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 #39611  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen turned too, shaking with mixed emotions as she walked in the direction of her mother. If the elder Foxlove woman noticed that she was visibly upset, she did not say anything; instead she led her daughter around the room, introducing her. Eileen went in a daze, coming to at each moment that she noticed her mother criticize her in that back-handed way she was used to in front of others. The brunette simply smiled at each of them, until her mother guided them both back to their seats, where her father sat. The entire time, Eileen found herself following Vita around the room with her eyes, then quickly averting them for fear she would be caught... by Vita, by anybody. She shushed her father when he commented that she appeared distracted and then sat through an excruciatingly long action.

By the time it was over and the real festivities were set to begin, Eileen was practically itching to return to Vita's side. She quickly excused herself and set off in the direction of the other woman, clearing her throat as she approached, to announce her presence.
 #39624  by Vita Bergamot
A few flutes of champagne had mostly cloaked the lesion caused by Eileen's precise assertion. Whenever her mind drifted inadvertently to the woman who may or may not still be in the room, she brought the flute to her lips and numbed herself with the senseless chatter than surrounded her.

Vita navigated these events with well-practiced precision. She remained in the periphery, dared not approach groups, but knew exactly what looks to give when she wanted to draw someone in.

Her ex-wife had kept her distance and yet Vita had felt her eyes on her. She had felt her furry whenever someone had approached her. She had felt her possessive glares when a chatty young man had put his hand on her forearm. She had felt her having to restrain herself when a woman had leaned in to whisper a funny observation in her ear. She had felt all of these things without the sinister joy she had expected to experience.

It seemed Eileen's words had brimmed her restained capacity to feel.

A man and his wife were extending an invitation to their villa in Tuscany when she heard the interruption. Rather confused by Eileen's unexpected presence, Vita frowned slightly before she could catch herself and get back to her usual mask.
 #39627  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen hovered, not wanting to interrupt the couple that Vita was speaking to, but wanting her undivided attention all the same. She waited for them to excuse themselves, stating they would catch up later, before she swooped in, taking Vita by the elbow and guiding her out of the main room and into the foyer.

"You're impossibly frustrating," she informed Vita, pinching the bridge of her nose. She took a deep breath. She was terrified of rejection; she'd never cared enough to be bothered before, but this felt like it mattered. "I'd like for you to let me take you on a date."
 #39640  by Vita Bergamot
Infuriating was a descriptive she had heard uttered by those who barely knew her as well as by those who loved her dearly. She supposed it was a testimony to her consistency.

"Is that where we are going right this instant?" She inquired as they zoomed past other guests.
 #39658  by Eileen Foxlove
"No," the brunette mumbled, suddenly embarrassed about the way in which they had departed the room so swiftly, drawing attention to themselves. She tilted her chin, trying to ignore the red splashes of colour making way across her neck and cheeks.

"I'll owl you. Time, place, etc. Will you be there?" Her voice cracked with nerves on the last word.
 #39663  by Vita Bergamot
Vita looked at Eileen's hand on her elbow. Vita had never been courted, she had seduced, played with, and spat out. She had seduced, gotten married, and been abandoned, but courted never.

"I will, however, I am returning to Germany in 3 days," she heard herself answer. While she didn't express it, she wouldn't want Eileen to hope for something Vita could not provide. It seemed the evening had made Vita realize that Eileen was something beyond a plaything.