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 #37798  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: Somewhere in Lambeth • Date: April 9, 2004
Time of Day: 18.30 • Weather: Could be worse

It had been a while since Dino had been in London. Not that long, really, only two months, almost, but last time he'd been here, he'd only seen a handful of his friends. He'd received a few outraged owls that he hadn't been to see the rest, outrage that had only seemed to grow when he'd mentioned Dorian had been there. How dare he not show the cartographer to his friends? They were especially frustrated not to have had the chance to meet him since he'd become Dino's man, as they'd put it. If he was honest with himself, though, Dino knew why he'd kept Dorian away from Colm, Zahid, Graeme, Jamie and the others. They'd have ripped his little pretending-to-be-straight game to shreds in a matter of seconds, and before this Valentine's Day, Dino couldn't have that. Not when he so desperately needed Dorian to stay in the dark.

Now, though, things were different. Even if Dorian had stayed in Fiji, Dino was paying his friends a visit. They'd complained that it wasn't the same, but what was the oceanographer supposed to do? Drag the man down to London when he was supposed to be working?

There was a party in a club in Vauxhall he'd been invited to attend, though he wasn't sure how much he'd like it. Before Dorian, he'd gone to clubs with a great many intentions in mind. Now, it was different. He obviously wasn't going to be on the pull tonight, and without Dorian, without his boyfriend there, it wouldn't be as fun. Still, he'd see his friends, so there was at least that.

Hands in his pockets, wearing his best guddies, cargo pants, a jacket and a The Offspring t-shirt, in an attire that would certainly make the doormen of more selective clubs laugh as they turned him away, Dino walked along, looking for a nice place for a curry before it was time to go meet his posse.
 #37891  by Charlotte Ashworth
Ready for a night out, Charlotte had pulled out all of the stops. Her hair was loosely curled, framing her face and cascading down her back, she smiled to herself. There was no way in hell that she would let anything get in the way of her having a good time. Making her way down the street she dodged small crowds of other night owls, hoping to avoid the daily struggles of existence.

Her first stop of the night was obtaining food before she risked ingesting any alcohol. She wandered the street, looking for a shop that wasn't too packed. Finally deciding on a curry stall, she made her way in, grabbing a small table for two. Feeling a little guilty for taking a spot meant for two people, she ordered a small dish that wouldn't take up too much time to make. Waiting for her meal, she looked around the restaurant, hoping no one recognized her.
 #37895  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino looked around for a nice place for what seemed an eternity. It was more like a minute or two, really, but he had no patience to look out for an actually nice place, not when the flashing neon signs of the closest curry house promised him chicken korma for a fiver.

Listening to his stomach, which was growling impertinently, he entered the restaurant, and went straight to the counter to place his order. He was lucky, there wasn't much of a line right now. While he waited, he skimmed the place, looking for a free seat. The place was more than half full, but considering there were less than ten tables, it might not have been saying much.

Dino's face lit up when he saw a face he was certain he recognized. 'Ashford!' He cried out, making his way to her table, and unceremoniously sitting himself down in the chair opposite her. 'Ashford! Class of '97!'
 #37897  by Charlotte Ashworth
Char did a little dance in her seat as she tucked into her chicken curry, she had the spoon half way to her mouth when she heard someone call out something close to her name.


She was so close to the taste of the curry on her tongue, but alas, the chicken would have to wait a moment.

Ashford! Class of '97!

At hearing her graduation year, her head snapped over to the voice that was hinting at the possibility of her name. The chunk of chicken falling back to her plate with a wet thump, the sauce splatting a bit onto the table.

"Ashworth?" She said with a slight frown looking down at the sauce on the table, mourning the loss. "Close enough, I guess?"
 #37906  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, close enough!' Dino cheerfully agreed, beaming at his former classmate.

His order was soon announced, and he got up to get it, soon returning to the girl's table. He started to slurp and shovel food in his mouth, in a manner reminescent of a barn animal with hands. He'd never really had good manners, but being that he never really tried to impress anyone, he'd never cared much for them. Would be a fun discovery for Dorian, at the very least.

'Ashworth, then. Was it Charlene? Hufflepuff, at any rate, of that I'm sure.'
 #37919  by Charlotte Ashworth
Charlotte let out a quiet laugh, grabbing a napkin to wipe up the spilt curry sauce. When the male had gotten up she began scooping up the delicious meal in front of her. When he sat back down she blinked over at him, still attempting to put a name to his face. He might not have known exactly what her name was, but he wasn't too far off.

"Charlene is a nice name, but alas, it is not mine." She smiled and slid a napkin across the table "Just in case." She scooped up another bite of her dinner. "Right on the money with Hufflepuff though, you were Gryffindor, right? I think we've had a few Herbology classes together" She asked looking back over to him. "I could attempt to guess at your name, but I fear I'd just end up completely off track."
 #38006  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino continued to shovel food in his mouth, raising an eyebrow as the ex-Hufflepuff whose name he had clearly forgotten slipped him a paper napkin. Why did she think he wanted one of those? He clearly didn't need it. He was doing a great job of eating his chicken korma, thank you very much.

And how was it possible that she didn't remember him? Everyone remembered him. He wasn't the type of guy anyone forgot, surely? And if she didn't remember his antics in school, which was nigh impossible, he reasoned, she would at least have remembered him from their graduation party, where his coming out had pretty much stolen the show. Ach, good times.

'O'Sullivan,' he replied disappointedly, his mouth full of food that his ex-classmate could now see. 'Dino O'Sullivan!'
 #38044  by Charlotte Ashworth
Char let out a small laugh at the look Dino gave her when she slid the napkin his way. "Just in case." She said again with a smile.

"You weren't on the Quidditch team, right?" She said with a quizzical look on her face. "Well, you're names familia. I'll give you that." She speared another bite of chicken on her fork and brought it to her mouth. Chewing on it lightly, she added "It's Charlotte Ashworth, by the way" and continued chewing. She wasn't surprised he didn't know exactly who she was, she kept to herself for the most part at school and was scouted by the Harpies before her 7th year was even finished.

"What brings you out on this marvelous night?" She asked looking back up at him.
 #38050  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino tsked at his ex-classmate, slightly disappointed. He thought for sure everyone would remember him. So far, every schoolmate he'd met had. He'd never been the most popular, not exactly, but he figured he and his antics would never be forgotten. Ah well. Couldn't win them all.

'Aye, Charlotte, sure,' he nodded. It rang a slight bell, but not much more than that. Dino had never really spent that much time thinking about other people. 'Nah, I wasn't. Tried my bit, wasn't for me.' He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

'I'm goin' out to meet some friends I haven't seen in ages, over in Vauxhall. Bout ye?'
 #38127  by Charlotte Ashworth
Char set her fork down next to her now empty plate and crossed her legs. "That'd explain it then," She said with a smile. "Most of my free time was spent on the pitch at school." She smiled over at Dino.

"No real plan for the evening, just seeing where the night takes me." She said and tucked a stray bit of hair behind her ear.
 #38134  by Dino O'Sullivan
'I did climb one of the goal posts and jump off in my last year,' Dino countered matter-of-factly, as though it was something normal people just did. He forked some more food into his mouth. Those were some good memories. Even if he had only jumped off to get Cris' attention. That did make him uncomfortable. He'd been so obsessed with the boy, and had never told him about it. It just wasn't the done thing when he was in Hogwarts. He hadn't been quite there yet. He was there now, and he had an actual boyfriend now. A real live one. Something he'd never had before. And he hadn't needed to do all kinds of insane things to get Dorian's attention. Mind, he still had done crazy things, but the point was that he didn't have to. Dorian just liked him for who he was. Loved him, even.

'Ya could come along with us, if ya wanted,' Dino offered, always one for a fun party. 'They're Hogwarts guys too, but if ya don't remember me, I don't know that ya'd know them either. Jamie was a Hufflepuff, but I don't think he was on the Quidditch team. Two years older. Zahid was, though. Ravenclaw, our year?' He was excited to talk about his friends. He loved Cris and Reese, and his other Gryffindor folks, but it had been a blessing to discover these guys, some years after graduation. He'd spent his entire time at Hogwarts thinking he and Velvet were the only gay teens at school. Discovering they were not had been great, but he'd still been the first, and so far only, of the guys he knew to come out so publicly.

Dino shrugged. 'It's like ya want.' Of course, his friends weren't aware of this little invitation, but they knew him. He was bound to keep them on their toes and do unexpected things.
 #38172  by Charlotte Ashworth
Charlotte looked up in shock, "Oh lord, that was you!" She smiled with a laugh. "Okay, I lied, I do know who you are" She said with a quiet laugh. Her memory flashed back to the incident where a Gryffindor had climbed the goal post, she never knew the reason why, but she remembered the story being told after, and how it had morphed with each retelling. Even though she had witnessed Dino climbing and then jumping from the goal, the stories after had become even more entertaining than the actual event.

Char smiled as Dino spoke, glad that he had deemed her good enough to include. "Count me in" She said with a smile.
 #38182  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino straightened up in his chair, a bit like a sitting down peacock would have done, and grinned proudly. 'Aye, that was me.' He had a lot of other ridiculous stunts under his belt, too, like the time he'd jumped off the Astronomy tower, with only the promise that his twin sister would catch him. She had, and he was alive, so there. That had been at night, though, so no one had witnessed it except for Orla and the Ravenclaw student who had dared him to do it. He'd bragged about it a bunch, though.

'Same O'Sullivan from the graduation party, too,' he said. That was one of his proudest moments, if he was honest.

Dino ate up some more, and smiled at Charlotte. 'It's a gay club, just so ya know.'