A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #39278  by Minerva McGonagall
Location: Hogwarts • Date: Spring 2004
Time of Day: Nightime • Weather: Overcast

A new generation roamed the halls. One blessed with a childhood unburdened by war yet even in times of peace tragedies occurred.

Despite the late hour, the Headmistress had still been awake when the urgent message had reached her. Wearing crisp, black robes with a high collar, Minerva stood atop the staircase and waited for the grief-burdened guests that were walking towards the school. Dimmed candlelight caressed the silent entrance hall.

Hagrid opened the oak door and escorted the two women inside. With a slight movement of the head, she politely dismissed the Keeper of Keys. She waited for the two figures to reach the top of the stairs.
 #39315  by Emerson Toscano
The castle's silhouette danced in front of her gleaming eyes. She clutched desperately to the last few minutes of denial she had left. Once the boys had been told she would not be able to afford such luxuries.

Hagrid greeted them at the gates. His somber greeting and slumped shoulders were evidence that news of their arrival has already reached the castle. She wondered if it had been Evelyn or Vera who had thought about warning the school.

The entrance hall was dimly lit. Emerson's eyes immediately went to the tall figure waiting for them atop the stairs. She hesitated.
 #39496  by Evelyn Winters
Despite never having attended Hogwarts as a student, Evelyn had walked the halls enough times to know that she was glad that she hadn't. Beauxbatons was a much more visually appealing school and the chateau had always felt more welcoming than the cold, stone castle she currently stood in. Evelyn could literally feel the draft nipping at her ankles and she couldn't get rid of the sneer across her mouth even if she wanted to.

Louis would attend here however, that was decided over a year ago, and though Evelyn would much prefer the boy attend her alma mater, they did not live in a country that Beauxbaton accepted students from, and even though Evelyn despised this castle, Minerva McGonagall was a force to be reckoned with and Louis would do well under her tutelage. Not that Evelyn would ever admit such a thing, even under the Cruciatus Curse.

Following behind the half-giant who's name she could never remember, Evelyn squeezed Emerson's forearm, having not let go since they apparated to the castle gates. Passing a witch who she could only presume was a teacher considering the late hour, she took notice of the somber look on their face and pulled Emerson a little closer to her in response.

Evelyn nearly jumped when the half-giant murmured, his voice though low, was like a gun shot and when she looked around again she spotted Minerva McGonagall standing at the top of stairs looking far too ominous. She would have scoffed if they weren't here on such grime circumstances.

Moving up the stairs, their escorting having stopped at the bottom of them, Evelyn stared at the figure above them, unmoving and solid and felt Emerson hesitate next to her. Knowing she might have to take the lead, she swallowed and straightened up.

"Professor McGonagall, good evening."
 #39517  by Minerva McGonagall
Students referred to her as Professor McGonagall, as did many colleagues and certain parents for many of which she had been their professor. Members of the community and strangers usually referred to her as Headmistress McGonagall. Hearing Evelyn Winters use a title she considered to be more familiar, made Minerva stiffen. Years of resentment towards the Editor in Chief of the Disinformation Ragweed made it surprisingly hard for Minerva to remain polite.

She acknowledged Evelyn's greeting with a stiff nod and turned her attention to the other woman. "Mrs Toscano," she spoke evenly, "the boys are with their respective Head of House. They are expecting you unless you have questions or concerns, I shall lead you there," she paused to give the woman a chance to express herself.