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Well...that was true...Barbas was a pureblood and Nicole was...hmm...he hadn't thought about it that way, Gemma who didn't know Nicole didn't seem to connect it even once that info had crossed his mind. One thing was sure, she could have kept it at just the names and not put said images into his head. He blinked, wanting to much to focus on the laptop now.
"err...yeah, umm. So what are you doing on the laptop?" He said mentally running from the discussion before Gemma continued it.

"Don't look." He said scooting closer to her and focusing on the laptop. " me how this works." He said.

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She blinked, not knowing the woman that the two were talking about. What was the problem with that? Before she could say anything Mark had made his way over to the girl and was looking at her laptop, taking her attention away from the man...and probably making the girl's heart really beat. She smiled, knowing exactly what was about to happen.
"Soda for you both?" she asked.

Now it was her mission to set them up together.
Ragen couldn't remember what she was doing on her laptop, because Mark had scooted next to her. Her little heart was racing with excitement, and her once pale cheeks were now a rosy red. "Errr..." not wanting to sound lame and say she can't remember what she was doing, she just said "playing games" then loaded up a random game from her desktop.

Looking to Gemma she smiled over a drink and nodded to confirm she would like one. "Thank you, that would be great".

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He looked over at Gemma and nodded, a soda sounded great while he kept both out of danger. He smiled, fixing his glasses and looking at the screen.
"" he was confused. "Like...wizard chess?" he asked.

She was showing him new things. He liked new things. And...thought she was cute.
"How do you play?" he asked.

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She nodded smiling as they focused on the laptop, getting up she ordered a rootbeer and a pepsi thanking the person before taking them and heading back. Putting them on the table she peeked at the screen.
"Doesnt look like wizard chess to me." she smiled.
"But it looks fun."
Ragen laughed a little at the wizard chess question. "Not even close, it's called The Sims Unleashed" she explained, "it's really fun. You get to make avatars and control their lives and do fun stuff. I can't sell anything for the life of me, but you definitely should play it". Ragen turned the laptop a little more in Mark's direction and started a new game so he could make his own sim.

As Ragen showed Mark what to do, she looked to Gemma and nodded with a smile to agree with her comment on how the game looks fun. "You should both give it a go!"

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As the three got engrossed with Ragen's laptop, Steven watched them, but his focus always stayed on Ragen as that was his granddaughter... He'd never met her or spoken to her before, so naturally his interest remained mostly on her.... And a little on that boy too.

Steven didn't have a right to be protective and controlling over Ragen, but if a boy is going to show an interest in his teenage granddaughter, he's going to be a little protective!

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"So, how do you make one?" He asked when she had told them the game. The people looked...kinda cute and if his family asked about it should they see it was to help the girl.

"Gemma? Owl Hiro." He said feeling directions switch on him. Shiro would blow him off, hiro just might show up....and Hiro wasnt benji who would look down on what he was doing.
" can tell us what you want." He fixed his glasses and finally just looked over.

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Part of her really wanted to male a sim, her mind always a bit child like. Benji would have to get use to that... The other part knew the kids needed 'bonding time', mark yet to catch on obviously as he shouted to the man.
" got somethings from your brother after all...." She muttered.