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 #38386  by Shiro Takayama
He spared her a glance, turning back to the scene a moment later.
"Indeed." He said simply, though he didn't really know much about that. His daughter was named with more humility and gentleness than anything, but then again...she'd been a female.
"He's sure to inherit a great empire." He reached into his pocket and took out a cig, "Sadly I can't say the same for my daughter. She's far to gentle for the life she would have to lead in order to make it, nevermind the fact the society itself is heavily run by men."
 #38395  by Astrid Iver
Astrid smiled internally. This man clearly hadn't done his research on her.

"If he want to inherit it, he's going to have to fight my eldest, Ingrid, for it. She's already very feisty, I can tell." She spoke, lifting her chin. She then looked over to him.

"Sometimes it's best not to involve children in business, but as we are both part of influential families, it would be frowned upon not to have children and teach them the ways of our family."
 #38399  by Shiro Takayama
Running his hand behind his neck he let out an awkward chuckle,
"Wow, did I make it obvious I'm an office lock away." He muttered, "I'm sure your girls more than suitable to have her chance at the throne so to speak...just like her strong willed mother." He said his muttering turning into his stoic usual tone.

"I'm sure they'll do well." He said simply, though Sadao was well known in the wizarding world for the Takayama name he hadn't been privy to that liestyle, finding he the Yakuza instead. Not that he was about to admit that to Mrs Iver in a heart to heart. That simply wasn't his style.
"I'm also sure if I worked on my daughter she would be a great leader, my goal however is to give her a life I never had the chance to have." He admitted.
 #38423  by Astrid Iver
"Yes, well, it's natural for parents to have alternative goals." She spoke matter-of-factly.

She witnessed the creature rear and buck at the squib, trying to chase him down in the small space. The squib audibly grunted as he was slammed against the metal fencing, but took the opportunity to swing the axe at the beast's hind legs.

Astrid smirked, but then looked to Shiro.

"I do hope you enjoy the rest of the show; I have been advised to take frequent rests." She spoke simply, and then turned toward a private VIP area.
 #38750  by Shiro Takayama
He sighed,
"Indeed." His voice holding bite nor real meaning. He was sure she could care less about his parenting goals, thus he had kept it simple and ended his part of it with his last words.

The scuib was a goner in his opinion, though the last move he made might look like a glimmer of hope to to scuib. Shiro had lost interest, though the club itself still showed this woman was both successful and on her way to making it to the top- if she wasn't already there. He was sure if this had been between two more powerful beings and thus more of a challenge he might stick around for it.
"Mrs Iver." He said, turning. "As your probably aware im not much of a traveler. Might I bother you for a suggestion of a hotel before you go?" He asked.
 #38759  by Astrid Iver
Astrid paused in thought, thinking carefully.

"The Primrose estate should be up to your standard." She hummed, leaning in slightly. "They're also great for alibis should you need them."

With that, she turned to depart.
 #38781  by Shiro Takayama
He was never one to sully his own hands unless it involved a situation far from prying eyes...be it in the country side of China or within his own walls of his personal manor/business. Though the addition to the refence was appreciated should he need one in the future for some unforeseen reason. He nodded to his men after giving her a nod of appreciation, the three leaving the area to head to said hotel.

He was sure location info could be found at the door as they left, letting the woman go on her way without him bugging her further.