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 #38533  by Leo Toscano
Location: The Toscano Family home • Date: Spring, 2004

His room shrouded completely in darkness, with the curtains pulled tightly shut, the only light emitting from underneath the doorway of Leo's bedroom, was that of the fire beneath the potion that bubbled away.

As the pink potion simmered away, Leo was bent over his potions book, scrutinising the instructions. He needed to wait for the potion to turn orange before he follow the next step of adding the wormwood, which he should add slowly until the potion turned yellow. He'd tried the potion a handful of times since he had returned home from Hogwarts, but he always managed to mess it up at this crucial stage, by adding the wormwood too early.
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Leo turned round as he heard someone enter, promptly knocking over a glass jar. "Alessio!" he yelled. The lid had come loose, and as such, some of the inhabitants were making a quick and daring exit away from the 'home' Leo had created for them.

As he quickly tried to scoop the contents of the jar back inside, he listened half-heartedly to his brother. As much as he wasn't pleased with the news either, it was the last thing he could care about. "Oh, so what? We knew it would happen eventually, Al," he replied, screwing the lid back on his jar, this time even tighter. He dusted his hands off on his trousers and turned back to his potion, watching it intently for it to turn orange. It was nearly there.
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"Oh Al, don't be so absurd," the younger boy chastised. Leo might not like his mother's relationship with Emily and he was devestated regarding his father's death, but he wasn't so blinded by... (what? hatred perhaps?) that he believed his mother's 'fun' had killed the Toscano patriarch.

"It's a happiness potion," he replied smugly, eyes twinkling as he turned to his brother. "Everyone's going to feel so much better when I'm done!" He turned around, noticing that the potion had now turned orange, indicating that he needed to add the wormwood. He added just a sprinkle of it first, watching as it turned a slightly paler shade of orange, then added another. "Everyone's understandably miserable, but I just... I can't take it anymore."
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Leo was too absorbed in watching the colour of the potion change to notice his brother's use of the rather unfavourable nickname. It was now the perfect shade of yellow and Leo let out a rather excited squeal. He tried to cover it with a cough, but he was far too happy to indulge any of his brother's usual teasing.

"It's done!" He breathed a huge sigh of relief. "I've been working on it for so long." His chest puffed out a little in pride as he'd realised he'd managed to accomplish something he'd been trying so hard to do. All his failed attempts had been worth it. "Want to try it out?"
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Leo's eyes twinkled with mischief; there was a reason, after all, that he was a Slytherin. "Maybe mum should be the first subject we test on," he suggested. She was trying hard to disguise it from the boys, but she appeared to be the most miserable of them all at the moment. Leo wouldn't understand that her grief was littered with guilt too.

Leo carefully took a spoon and scooped it into a vial, looking over his shoulder at his brother. "I'm sure she wouldn't turn down a cup of coffee..."
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Alessio mouth fell open in admiration; his little brother was turning into an evil genius and he loved it. "She never turned down coffee," he agreed already leaving the room the prepare a cup.

As he prepared the concoction he couldn't help, but think about all the times his mother had gently asked him to prepare something for her. Of course, the requests had been met with moans, complaints, and even refusals. Now that his intentions were devious, Alessio had no problem preparing something for her. "Here," he presented his brother with the fuming cup of black liquid.
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Smirking, the younger Toscano boy followed his brother with his potion vial and watched as Alessio made the steaming cup of coffee, before handing it to him. Leo used a pipette to draw up some of the bright yellow potion and carefully dropped two dribbles of the concoction into his mother's drink. He placed a bung into the vial, carefully pocketed it and then turned to his brother. "Ready?" he raised an eyebrow, his eyes lit up for the first time in days as he thought about their plan.
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Whilst relatively attuned to his mother's feelings, Leo wasn't quite smart enough to identify that there was a shift in his mother's feelings. She was sad because they were all sad... even if she had been trying to hide it.

"We made you coffee," Leo told his mother, walking into the room to sit next to her on the bed. He ignored his brother's question about Emily. Clearly the blonde wasn't to be seen, which meant she had gone. "We figured you needed cheering up." Leo kept his face perfectly straight, desperately trying not to give his brother a sneaky look, lest his mother notice.