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 #39343  by Markus Green
He didn't know when he started hating his job, or when his other job ventures took more interest...but as he sat at the local pub coming off of shift the long haired man in jeans and a simple black t-shirt had obviously not enjoyed his actual job that day. A look on his face of dismay as he took his first shot of the night he looked ready to knock someone out. Now, he wasn't going to do it. He did have control, though his inner personality seemed to disagree at times...but time and again he'd proven Mark wrong and kept his cool.

That was until he saw a lady being pulled around, the woman already having one too many and not being able to really do anything about it.
"Yo, git!" He called from his seat, standing up as his 6'4 height towered most men in the room.
"Hands off the girl she's obviously not wanting to go home with you tonight."

In the back of his head he heard the groan of his inner personality, Mark would have to deal with it. He'd protect Mark the same way all those years, he wasn't about to not do it for the lady obviously needing a bit of help herself.
"I said...hands off." He sent out one last warning, ignoring Marks grunt in the outside world as to keep from sounding nuts. If he was going to take control of this situation he needed to seem sane to those not with multi personalities.