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 #37746  by Finnian Rogers
Location: Knockturn Alley, Borgin & Burkes • Date: April 2nd, 2004

Finn Rogers was tired, mildly hungover, feeling light-headed, and about half way through his afternoon shift. At the moment he wanted to be anywhere but here, and his main motivation for staying was the money he would be earning, and what he could potentially do with it when he got paid.

The shop was empty, for now, and Finnian was sat on a stool, sorting through a box of trinkets, trying to spot anything that might be worth something, all while having to keep his wits about him and not accidentally get cursed. Not the ideal job for someone who ideally needed to be sleeping, as he was functioning on about three hours of broken sleep and a lot of caffeine.

At least he hadn't been rushed off his feet today, and hadn't had to provide any happy smiley customer service. And luckily he was trusted to man the shop alone for a while, so less people to notice the bags under his eyes. Silver lining, and all that.
 #37747  by Yuliana Petrovna
It was unusual for Yuliana to be out alone, now. Apparently Astrid liked her performers to be well-guarded and looked after; if they were going to die, Astrid had to make the entertainment profits from it, clearly. The entire notion was morbid in itself. But this was a rare occasion where Yulia was able to peruse the offerings at her own leisure, and what better place to see something undefined and unique than Borgin & Burkes.

That, and she starting to get a taste for some unorthodox substances that Astrid liked to limit.

Stepping in, she began to look around, curious at the items. A hand in a jar, a toothed book, a spiral of vines on the shelves, dust collecting on a large display cabinet of dreary-looking potions. She leaned down, taking a closer look at the jars.

"Do you have any Glassed Euphoria?" She spoke absently, having barely noticed the man at the stool.
 #37753  by Finnian Rogers
Finn let out the tiniest sigh when someone entered the shop, as he now had to act as if he was a regular functioning human being. The girl wasn't bad to look at, though, at the very least.

"You won't find it in any of those jars," Finn smirked. Of course he had Glassed Euphoria, but he couldn't go giving it away to anyone who walked in the door - he couldn't rule out the fact that she could be an undercover Auror, and he did not want his little side business to suffer.
 #37754  by Yuliana Petrovna
Yuliana furrowed her brows, and then stood back up, glancing around the shop, looking for a sign or something to lead her in the right direction.

"No?" She spoke back, pursing her lips after in thought before turning to him. "Zhen vhere can I find some?" She spoke, her thick Russian accent seeping into her words.
 #37802  by Finnian Rogers
"Depends," Finnian said, pondering over it.

"What do you need it for? Personal use?" Very direct, but then he was tired. And he didn't like to beat around the bush anyway - selling stuff was something he had done ever since his Hogwarts years, though back then it was more about the performance enhancement exam potions, or fake liquid luck.
 #37893  by Yuliana Petrovna
Yulia lifted a brow, looking him over. He was blunt, that was for sure.But then again, she didn't particularly like the whole cat and mouse game, or playing coy when there was no discernible reason.

"Da, personal use." She lifted her chin. "And maybe some for friends I vork vith..."
 #37958  by Finnian Rogers
Finnian nodded. She didn't look like an Auror, if he was being honest with himself. And it's not like the shop was crawling with customers, this was the most interesting thing that had happened all shift, so he didn't tell her to leave.

"Where do you work?" He asked.
 #37959  by Yuliana Petrovna
"Vaska" She replied simply, stepping toward the counter with peaked interest.

"I am a performer zhere. Have you been? Is very expensive, but enjoyable." She explained, reaching the counter and leaning against it, knowing very well how the position emphasised some of her assets.
 #38323  by Finnian Rogers
Her stepping closer also seemed to awaken Finn out of his hungover daze a little more, and take some interest.

"Vaska," he repeated, "I know it." He knew it well, he had sold there a few times, and had several nights there that he ended up not remembering.

"I don't think I've seen you perform though, perhaps I need to visit again."