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 #37786  by Kyle Bowden
"Don't start that." Kyle warned. "That's the sort of thinking that makes you give up and get depressed and become a lonely old hermit."

He took a sip of his tea.

"We're not even going to count Viola; she's a breed of her own n the only reason Aidan managed to tie her down was because she had far more to gain than the love of a man. Zara? She's troubled. Still is to an extent. I think Simon really did a number on her...you should have seen her after you broke up; she hated Simon - perhaps blamed him for your relationship's end. Not that that's an excuse."

"And Ana? Well...come to think of it, she's also troubled. You like going for troubled women, right? Particularly women who have had bad male influences and relationships in their lives. Viola got fucked over by a lot of her family, Zara was forced to look after the children of her deceased fiancee under the eye of a serial killer, and Ana has actually had similar situations to both of those. Actually, that's a point..."

He looked over to Levi.

"Her first relationship, she was tossed aside because she can' have kids. Her relationship with both her brothers has been strained, and her father even more so. The first positive relationship she had after was terrorised by the same serial killer and then looked down on by her father. And then there's you...the only person in a long time willing to stand by her no matter what, work yourself to the bone and push yourself to make her happy. It's almost like she pulls the trigger purposely to ensure she's not the one left behind or hurt at the end of it, regardless of how good the other person is." He sighed. "The we talk about it, the more I don't think she was miserable at all...I think she's afraid of getting attached."

"Do you think that's why she wants a baby so badly? No matter what she ever does, that child can't have a different biological mother, it can't deny that...perhaps in her logic, she wants something that she is certain won't leave her in the end. Merlin, if she was just more patient...she really needs help."
 #37788  by Levi Persky
“I suppose...” said Levi slowly. “I just wish she had a little more faith in me.” He then added, “I don’t go after broken women you know? They go after me. Zara and Viola both pursued me quite heavily. Ana was the only one that I think I sort of went after. Ironically I thought I was finally finally finding someone sensible, low maintenance, on the same page as me... I guess you just never know.”

With a sigh then Levi rose to his feet and said, “Thank you for talking to me, but I should go. I have intruded enough on your evening for one night.”
 #37790  by Levi Persky
“Tempting offer,” said Levi, “ and that is very kind of you. But I think I need to be alone with my thoughts for a wile now.It’s for the best.”

It truely was a kind offer from Kyle. The only other person Levi knew that would offer him a place was Hugh.

He turned then and headed for the door.