[London] Flowers in winter

She twirled, her dress flowing around her as she made her way freely down the street finally not in fear of the beasts that hid in the night. She and her family were just like everyone else once again and she didn't need to worry about being jumped. Walking into the local coffee shop she ordered her usual and sat down, taking out a parenting magazine as she sipped on it, the sun being soaked up into her fair skin.

She flipped the page, thinking about colors for the wedding as well as baby names. If only her husband didn't have to work today....she'd rather talk to him about this then daydream...still she continued smiling. Happy just for the fact that other then her brother's situation everything was going perfectly.
Ragen was currently sitting in a coffee shop playing on her laptop. The newly ex-Ravenclaw had just finished filling out a job application for the Ministry, and now deciding to just relax with her brew and laptop, she sat back typing away lightly on the keys. However that didn't last for too long as she spotted a familiar woman enter the shop, her gaze stayed on the older woman as she tried to remember where she knew her from.

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Sitting in the corner of the coffee shop, hiding behind a muggle news paper is Steve. He was actually hoping to find Nicole, but she wasn't as easy to find as she was currently in the wizarding world. Ragen however, she had been much easier to track down. Thankfully she'd been too busy with her application and her laptop to have noticed the man watching her. Steven wasn't usually one to shy away from talking to people, but this was different. This was his granddaughter... This was hard.

He gave another peek out from behind his paper, pretending to turn a new page when he noticed she was distracted with another woman who'd entered the coffee shop, he just thought maybe Ragen was looking at the magazine choices the other woman was reading, so didn't think anything of it and continued to hide behind his paper, occasionally looking out from it to watch her.

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The feeling of eyes washed over her, causing her to look up. Part of her was afraid tne problem was back...the other part of her telling her to relax. Thankfully for Gemma...the other part had been correct.

She smiled to tne woman and waved with her signature nail art showing in the sun before getting back to her book....until she felt eyes somewhere else. Looking over she noticed a bald man looking at the woman and was put on alert. Motioning her over she figured shed be safer not sitting alone.
Ragen gave a little smile to the other woman when she looked up and caught her looking, her own gaze stayed on the woman regardless she was probably coming off a weirdo for staring. But it was a good job she never looked away and then decided to avoid eye contact, because the other woman signaled Ragen over.

Ragen rose from her feet and curiously went over to the other woman and took a seat at her table. "Hey" she said with a smile. Leaning over the table a little, she asked in a low tone "is everything ok? You looked a little... Concerned? I dunno, there was just a look on your face that made me think something's up?"

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Glad to see the woman was taking her invitation, she smiled and patted the chair watching as the girl took her seat. A welcoming smile on her face all the while.
"Hi." She smiled before nodding. "Don't look at your two o clock but you have a man staring at you." She said not looking away from the girl, if this man did mean harm she didn't want to give him the idea she knew he was staring.
"Gemma Batsu and you are?"

It wasn't a moment later carrying a 12 pack of muggle soda was Mark, passing the store with a shopping list for the club in his hand. She thought that was odd...the club surely didn't want muggle brand soda.
"Hey, Mark!" She called him over before he could fully pass.

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Twelve pack of Pepsi in hand, the young man was looking at the shopping list that would actually be for the club while the soda at hand was his own personal item. He'd been asked to run a few errands, Benji busy with the books he wanted to get done so he could get back to his wife faster...not knowing she wasn't even at home. Mark thought she was reading a nice book with tea beside her while curled up on the couch of the family room, thus when he heard his name coming from her voice was a little shocked.

Looking around he couldn't see her on the street...Looking behind him she wasn't walking up behind him...That's when he peered into the little shop and spotted her. Interesting...a muggle coffee shop?
"Gemma?" He walked into the store setting the soda down, "Everything ok?" He asked getting the explanation from her. That got him on edge a little bit, and he instantly went to protection mode for his soon to be sister in law.

But he had to act naturally right?
"Oh...is that a laptop?" He moved over to where the young lady was. "Interesting...the data one can compile from these I hear is extensive" He realized he was hovering over her, his hair actually almost touching the top of her head.
"I'm so sorry..." He blushed, ashamed had forgotten his manners. "Mark Binx, a pleasure to meet you." He chose to take a seat beside Gemma in case she had been freaked out.

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Ragen frowned a little at first when Gemma had said a guy was staring at her. She tried to be casual while looking in the direction of her two o'clock, but the man was hidden behind the paper, so she couldn't see. Turning back to Gemma, she asked in a hushed tone "are you sure he was watching me?"

Ragen attention soon went to Mark when Gemma had called him over. Wow... He was... Wow... It was a good job Ragen wasn't talking right now, because there's slim chances she would be able to form much of a sentence as she was too distracted by how cute the guy was. Ragen might be an intelligent girl, but she could still fall over her words or lose her words by a hot guy!

When Mark had began leaning over to look at the laptop, she grinned a little and nodded to indicate a yes to him. She felt stupid right now and felt like her IQ level just dropped greatly because of a boy. Noticing the Pepsi, she said "oh you're drinking my favorite. Well, second favorite. I love Dr. Pepper as my number one, then Pepsi". Finally, she got some words out.

When Mark introduced himself and said his last name was Binx, she remembered a much older man with that same last name being in her house spending time with Nicole. "Do you know Barbas Binx?" she asked, knowing he did, of course, Binx wasn't a common name that she knew of.

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She nodded still not looking at him in fear of giving away she knew.
"I'm sure." she said, before explaining to Mark what was happening. She instantly saw mess with his glasses, she knew that meant his mind was already working on a solution.

She watched the two, noticing instantly the young had turned into a teenage girl who had developed an instant crush. It was cute, she just wondered if the socially awkward Mark would pick up on it.
"He has some of that already at home." she laughed, though it was also to help out the two. Things in common were always a nice step in the right direction.

"You know about laptops Mark?" She asked.

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Socially awkward Mark had indeed not picked up on her liking him, figuring the stiffness was from the creep watching her.
"Oh he's watching..." he muttered under his breath.
"I was blind for years. You kinda learn how to trust your feelings." he explained.

"Oh, uh yeah. I...am not a fan of drinking. While others drink I sip on soda." he chuckled, raising an eyebrow to Gemma who was obviously plotting something. He nodded to Gemma.
"How do you think Shiro got a better idea of our little friends?" he smiled an innocent smile.

Blinking he nodded.
"He's my great grandfather...though adoption. Why?" he asked.

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God he smells good.... was the last thought she had before Mark pulled himself away from being to close. And now she felt like a weirdo, but Merlin he smelt incredible. Soon realizing her thoughts were going to a weird place and she was probably looking the guy over a bit too much and in an obvious way, which was when Gemma noticed, she quickly put herself straight again. Her gaze turned into a frown and looked over to the man hiding behind the paper.

"Well, I'm sure he won't do anything, not if I've got people around me, right?" she said while smiling between the other two. The smile grew all the bigger when she learned Mark had a stash of Dr. Pepper at home. "That's cool, my mum doesn't really like fizzy drinks in the house" she said with an eye roll. "Coffee's okay apparently, but not fizzy pop".

When Mark asked why Ragen was asking about Barbas, she replied "he's been at my house a few times. He's been hanging out with my mum. I don't know why, I can never hear what they're talking about".

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When Ragen had moved over to the woman's table, he hid behind his paper for the moment. But while making it look like he was turning the page on his paper again, he glanced over once more. It would be harder to watch from now on, seeing as there was a guy in her company now as well.

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One would think numbers mattered, though when Prue had been stalked a couple months back she was with Mark and Michelle. They'd learn the hard way the insane didn't care about numbers.
"You'd be shocked." Gemma simply said.

"Yes well, Marks brother would ratjer tjat brand not be in the house...but Mark seems not to care." she laughed, getting a raised eyebrow.

"Really?" now she was interested.

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"My brother can deal with it." he said simply smiling back at her. She had a pretty smile, almost lit up the room. When he caught himself staring he cleared his throat and looked toward Gemma to agree.
"Trust us." he simply said. "When through two months of this crap." he didnt feel like giving details.

"How on earth is that strange Gemma. People can have friends." he reminded her.

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The man who'd been watching didn't seem to be in Ragen's focus any more, because she was too busy talking about Barbas and Nicole, and also, even though Gemma pointed out some people would still try stuff while others are around, she still felt at ease that they were still with her.

"Really" she repeated with a nod of her head when Gemma had spoken. "Yes, but... It's Nicole and Barbas... You have met them both haven't you? You know how weird it is for those two to be hanging out, right? It's just super weird and unnatural... "

Ragen thought for a moment, with how Nicole had been behaving lately, Ragen couldn't help but to say "I really hope they aren't doing anything... Kinky, you know... Since she and this ex of hers split up, she's just been acting really out of character. I can't blame her for taking her break up hard though, he was a hot Russian guy, any girl losing that would act a bit off the rails and whorish I would think".

Looking back over to the man now as Mark had mentioned going through something similar, she frowned. "He doesn't seem to be looking any more". But as Ragen had spoken those words, Steven looked back over....

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