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 #38148  by Griffin Reid
Location: British Ministry of Magic, Beast Division • Date: May, 2004

Griffin wasn't entirely sure how he was going to conduct this discussion; he was more of a 'let's just figure out a temporary solution' kind of guy. And then he would rinse and repeat the action. But it now appeared that Chandra also settled into that routine.

New partner.

After new partner.

After new partner.

He sighed, seated at his desk, the photo of his father in a nearby frame mocking him. Typical. He seemed to appear even more smug in that photo as time went by - perhaps that Magical-Photo-Rights-Activist was right; they did have souls and they were in an eternity of singular emotion for our viewing pleasure.

There was a knock at the door, and Griffin snapped his eyes up to his door which was now ajar.

"Come in, take a seat." He spoke gruffly. "Any idea why I've called you?"
 #38173  by Chandra Dayal
Chandra was used to this. Before the boss' office, she was getting called to her Head of House's office and, occasionally, the Headmaster's. She was stubborn and sometimes a bit too blunt. They were traits that made her hard to get along with and prone to ruffling feathers. Still, being used to it did not make it any easier. It was quite the opposite; the nerves had turned to shame. At least nerves went away. Shame lingered.

Chana closed the door behind her as she entered and her stomach dropped the floor as she took a seat across from Griffin.

"Let me guess," she mused a bit too playfully, "The Ministry is going to give me some commendation. Or a promotion?"

He damn well knew that she knew why she was here. Why did he have to drag it out like this?
 #38175  by Griffin Reid
Griffin's face faltered slightly. He almost wanted to join her in jest; he was never a boss to remain stern unless it was a critical moment. But he had to remind himself to straighten his expression.

He sat up, clearing his throat again.

"Nooo, no...Ms Dayal," He began. "I've called you in to highlight a very specific concern I have for you. In the last eight months, you've gone through-"

He looked at the paper on his desk.

"six partners! A new record...but the last one was also the last straw."
 #38238  by Chandra Dayal
The tone and length of his initial 'no' told her she had screwed up. Then he called her Ms Dayal. He back stiffened and her lips formed into a taught, thin line.

Six partners in eight months. Had there really been that many?

"I never asked for any partner changes," she defender herself, "it takes time to get used to a new partner and none of them were willing to put in the work, or the time. That's less than a month and half per person!"
 #38261  by Griffin Reid
"Well, I never doubted your maths skills." He commented lowly before flicking some hair out of his face.

He leaned forward slightly as he continued.

"You may not have asked for partner changes, but your partners did. Some of the feedback I have received are quite...unrelenting, I must say. I won't go into details but I have at least enough on record to know there's a common denominator. Do you have explanation for some of your behaviour?" He asked sincerely, hoping she would give him some insight to help save her somewhat.
 #38414  by Chandra Dayal
"What behavior?" Chandra shot back rather quickly, "no one said anything to me. No one asked me not to do this or act like that. I don't even know what I'm meant to be explaining!"

That was mostly true. She knew her reputation; she knew why she had that reputation. She just did not feel obligated to change how she did her job based on the hushed murmurings of her co-workers.
 #38424  by Griffin Reid
Griffin rubbed his temples.

"Ms. Dayal...I'm on your side here. I'm simply trying to get an expansive picture and at least give you an opportunity to give insight to why you think I've been receiving complaints. Just give me something to work; something so that I won't simply have to write 'that's the way she is' in the record?"

He felt like he was almost pleading. But he didn't want to lose an efficient and competent team member over this.
 #38710  by Chandra Dayal
"My side?" Chandra huffed, "Just what side is my side? I've been doing the best I can considering every few weeks, without so much as whisper from you or anyone else for that matter, I turn up to work and find I'm now working with some new transfer from the werewolf registration unit, or a failed auror, or that bloke from the Floo regulation team."

She was clearly worked up, but to her credit, she had not slammed a fist on a desk or stormed out of the office in a blind rage.
 #38761  by Griffin Reid
Griffin pursed his lips, then picked up his quill and began scratching it on his parchment in his typically scrawled handwriting.

"'The best she can...clearly our fault for giving her multiple chances...pertnering her up with different personalities...definitely not her fault for being the common denominator. Thank you Mister Minister, Sir, for reading my report.'" He spoke aloud as he wrote, and then placed his quills down and looked back up to her.

"Does that sound ridiculous for me to write in my report? Because you'd be right, and you're not exactly filling me with joy after I fought to give you another chance."
 #39053  by Chandra Dayal
Chandra's jaw dropped as she watched this man act no more mature than her teenage cousin Vishal. Was he honestly expecting her to be grateful? This was the problem with men like him. Most men. They wanted all the glory for the minimum amount of work. The only thing he'd done to try and solve this "problem" was assign her a bunch of untrained and under qualified, just out of Hogwarts losers and then without warning, come at her like it was her problem all along. She took a moment to gather her thoughts, her brow furrowed as she tried to make sense of all of it. Why? Why had he let this go on for eight months?

Oh. Her stomach sank. It all made sense now but that did not stop it from hurting.

"Look Griffin," she spoke as she stood, "you didn't need to go through all of this to get me to leave the unit. You could've just asked. You'll have my resignation by the end of the week."

It would give her a few days to figure out if there was a department she could transfer to, far far away from the beasts division.
 #39059  by Griffin Reid
Griffin lifted her brows as she called him by first name. He usually didn't mind in the field, but was a little wary in the offices, especially if any of his seniors were listening in. But at her words, his brows furrowed again in confusion.

"Resignation!" He practically gasped. "Get you to leave the unit? What...what in Merlin's name are you talking about?"

He leaned forward, eyeing her.

"You think I want to get rid of you?"