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 #38534  by Astrid Iver
Location: Iver Hall • Date: May, 2004

Astrid sat deeply in her armchair, though it seemed to swallow her frame. Even at nine months pregnant, it was evident that she was a lithe woman with hollowed out cheeks and prominent collar bones.

Jodie Watts, one of Astrid's stewards, had been tasked to bring Valentina to the drawing room where Astrid resided. She was instructed not to comment on the snakes that littered the house, nor reveal any secrets the Ivers may hold along the way.

As Valentina entered, Astrid flicked her hand to signal Jodie to leave before scraping her eyes over the new young thing.

"Ah! Vera, finally. I believe you've already been made aware that you will be starting with us early. I'd get up to congratulate you on your new position but," she gestured to her pregnant belly. "Best for me not to do strenuous actions over the unimportant things."

She motioned for the woman to take a seat opposite her.
 #38634  by Valentina Romero
She wanted to go back. More than anything, Valentina wanted to just turn and run the moment she entered Iver Hall. Jodie made no comments about the snakes as she led her through one of many, many hallways. Was Valentina going insane? Was she seeing things? Her last family had been so wonderfully normal. Valentina wanted to go back to that.

But she knew she needed a wide variety of experience if she was going to do more work with children and their families. Plus, this particular posting paid better than others and Valentina had been lucky to get it. Ignoring briefly Mrs. Iver's slip of the tongue about her name, the young woman took a seat across from her newest employer.

"Of course madame," she said, smiling. "I'm excited to be starting early. The earliest years of a child's life are very important to their growth."
 #38636  by Astrid Iver
"Mm, yes." She spoke, seeming somewhat disinterested in the conversation. She shifted slightly in her armchair, with some discomfort due to her state.

"My firstborn, Ingrid Eliana, will be one in the beginning of June. Evidently, my second-" She gestured. "Soren, is due this month. Obviously this means there will be a lot of requirements from me as a mother. But I also don't want to neglect Ingrid when I believe she should be taking important advancements; speaking and walking and the like."

She waved her hand casually.

"And as you may also be aware, I have a business to run, and my husband is often very busy with his potions and shareholdings et cetera et cetera." She rolled her eyes slightly. "It may mean you will be spending plenty of time with my other stewards to assist with household duties, but your main priority should be the care of Ingrid and, soon, Soren. Any questions?"
 #38641  by Valentina Romero
Ingrid Eliana. Soren. Noted.

Valentina took out her charmed quill and notebook. "Could you walk me through a typical day for Ingrid?" she asked. "What are her favorite foods? Least favorite? Is she allergic to anything? Any information like that would be extremely helpful before my first official day with her."
 #38643  by Astrid Iver
Astrid pursed her lips, a sudden realisation washing over her.

"There are no allergies so far, that I'm aware of..." She glanced off to the side in thought. She didn't cook or prepare the food for Ingrid; the most involvement she had in that was all the way back when she was breastfeeding for that short amount of time - something she wasn't looking forward to doing again with her second child. What did Ingrid like to eat?

"I suppose she has the tastes of any other child; she likes sweet things such as jely and custard, Victoria sponge cake with cream and jam, yoghurts, and she's even got a taste for Prinsesstårta. I've seen her indulge in the odd strawberry...but I suppose you mean more substance?"

Huh...what...what dinners did she like that wasn't just cake?

"I...suppose she likes mashed potatoes and gravy, gazpacho, just...the average sort of things...babies eat." She cleared her throat."I know for certain she doesn't like caviar."
 #38809  by Valentina Romero
Well. Of course a child wouldn't like caviar. Valentina would have to go to the house chefs with her questions about this, then. By the look of the place, she had no doubt that the Iver family didn't prepare their meals on their own. "Wonderful," Valentina said as her quill copied down at least some treats the girl should indulge in when proper. She didn't want to give off the impression that she was judging her new employer.

"And what kinds of things are you looking for in terms of enrichment for Ingrid? I like to come up with a yearly plan for children so they're on the right track, so to speak."
 #38810  by Astrid Iver
Astrid hummed. Well, she presumed Ingrid would be highly advanced in most areas, given her breeding. But perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to highlight specific areas of focus, just as a method to indulge the nanny.

"Language would be a priority to me; I believe it highly integral that she speaks another language. Of course, she will learn English, and Swedish from myself - I also plan to develop Parselmouth for her. Though, I'm sure that isn't something you will be able to assist in. Other than that, I would like her to make progress with French, perhaps Spanish."

She looking up briefly in thought before speaking again.

"I'd like her to have an ear for music; she will be enrolled in violin lessons as soon as she is able. I know Nathan may like the idea of her having an affinity for plants and herbology. She comes from good blood, you see, so my expectations for her advancements is quite high. You will likely ee her progress easily." She said flippantly, as though none of what she was saying was pressuring or bigheaded.
 #39048  by Valentina Romero
Plants, music, languages. Her quill scribbled furiously and already Valentina's mind was going through ways on how to make learning fun and easy for Ingrid. Valentina wasn't a governess so she didn't want the little girl to be sitting in formal classes for most of her days. Again, Ingrid had every right to be as much as a child as she wanted.

Though the good blood comment worried her a bit.

"And I'm sure she will, madam," Valentina said with a smile. "Is there anything specific you'd like to ask of my services?"
 #39050  by Astrid Iver
"What I'd ask of your services?" Astrid raised a brow, and then quickly flicked her eyes over Valentina. It was the first time she blatantly drank in the woman's appearance, and seemed to indulge in it for a moment before sitting back slightly, a knowing smirk on her face.

She knew why her stewards asked such questions like that. It was obvious! Petra, Simon, even Hera, would coyly ask if they were required for 'any other activities'. How very sly of a nanny, though. To insinuate she could be of such a purpose to a woman like Astrid. Though, that didn't make the idea less of a tickling thought.

"Mmm," she hummed. "I suppose we will have to see the way things progress before we put too much on your plate. I wouldn't want you to get too overwhelmed, as I can be quite demanding." She spoke in a lulled tone.

"Your primary use will be to help Ingrid to adjust to life, particularly in an upper class environment. She will need to be polite, intelligent, resilient, and social in many aspects. Though, perhaps you will be needing a refresher on etiquette in order to teach?"
 #39055  by Valentina Romero
The woman wasn't wrong. Valentina was sure she could teach Ingrid most of those things, but the etiquette part?

She gave a soft laugh. "That would probably be best," Valentina said. "I haven't taken etiquette classes since Beauxbatons." Which, considering Valentina's age, wasn't that long ago, but her last two families had been anything but upper class.
 #39057  by Astrid Iver
Astrid nodded sagely.

"Very well; I will organise my steward, Jodie, to assist you in this. She's quite accustomed to behaving herself." She lifted her chin slightly. "I don't assume I need to inform you, but I will do so regardless. Unlike my other employees, you will remain primarily hidden. Why? Great question, clever girl. Because you are directly involved with my children, the most precious thing to the Iver name, currently, and I don't like the idea of potential threats coming close to their primary caretaker. While this means you will be safer, it also means you will not be included in the likes of galas and large communions."

 #39140  by Valentina Romero
It was disappointing to hear. When the listing went up, Valentina had heard numerous things about how fancy the Ivers were from her English friends. They seemed to know what world she would be getting herself into even if Valentina still wasn't sure at this point. The stern warning about harm coming to her was strange. Why would harm come to her or to the children for that matter?

To be in the shadows was something new to Valentina. She had been at birthday parties, Christmas parties, and even invited to family trips. Sure, she worked during most of these, but her previous families enjoyed her company even when she was with the children. However, she smiled softly and nodded. "Of course, madame," Valentina said.
 #39145  by Astrid Iver
"Good, glad we're clear. She reached over to her left and picked up a set of tiny silver bells, shaking them slightly. It wasn't but a few moments later that Jodie Watts appeared at the doorway.

"Yes, Mistress?" She spoke carefully.

"Take Valerie up to her room, show her around, and report back any problems."

"Yes, Mistress." Jodie complied, looking to Valentina to follow.