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 #37567  by Vera Hadley
Vera joined the other woman on the ground. "It's not broken, love," she reassured the little boy. "It came in pieces and we need to build it. Like one of your puzzles," she ran a hand through the boy's hair.

She looked at her wife and then her best friend. This was the type of conversation she hated to have in front of Emerson. The woman would undoubtedly insert herself in the conversation and turn it into chaos. Vera pursed her lips and placed her hands on her knees. "Well, I mostly meant when cleaning up after Louis. I don't want him to think magic can fix all his messes and I don't want him to think he doesn't have the responsibility to clean up after himself until he learns magic." She looked at Emerson with a raised eyebrow.
 #37568  by Emerson Toscano
Emerson remained silent for a few seconds. "Oh, are you waiting for me to disagree?" She goaded the blonde. She grinned as she witnessed Vera losing her composure.

"Actually," she finally stated, "Vera's right. You have to make them clean after themselves." Avoiding Evelyn's eyes she pretended to focus on the bicycle parts.
 #37585  by Evelyn Winters
Spinning the wheel her son held in her hands, Evelyn narrowed her gaze at Vera ready to reply when Emerson spoke and immediately Evelyn turned to glare at her best friend. Emerson was supposed to be on her side. Always!

"He does clean up after himself. Don't you Louis?" She looked down at her son, avoiding both her wife and Emerson's gaze. Louis was only four, and while she was fairly certain he knew how to clean up after himself, doing it by herself was just much more faster.

Reaching for what she assumed to be the middle part of the bike, she took the wheel from Louis and slipped it into the front part of the triangle shape.

"Louis, pass Mama that bolt there, s'il te plait."
 #37602  by Louis Hadley
"I'm a big boy. Big boys clean up their messes," he parroted a sentence Vera had told him.

As instructed, Louis took the bolt and gave it to his mother. He then proceeded to put the other bolts around his fingers like rings. He chuckled as he showed his mother the heavy jewelry.
 #37668  by Evelyn Winters
"Oh look at that," Evelyn commented on Louis' latest accessories, though she only looked at the boys hand for a few seconds before moving back to the bike she was trying to build. So far she had what she assumed to be the middle part of the balance bike and the front wheel attached. To her left there was still a good eight to nine pieces left over. If she looked at the picture on the box though, the bike looked to be only made of three pieces max. She frowned and without looking at Vera, she pulled her wand from her back pocket and pointed it at the pile.

Muttering two words and snapping her wrist, the pile shook and then began to move. Pieces seemed to come together like magnets and the bolts on Louis' fingers twisted up and off the tiny appendages, securing the bike together. Within less than ten seconds, the bike she had been struggling to put together most of the morning was complete, though once the last piece attached itself to the handle bars (a blue bell that had gold stars painted all over it), it shook and then fell to one side, unable to stand by itself without someone sitting on it, legs spread on either side.

Still avoiding Vera's gaze, she looked down at Louis, "There. All done."
 #37689  by Louis Hadley
Louis's eyes widened as the bolts left his fingers and assembled around his bicycle. She clapped his hands once his mother affirmed that the bicycle was ready.

"Can I try?" He twisted his neck awkwardly to look at Evelyn.
 #37691  by Vera Hadley
Vera smiled knowingly as her wife resorted to magic to build the bicycle.

She shrugged as their son asked if he could try his bicycle. Now that the surprise had been ruined she didn't see why he couldn't try it.
 #37878  by Evelyn Winters
Looking at Vera, more than a little disappointed that the surprise had been ruined, Evelyn pursed her lips and then began to stand, pulling Louis to her feet as she went.

"Come on then," She said to him, reaching down for the bike and then pulling it into the hallway. Waiting until Louis was beside her, she helped him lift one leg over the side of it and then adjusted his feet on either side so that he sat astride the balance bike. "Put your hands here," Evelyn indicated, tapping the handles. When Louis was sitting properly with a good grip, she stepped backwards slightly, leaving a hand behind his back just in case.

"Now walk slowly."
 #37898  by Louis Hadley
Feeling unbalanced the little boy looked up at his mothers. Their reassuring smiles granting him confidence, he started walking slowly as instructed.

He then places his small feet on the pedals and pushed as hard as he could.
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