Griffin stood at the entrance of Knockturn Alley. This place always had trouble lurking in every corner, and Griffin wasn't exactly excited to jump in there. He would much rather sit in Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop, but that wasn't the way the world worked. The Alley was one of the only places that Vampires felt like they could slink around - are break laws.

Apparently, there had been a drastic increase of Fleur Du Sang at The Blood Moon Inn, but that wasn't why they were here. Of course, if they happened to just stumble across them, then they could get involved. But for now, it was a Croation vampire they were after.

Griffin pursed his lips, saying lowly, as though completely to himself. "Just a check up, remind of registration, investigate any strange behaviour. Easy."

Played By: Vyreia
Not all vampires were so fond of Knockturn Alley, despite common understanding. Ratholf usually preferred less magically influenced places; muggles were without spells and more predictable. And he had no desire to end up on the wizard's lists. Still, chance brought Rath back to the spindling dark alley once again.

Ideas and sounds drifted from afar. Was someone trying to find him? It seemed that whoever it may be's verbal reassurances to himself were proof enough of how impossible the task was.

Ratholf sunk into a shadow under the nearest wall, melting into it, and quickly reappeared further down the alley, emerging into another dark corner near the bearded man whose thoughts he'd glimpsed. He remained under shadow, hidden and silent, only observing for now. But perhaps a true hunter could have ways of revealing him.

Played By: Kael
Grace hung back. It was always awkward when she was brought along on these sorts of missions, as though she was being paraded as the poster child for good, law-abiding vampires in front of her brethren. She felt the need to tag along, though, to ensure that the mortals did not overreact - not that she ever told them that. She was there as an ambassador, to mediate any conflicts that potentially arose.

She arched an eyebrow, watching Griffin’s body language. He was an interesting one. Always so focused on his work. Handsome, too, even.

Then, something caught her attention. She sniffed, her eyes darting around. There was definitely another vampire around, and by the scent, definitely Croatoan. Grace crossed her arms in front of her, glancing up at Griffin, thankful his back was to her or else the tense expression she was wearing would be seen by him. “Reid. On guard,” she spoke up, finally, while at the same time keeping a single message running through her thoughts in case the Croatoan was one of the mind reading ones. “Stand down.

Played By: TyrellRose
Griffin tilted his head slightly, flicking his eyes back for a moment before taking a breath. Well, here we go. The start of the vampire parade; it was always good to have one on side. Of course, it had maybe caused issues in the past due to clan disagreements, but hopefully this wouldn't be one of those times.

"Thank you, Wilder." He said gruffly, though his voice was softer than expected.

As always, he remained calm. In the end, a vampire was a human; they may be immortal, drink blood, and have exceptional powers...but they all started out as humans. And that was the important part to remember. Before becoming vampires they had lives, memories, dreams, goals...vampires have the same things with different purpose.

"Mister Mort?" Griffin called. "Is that you?"

Played By: Vyreia
Ratholf was displeased but decidedly unimpressed at the man's knowledge of his name; information was loose in the wind when it came to these narrow alleys

From under the shadow the figure of a spindly, young but well-weathered man emerged. He approached confidently, eyes set on the bearded man known as Reid. "You search for Mort?" he asked. His voice was low and thick. His eyes flickered to his female counterpart as he went on, "It is not a name he gives out freely."

Flared nostrils thought they might detect the dust of a ministry office. What might they want with Ratholf?

Played By: Kael
Grace gave a single nod, her body language reading like that of a dog with raised hackles. She waited behind Griffin, watching as the Croatoan stepped out from the shadows. There had always been a part of her that was glad that her friends had found Fleur du Sang vampires so long ago, and not one of the solitary Croatoans. She had a strong feeling things would have been very different for her, knowing what she did about that clan.

The blonde narrowed her eyes, remaining as vigilant as ever. She would let her human counterpart handle the talking, unless things went south.

Played By: TyrellRose
"I er..." Right...a lot of vampires didn't like to know that their information had been recorded at some point. With how old Ratholf was at this point, there had certainly been some information collected...not a lot...but some. "I read your file."

He took a very careful step forward.

"My name is Griffin Reid. I work for the Ministry. Now before anything else, I'll say we're not here to harm anyone or make any moves. Just...talk. Just talk to Mister Mort."

Played By: Vyreia
Ratholf couldn't help letting the quickest of smiles slip across his lips. "You'll understand my secrecy," he said. "Good, trusting folk do not typically dwell in this alley. And most records that include my name have not been kept with good intentions."

Rath did as he pleased as it suited him but this vampire was not a regular troublemaker. There was typically little use going too far beyond the ministry's laws.

"Call me Ratholf," he added. "People only had one name when I was born; the surname Mort is a modern day formality. Add that to your file, if you like."

Played By: Kael
Griffin took a breath. Okay, at least he wasn't being jumped on and bitten in the neck at this point. All these years and he was still somewhat conscious of every possible outcome. Many of them he ended up dead. But it was best to stay calm. He had a vampire behind him, a vampire in front of him. It may sound like a bad situation, but he had done this for years, sacrificed everything for this job. He was going to do it and do it well.

"Alright...Ratholf. I apologise for the confusion." He ran a hand through his hair and offered a smile in the general direction of Mort. "I understand; it's not everyday that you're searched out by a scruffy man in a suit. I didn't actually know you was here, but I came on a whim. One of the places to check because of the reputation of the Ally; it's good cover for a lot of vampires. But perhaps we can go somewhere else to speak? Or wherever you want to be more comfortable?"

He gave a tentative smile.

"Only to talk."

Played By: Vyreia
"Despite the reputation I am not overly fond of the alley." Ratholf's head turned slowly, like a gorgoyle's atop a stone body, revealing his disdain for their setting regardless of lack of display as he examined it. "Perhaps we could talk," he went on. "But I wonder what it is that you want to talk about?"

Indeed, Knockturn was a place for all sorts of dark beings, especially after nightfall. The ministry folk were more at risk in the open there than Rath was, even if he didn't care for its musky, winding paths. He would fish for a look at their cards before playing too many of his own.

Played By: Kael
Griffin cleared his throat.

"Ah, well! I'm glad you asked." He started, bringing out a small black book from his pocket and thumbing through the pages. "My main reason for being here is to double check you are registered. We both know that you were born long before all these rules and regulations, so it may all seem a little pointless. In reality, our regulations are to help both mortals and immortals thrive equally."

He rubbed the back of his head.

"Miss Wilder here is a wonderful example. By being registered with us, not only does she get more rights as a vampire, but she also has protection by the law and access to counselling, support, vampire housing, and blood donors. Of course, being registered is a legal requirement as it is...but I'm not in the mood to be pinning anyone down to get them to sign a paper. I think if we want to impose the law on people, we need to make the benefits of such very clear."

Played By: Vyreia
Her head lifted as Reid mentioned her, and Grace made eye contact with Mort. She tilted her head to the side, the corners of her mouth tilting upwards. "He's right, you know. I was registered shortly after being turned, and it's been a good life for me. Anything I ask for, in terms of support? Granted." She glanced over at Reid, then back at Mort. "The Ministry's jumped through a lot of hoops to make sure registered vampires are treated fairly." Surprisingly, it wasn't one of the prepared speeches she so often had to give.

Played By: TyrellRose
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If Ratholf was a more emotive being then his eyes would have rolled. Instead he remained steady and silent to the edge of awkwardness, as if he was waiting for the close of a sales pitch. He mused the thought of abandoning the meeting altogether without another word - he'd done it before - but then an idea struck him.

"To what depth are your records made public?" he asked simply. He wanted to know how much he could learn without making any agreements and perhaps how much he could if he did.

Played By: Kael