A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #38079  by Yahav Kazan
Location: British Ministry of Magic, Dept. Magical Law Enforcement • Date: May 1

It was just Yahav's luck. One of the criminals that had been wanted by the Ministry longer than he had even been in England had finally resurfaced and he was hung up by paperwork and bureaucracy and couldn't be involved in the raid. At least the aurors hadn't been dispatched, he thought bitterly as he sat behind his desk in his office, his foot tapping against the floor. At least it was his department that would (hopefully) get the credit.

Eventually he couldn't sit still any longer. Yahav jumped up, moving swiftly around his desk and out into the main part of the Hit Wizard offices. He walked over to the board that showed the hit wizard assignments and stared at it, his foot still tapping.
 #39304  by Sadao Takayama
He’d been in England on business, the same criminal being on the Japanese ministry’s records. Now, the man in a suit that clearly showed his level within any organization could have gone for the top, asked the minister the questions he had but he knew the lower level men would have the real answers. They always did. Maybe that’s why the Japanese ministry ran so smoothly, he focused on the lower members to get the real grasp of the situations. Not that the people at the top were unqualified, they were just usually so busy with other things it was hard to get to the nitty gritty of things.

He had just been walking past the desk when he realized this man had a problem, though he didn’t know what the man was worried about he stopped in hopes it would be to his benefit. It was when he stopped he saw the board.
“Might I ask why no one is taking action on this case... other than information?” The Japanese man just one position lower from the minister asked. Speaking of higher levels being hung up... it seemed this man was in the same situation by the foot tapping he was seeing.