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 #37758  by Nikau Harrison
Location: Harrison family home • Date: December 25, 2003
Time of Day: Mid-morning • Weather: Cold and grey

Nikau had had trouble sleeping. It was a good job he didn't have to go into work today, because he had no intention of doing much of anything at all, except for spending the day with Huia. He'd gotten up early-ish, and made himself a pot of coffee, waiting for his teenager to wake up. It was funny how, only a few years ago, it had been he who wanted to sleep in, while his little kid was bouncing everywhere, loudly yelling about Christmas. It felt like yesterday. And now, he was the one waiting for her. Teenagers sure slept a lot.

Nikau was on his second cup of coffee by now, and he'd added a finger of Bailey's to it for good measure. He sat on the couch, looking at their tree, which was really not shabby at all, if he did say so himself. In the kitchen, the milk, eggs, butter, flour, vanilla and sugar were mixing themselves together, ready for whenever Huia would come down. He would surprise her with crepes.

He had debated whether to tell her his bit of news today, but had decided against it. It was Christmas, after all, and not a time for serious discussions. It was a time for presents, for spending time with Huia, and for spoiling her. He surely wasn't going to make it about him.
 #37848  by Huia Harrison
When Huia woke up, she was about to roll over and go back to sleep, like she usually did in the mornings, before remembering that this morning was slightly different. It was Christmas! Huia was too old now to want to get up at the crack of dawn, but she wasn't old enough to not care about the excitement of Christmas.

Not bothering to brush her hair or even look at herself in the mirror, she put on a dressing gown and slippers and headed downstairs to find her Dad.

"Morning," Huia grinned.
 #37850  by Nikau Harrison
'Merry Christmas!' Nikau called out as his scruffy-looking kid came down the stairs. He beamed at her, and scrambled to get himself in a more upright position. After a sip of coffee his ideas were all over the place and there were so many things he wanted to say. It was just such a joy to spend Christmas with Huia, even if her mother wasn't around to spend it with them. At least she'd be picking Huia up for New Year's, that was some small comfort for her, he thought. And he could get completely wasted with Rian.

'Did you want to eat breakfast first, or did you want to do presents before?'
 #38842  by Huia Harrison
"Merry Christmas," Huia smiled at her Dad, and she perched on the end of the couch. As much as she did miss her mum, she was starting to get used to it only being her and her dad at home, just the two of them.

"Uhm, presents first please," she said immediately, without having to give it much thought at all. As much as she wasn't a little kid anymore who got up all eager and excited at six in the morning, she still hadn't fully lost the Christmas morning feeling.
 #38916  by Nikau Harrison
'Right,' Nikau said, yet again fidgetting on the couch, so as to be in a gift-giving position. 'You'll be getting your gifts from your mum when you see her for New Year's Eve, she said, so there's more of those, don't worry,' he smiled. Huia had never been one of those bratty kids who demanded a million presents, but she was his kid, and he just wanted to spoil her. Tonight he was even going to wear that floral print shirt she had made him buy a few days ago.

He grabbed a wide, short box wrapped in reindeer-patterned paper, and handed it to his daughter. The light box contained the red velour Adidas jacket Huia had chosen when they were out shopping, the other day. She was expecting this one, of course, but still, he knew she was going to be happy.