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 #39363  by Vita Bergamot
Location: The Bellgrace Estate, Surrey • Date: Summer 2004
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Thunderstorm

Karsten, her parents, and her bank account had argued against her attendance at the soirée. It was ill-advised and perhaps even juvenile, but Vita had not been able to stop herself from responding positively to the RSVP she had been sent.

Her gown was black, it clung to her hips and torso. A generous slit from the hem teased her leg. Her shoulders were only half covered, but her cleavage remained discreet. The dress was luxurious and in good taste as was the Bellgraces' annual fundraiser. This year's cause was a Diricawl sanctuary.

In accordance with the theme, the decor featured hints of greys and blues. The organizers had managed to use feathers as decorations without veering from good tastes. The entrance hall was rather empty when Vita arrived which had been intended. It is in the ballroom that she wanted to be noticed and not earlier. She signed the guest book and followed the few other last-minute guests towards the ballroom. She walked inside with her head held high and her eyes even higher. While she wanted to be noticed, she did not intend on acknowledging anyone.
 #39461  by Eileen Foxlove
Having suffered through a shopping trip with her mother the day before, there was nothing less that Eileen wanted than to be attending the event. She had enthusiastically showed her mother what she believed to be a wonderful charity shop find the previous day, only for the elder Foxlove woman to scoff and drag her out the door to find more 'appropriate' attire. The fact that her parents treated her like a child and forced her to attend these events was more than enough; that they acted as though she was constantly in their debt was just another reason she steered clear of them.

So Eileen Foxlove was attending the fundraiser at the Bellgrace Estate, dressed in an elegant burgundy dress, her curled brunette piled atop her hair in what her mother assured her was in good taste for an event such as this evening. The brunette was discussing the recent news with another party-goer, keeping her eye on both her mother and the door, in order to identify a good time to slip away for the evening.

When she saw a familiar blonde enter, she found a string of curse words flying through her head. What on earth was she doing here? Eileen had left Vita back in Germany, hoping she might never have to lay eyes on the woman ever again. In the time that they had been apart, Eileen had allowed herself to think she had been delirious or unwell - anything except acknowledge the butterflies in her tummy whenever she thought about, let alone laid eyes upon, Vita Bergamot.

What to do? Excuse herself from the other guest she was talking to, or carry on and pretend she hadn't noticed?

Eileen's lack of attention was noticed by her companion. Suddenly leaving her no option, the other guest excused themselves and moved on, leaving Eileen to stand there gaping at the only person in the room she had eyes for.
 #39465  by Vita Bergamot
A fading red glow glistened around the room, as a fading sunset ebbed from the clerestories. Tables surrounded the room displaying various objects that were being auctioned for the cause.

Whether from the force of habit or intuition, she knew exactly where she would find her ex-wife. Exercising impressive restraint, Vita made sure to keep her eyes from the area. She took a flute of champagne and made her way to the auction table.
 #39469  by Eileen Foxlove
She couldn't help herself. Seeing where Vita was headed, Eileen did so too. She reached the table, feigning admiration and interest in the items that were being auctioned off this evening. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced every few seconds towards Vita. She hated that she wanted the blonde's attention, hated that it was her presence that was keeping her here, when ordinarily, Eileen might've found an excuse to slip away already.
 #39475  by Vita Bergamot
As she feigned interest in a pair of earrings that was said to have belonged to Celestina Warbeck she felt a faint pressure against her lover back. The smell of a spring breeze huffing through blooming lilacs brought her back to painless times. The breath she felt against her cheek sent shivers down her spine and yet when a whisper tickled her ear all the nostalgic longing left her.

"Let's not pretend you are here for any other purpose than to torture me," Vita heard her ex-wife murmur.

Vita smiled coldly, but before another word could be said, her ex-wife had moved past her.

She stayed there for a few seconds, bathing in the searing rage that had been ignited. Her intent had indeed been to torment though she wondered who would suffer the most. As her eyes finally drifted from the earings and settled on an unexpected figure, she suspected she might be the victim of her own deviant plan.

"You look different," she observed when she reached Eileen. "Beautiful, but not quite like the woman I kissed in Germany."
 #39483  by Eileen Foxlove
"Excuse me." Eileen's head snapped around to face a couple, who were clearly interested in the item Eileen was stood in front of, and wanted a closer look. The brunette smiled politely at them and moved further along the table - closer to Vita. It was then that she realised Vita had been joined by another woman, although Eileen could not tell what the hand on Vita's lower back meant. That they knew each other clearly, but their moment was brief. Secret lovers? Eileen couldn't help but wonder.

It was then that she realised that her pretense was up; she had been openly staring at Vita, and now the elder woman was moving towards her. Abort mission, her insides screamed, but her feet paid no mind, still glued to the floor as she waited for Vita to reach her. Of course, no polite greeting would be exchanged when it came to Vita.

"Shhh," she hissed, glancing around worriedly. The sound was probably louder than Vita's statement had been, as it was this that caused the couple behind her to give them an odd look and move away. She didn't need anyone hearing about the kiss they had shared in Germany, and passing that information back to her parents. She was already enough of a disappointment to them.

She also didn't know if Vita was giving her a compliment or not. Personally, she felt uncomfortable and sweaty in the dress her mother had purchased for her, although Eileen couldn't tell now if that was the dress, or the presence of the blonde.

"What are you doing here?" Eileen had left Vita back in Germany, where she had hoped the other woman would stay. Or well, maybe relocate so she could visit her uncle's family, but wherever it was - far, far away from Eileen.
 #39490  by Vita Bergamot
"We shall whisper to one another then," she offered as she was hushed. She moved closer to Eileen.

"Aren't we all here for the cause?" Her eyebrows rose as if to underline the sarcasm her flat tone did not convey.
 #39510  by Eileen Foxlove
The brunette did her best to ignore the way in which her heart rate increased when the other woman stepped closer to her. Instead, Eileen fixed Vita with an icy cold stare. "Not by choice," she murmured with annoyance. "You know what I mean. Here, England, whatever." She desperately wanted to ask about the woman Vita had just been speaking to, but she doubted she'd get a straight answer.
 #39515  by Vita Bergamot
"Oh, that is what you meant, here, England, whatever," Vita noded with a twinkle of mockery in her eyes. "In case you are worried, it is not a clever ruse to see you again," her fingers brushed against Eileen's arm before coming back to her side. "Our reunion is an unexpected surprise."

A surprise her deviant plan had been quick to claim as a blessing; being seen chatting with Eileen would certainly torture her possessive ex-wife. Yet as she touched Eileen she felt a wave of warmth washing over her, as calculated and cold as she intended to be, it seemed buried somewhere she did not intend to explore certain reactions betrayed unintended sensitivities.
 #39521  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen felt her fists clenching together as Vita teased her. As if it wasn't enough the way the woman's presence made her feel, the blonde felt the need to mock her. Knowing that her mother would be horrified at Eileen causing a scene, and also not wanting to be in the limelight, she took a few deep breaths to control her feelings.

Then she had to go and bloody touch her. Her skin tingled along the path that Vita's fingers had taken and she was forced to swallow hard. Confused and frustrated with herself, she pinched the bridge of her nose, once again attempting to keep her feelings in check. "Not a pleasant one," the brunette quipped, although even she thought she sounded weary as she said it.

"How do you know the Bellgraces?" she questioned, desperate to change the subject.
 #39526  by Vita Bergamot
She titled her head slightly as Eileen expressed her displeasure at their meeting again, but otherwise, she appeared indifferent.

"My ex-wife introduced us," she looked above her shoulder almost as if the mere mention of her had the power to conjure her. "You know them through your parents, I presume."
 #39554  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen pressed her lips into a thin line, suddenly wondering if the woman she had previously seen was Vita's ex-wife. The intimacy they seemed to share seemed to suggest so.

"Of course," the brunette replied. "I wouldn't be here if it were not for my parents." That being said, given that her parents thought she were an embarrassment, she had to wonder why her parents wanted her there.

"My parents can't know about, um... this." She pointed between the two of them, cringing as she did so. "I ask that you do not mention anything to them."
 #39555  by Vita Bergamot
"I remember you saying I need not worry about your parents," Vita reminisced with a slight smirk. "But of course, you can count on my discretion. I suppose asking you to dance is out of line," Vita gestured towards the spacious dancefloor.
 #39570  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen pinched the bridge of her nose, feeling frustrated. She had told Vita not to worry about her parents for a number of reasons: the first was that she never expected Vita and her parents to be in the same room as each other; the second was that she had been caught up in the moment, desperate for the blonde to kiss her. The fact that she hadn't done so in the cave, despite their brief kiss in the alleyway, was still a great source of contention.

And oh, how she wanted to dance.

"What is wrong with you?" she snapped. "Do you get enjoyment out of confusing people?" Eileen's eyebrows were knitted together in frustration, her usually calm eyes fiery with a swirl of different emotions. "You don't kiss me, you do kiss me, you say we don't need to dwell on it, you ask me to dance. No wonder your wife left you! Everything is contradictory with you."
 #39573  by Vita Bergamot
She did get enjoyment out of unsettling people; pushing them off their steady feet only to see them stumble out of their well-worn masks and routine. She was not used to encountering souls who were courageous enough to denounce it. It was refreshing, she quite enjoyed it. Until her ex-wife was mentioned.

She had come to the event looking for a fight, but not with Eileen. She took a step back. This was not the stumble of someone who had been unsettled, it was the stumble of someone who had been wounded.

"I hope you have a lovely evening, Eileen," she retreated. She turned to leave.