn't look in the best of shape. He watched the man closely to make sure he wasn't about to pass out and die on Nicole's gate, he'd have to remove the guy's body and dump it somewhere else if that was the case...

His attention soon went a bit further down the road as he seen someone else approaching, it was Nicole. Steven smiled a little to himself, but he soon started frowning and looked back to the man. He reached into his glove compartment and pulled a large knife out, then watched the pair, his other hand on the handle of his car door getting ready to get out in case he needed to.
Jumping about ten feet he cursed as one of his shoulders relocated itself in a painful manner. The healing process was slowly coming back, though the blood in her veins wasn't helping.
"I...fine...just please. My control isnt stable. I dont want to her you."

While he played a bad boy it was obvious he was an honorable man instead.

Played By: Maki
Nicole heard the voice and she went closer. "Genesis?" she asked, remembering the name and voice of the man she met not that long about back in the inn. "Are you okay?" she put a hand on the man's shoulder, and suggested "do you want to come inside, I can get you a drink or something? What happened to you?"

Played By: Binxyboo

Steven Martin,

She got closer!? She touched him?! What was she doing, he could be a serial killer or a pervert and she was getting so close? He raised her to be smarter than that. Steve was annoyed, worried and couldn't help himself, he opened the door to his car and got out, he had a feeling he was going to have to go over there, that guy didn't look trustworthy at all. He quietly closed his car door, and watched.
Normally there would be a joke about not wearing his name out...however due to himself being worn out that joke never came.
"I will be. Now that im free. Guess I got on the badside of some bad people. Whats the date?" he groaned.

"You not safe with me ms. Martin....its been far to long since ive had my version of a 'drink'." he explained. The chances of her having his type of drink? Rare.
"Someones over there...i can almost taste their blood in their vains." as weak as he was...he couldnt help his tone appearing protective of the woman.

Played By: Maki
"Free? Bad people?" she repeated, then frowned deeply when he asked what the date was. "The second of September" she replied. "Jesus, Genesis, what did you do to piss these people off? How long have you been gone?" When Genesis said there was someone over the road, Nicole's attention instantly flicked in that direction. She just stared at the person on the other side, not believing who she could see.

Should she be angry? This man should have came back into her life ages ago, but he never did... Why?! Should she just be happy that her 'daddy' was there, alive and well and had finally returned? Nicole felt many things to seeing that man standing there, but she didn't know what emotion to focus on, what reaction she should give him, what he deserved to receive.

"I know him, it's okay" she said to Genesis when she picked up on his tone. "He won't do anything... He's, my dad". After a little more staring in a dumbfounded moment, she finally said "you're alive?" Nic always believed he might have been dead even though she knew he went into hiding, but for him to of been gone this long and not reached out ever, it made her think maybe he was dead after all.

"You've been alive all this time?!" she shouted, now starting to get angry and annoyed.

Played By: Binxyboo

Steven Martin,

Steven chucked the knife into the car through the wound down window, then went over to Nicole and the guy. She'd seen him now, spoken to him, so he had to go over, and she seemed to know the other man so he didn't need his knife. Plus he didn't want to scare Nicole with it, the last time he seen Nicole she was this sweet innocent little girl, she didn't like anything violent or evil, and knives came under that. So best to leave that behind.

"I have" he replied over being alive all this time. She was raising her voice, this wasn't going to go well and it wasn't going to be the reunion he thought it was going to be. Steven genuinely thought this was going to be a happy reunion, hugs and love all around, not shouting and being angry. "You know I was in hiding and I couldn't reach out to you until I knew it was safe. It's safe now, and now I'm coming back to you" he explained, then looked to the other man. "You're not looking so good, mate. What happened to you?"
That...couldn't be right? Two weeks?
"Two...weeks...Let's just say I'm watching who I get into a fight with for now on." He muttered more so to himself however it was also to respond to her question. He fell to a sitting position his shoulder-length hair falling on his shoulders while she focused on her father for a second. He merely nodded when she said she knew the crappy man who had been watching them the whole time. Some father figure...staring at their daughters while they talked to a stranger rather than just jumping into action.

He was about to remind her once again that his hunger was high when the man added to the blood supply in front of him. He smelled differently...was he a...crap.
"Get...him...away from me." He started slow to make the warning more obvious. "Before I show him just what I think of a father doing that to his kid." Like he was one to talk...he was calling the kettle black on that one but that's just it...he wasn't saying it to mean it. That was simply a cover, a hint to remind her a vampire who was hungry and a muggle didn't mix. He allowed only her to see a bit of his fang to make this apparent before putting the fang back where it belonged as not to scare her.

He still had control. Very little and soon even that would be gone but for now he had a little.
"I gotta go. I need to get out of here." He went to stand groaning as his other shoulder popped into place. This healing process was going to be both painful and annoying.
He needed to go before said control was indeed gone and she was still there in front of him.

Played By: Maki
Nicole frowned deeply as her dad spoke, she didn't want to hear it, she waved a dismissive hand at him and turned away from him and turned to Genesis. "I have blood inside, you can take it" she admitted while leaning in to Genesis to help him.

"Let's go, I don't want to see him but I don't want you to do anything bad, so let's go inside and I'll get you the blood" she has her reasons for having a supply of blood inside, but she wasn't about to explain that here while she was wanting to get out of her father's company. She grabbed her house keys from her bag, then headed up the garden path to open the door for Genesis.

Played By: Binxyboo

Steven Martin,

Steven really couldn't believe Nicole didn't want to see him, why wasn't she happy that he was here, finally. If she did genuinely believe he was dead shouldn't she be happy right now to see that he's alive? Shouldn't she be showing she's happy? Greeting him like she's missed him? But now she couldn't even look at him.

Steve frowned at the other man's words, he had no idea who this man was, what he'd been through or that he was a starving vampire. The guy just looked really beaten up and a little weird to Steven. After a heavy sigh, he left Nicole to it. "Well, if you decide you want to talk, I'll be waiting out here in my car". And with that, he headed back to his car and stayed there.
That perked both his attention and serious need for an explination. An explination that just like saying vampire in front of this man had to wait until said man wasn't around. He only nodded, greatful she was handling this without mocking him in the process...or running off. It also became apparent she wasn't going to let him leave without helping him.

He nodded, groaning as he got to his feet and followed as fast as his battered body could.
"Thank you, first friendly face I've seen in awhile." his voice still lacking energy, while this could mean he was a ' bad man' the fact hed tried to get away from her instead of attack her proved opposite of that.

Played By: Maki
Nicole invited Genesis inside, then closed the door behind them once they were both inside. "Don't mention it, I'm always happy to help people if they need, and want my help" she replied then headed for the kitchen. "Make yourself comfortable on the sofa, I'll bring the blood in for you".

Now how did she do this? Did she warm it up for him, did she give it to him cold? Nicole went to the little hideaway fridge she had in her cupboard, grabbed the bag of blood then went to the door way between the living room and kitchen. "Should I heat it up for you?" she asked, "when Barbas does it he just drinks it straight from the bag, is that what you do?"

Played By: Binxyboo
He nodded, though he really did feel like he owed her now. And he would make right on that, his respect for the opposite sex obviously still in his blood. Speaking of blood he sat down on the sofa about to ask why she had blood in her house, something that wasn't a normal home staple. When Barbas was mentioned it all clicked, she must have kept it in the home for him. He thanked her again as she left the room.

"The bags fine, we really aren't picky creatures." He smiled, and in his mind they weren't other than when they wanted it in their drinks. Something she was probably used to as well, though he was more interested in just having blood at the moment. Speeding up the healing process was his major concern.
"Thanks again." He couldn't say that enough, his breathing just beginning to calm down as he started to feel safe from re-capture.

Played By: Maki