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 #37570  by Nikau Harrison
It was just as well that the Healer didn't seem to want to press the issue any further. What could he possibly have to say? By now, this woman knew more about his personal life than anyone else, or so it felt like. Sure, he'd lost heaps of blood, but he needed to stop talking. There was no reason to run his mouth. And anyway, the sting of his injury was there to remind him there was something else to think about. Pain.

He drank the potion she'd handed him. Stupidly, he'd forgotten about it.

'I have a daughter too,' he said. As always when talking about Huia, a large smile took over his features, and he just beamed. 'She's in Hogwarts. Huia. She's fourteen. Best kid ever. How about yours?'
 #37573  by Elaine Howell
Elaine smiled warmly as she carried on filling the vials. As soon as he'd drunk the other potion, she held out another vial. "This is to treat your nerves, I want you to take one now." Her mind drifted towards Adelaide - in fact, she was one of the reasons Elaine had been in a bad mood today. That wasn't enough to cloud her overall view of her daughter though. "I'd have to say mine's the best kid ever," she chuckled. "Adelaide is 13 in a couple of days - but going on 30 most of the time."

She poured another potion and left it at the end of the tray for when Nikau was ready. This one was the blood-replenishing potion. She'd finished bottling up the rest of the vials and was now carefully placing them onto a tray, ready for him to take home.
 #37574  by Nikau Harrison
My nerves?' Nikau frowned. 'I'm not str- oh. Right.' Without complaining any further, the Auror did as told. How many potions was he going to have to take? This was a serious injury, to be sure, but as far as Aurors were concerned, it was barely a scratch, and he didn't want a fuss over it.

'Yeah, nah, I'll have to disagee. Mine's the best.' He grinned. 'She adapted super well when my ex and I got divorced. She's brilliant, she's kind...' Nikau heard himself prattling on, and didn't feel rambling about his daughter was all that much better than oversharing about his love life. 'Anything you can give me to stop me running my mouth so much, Doc? I don't normally talk this much.'
 #37576  by Elaine Howell
Elaine watched him as he talked about his daughter. He was clearly a devoted father and she admired that about him. Hers was... what was the word? A prat.

The blonde chuckled. "In fact, I have got something to help with that." She held up the piece of parchment she'd been scribbling on as he talked. "A discharge note. You're all done! I'll get you to take this final potion for today, and the rest here are for you to take with you. It seems like a lot, but it's just so you can get straight back to work. The alternative is bedrest, and I didn't think you'd want me to prescribe that." She gave him a wink. Elaine saw enough aurors to know that most of them were the same, and it was often easier this way.
 #37577  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau let out a satisfied grunt when the Healer said she was discharging him, but nonetheless looked up at her, still slightly worried. 'But you're quite sure I won't be, uh, opening up to strangers?' That was quite decidedly not what he wanted.

He grabbed the final potion, and downed that too. 'Sounds good to me, bro. Bedrest isn't really my type of thing.' He'd make a piss poor Auror if he wanted to stay in bed. 'When do I take the potions again?'

He got up decisevely, quickly, though immediately regretted it. He felt woozy. Ah well. He wasn't going to tell the Healer: that would just be begging to stay in St Mungo's for longer than he wanted. Nah. He was going to find a bar, and do something wild. Tonight felt like a good evening for rash decisions.
 #37578  by Elaine Howell
Elaine raised an eyebrow as he stood quickly, waiting to see him waiver. "You okay?" she checked, not that she was expecting him to say otherwise. "Potions once every morning until you're done - do not stop taking them just because you feel better," she warned. "You need them."

She handed them to him, along with the discharge note. "Make sure you come back if there's any problems."
 #37581  by Nikau Harrison
'Chur, cuz,' Nikau replied. He didn't feel unwell enough that he needed to stay here any longer, he was certain of it. If he had, and if he'd been dizzier than this, he would not be stupid. He needed to set the example for his Aurors, after all. He didn't want them to take stupid risks. But he was well. Well enough to leave here, at any rate. Surely.

'Yes, I'll do that. Cheers. I hope you have a pleasant evening,' Nikau nodded, making a bag appear, into which he stuffed the vials. Having done that, he disapparated back home. No use going cruising wearing a bloody t-shirt...
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