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 #38018  by Tamsin Villiers
The younger woman had seen those looks—the look of denial, the look of desire, all of them—enough to recognise it in Francis' eyes as they passed. It gave him some inexplicable quality of familiarity that along with the liquor that pooled warm in her belly was almost emboldening.

"Mayhap a desperate fool grasping for some great hope," Tamsin met Francis' gaze with her own blues that were vaguely liquor-hazed if one looked carefully past the immutably serene expression.

She offered him a mildly regrettable look.

"But you're not desperate. Just a fool."
 #38039  by Francis Friis
"Penny for your thoughts, then," Francis retorted, an attempt at turning the tables, or perhaps even genuine interest in some insight. "If you've got me pegged for a such a fool, what do I do with myself, Doctor?"

Who could give better advice than a doctor (healer)? Francis did his best to hide behind his goading looks, but maybe there was something to be gained here. Tamsin was intriguing and and perceptive enough that perhaps there was some value in showing her an ounce of humility, even though Francis would frame it as anything but.

"Give me something good and the next drink's on me," he smirked.
 #39009  by Tamsin Villiers
"I'm off-duty tonight," Tamsin shook her head, though not without amusement that showed in an upward crook of one corner of her lips from behind the rim of her glass. "Owl in for an appointment. We might just be able to fit you in for in a fortnight or so."

The healer began to turn to leave, though not before a brief pause.

"Oh, and I'm afraid I bill a lot more than one drink, with the exception of Ogden's anniversary vintage. If you manage to find the resources, you know where to find me."

Tamsin blithely raised her glass at the athlete in a farewell gesture.