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 #36516  by Nikau Harrison
Location: The Harrison home • Date: December 22, 2003
Time of Day: Morning • Weather: Cold

Nikau was in an exceptional mood. Today was the first real day of the winter holidays, and he had taken the week between Christmas and the New Year off to be with his daughter. The Auror had gone to pick her up at King's Cross the previous day, and then he'd taken the Gryffindor student to the movies and to a restaurant. It had been great, and the holidays would be great.

This morning, in high spirits, Nikau had gotten up earlier than Huia, and, whistling Seven Nation Army, was making breakfast for his kid, which consisted of eggs, bacon, toast, tomatoes and beans, as close to a full English breakfast as he was likely to get.
 #36519  by Huia Harrison
As much as Huia loved being at Hogwarts, the time leading up to Christmas very much dragged - the days were shorter and colder, and everyone was tired, fed up and needed a break. So she was pleased to be home, and very happy to be able to sleep in, in her own bed in her own room, without her roommates there.

Though now, it was her Dad that woke her up instead. Not that she really minded, it was the first day of the holidays, she was actually pleased to see him.

Wearing her red and white polka dotted pyjamas, she wandered out of her room, still rubbing her eyes, and went to find her dad in the kitchen.

"Your clattering around the kitchen and whistling woke me up," Huia said, though she did have a small smile on her face. "Ooh, food," the teenager was then immediately distracted, and looked to see what he was cooking.
 #36548  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau beamed at his daughter when she showed up with her pyjamas and sleepy expression. 'And kia ora to you too, dear! Since when do you mind my whistling?' He asked cheerfully. 'Knew an offering of food would appease you!'

The Auror grabbed a plate from the cupboard and started shoveling some food into it. 'Just regular food. I imagine your cooks at Hogwarts make this every day, but it's not made with love like your dad does it,' he said as he brought the plate to Huia's place on the kitchen island. 'Pour us a glass of juice, honey?'
 #36554  by Huia Harrison
"It smells good," Huia said - her father was right, she could usually be appeased with food of some kind.

She grabbed two glasses to pour some apple juice for both of them. "I wish I was old enough to use magic outside of school already, then I wouldn't have to do any of this stuff myself anymore. Could just do it with my wand," Huia grinned.

Not that her magic was refined enough to do that without pouring juice all over the table, but that was beside the point.
 #36590  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau started filling his own plate with food, certainly a more generous helping of it, and grabbed two forks from the drawer. He knew of single fathers where the children had to take responsibilities beyond their age because the father was an overgrown child who didn't take care of anything, knew of fathers who thought takeout every night was an ideal way to raise a child, and he felt satisfied that he wasn't like that. He'd not been around as much as he would have liked before the divorce, sure, but he was more put together than many people he knew, his age or otherwise, and he hoped to transmit it to his daughter.

As it was, the teenager didn't complain about things like pouring juice, and hopefully she wouldn't complain too much about doing the dishes with him. Sure, it could be done by magic, but there was father-daughter bonding to be had in boring chores as well.

'Not much longer now, eh? Doesn't hurt to learn to do things by hand first, though, pet.' He shoveled a forkful of scrambled eggs into his mouth, washing it down with the apple juice. 'Sleep well?'

He scooped up some beans onto his toast, and took a bite out of that. His appetite in the morning was ravenous. 'I know you didn't want to talk about it last night, but how's school been treating you?' Nikau wrote Huia every week, and she replied most of the time, but he still missed his kid when she wasn't there, and he was still greedy for any detail she wanted to spare. 'Did, uh, Daisy, no, not Daisy. Oh, bugger, you know who I'm talking about. Anyway, that girl in your dorm, did she end up getting with the Ravenclaw boy, then?' Huia seemed to have an endless amount of friends and acquaintances, and even with the best intentions of the universe, her dad found it hard to keep track. But he was always interested.
 #36599  by Huia Harrison
"Yeah I did, it was nice to be back in my own bed," Huia said, as she began to eat her breakfast. She did love her room at Hogwarts, she loved that her best friends were all there, and the bed was comfortable, but it still didn't beat being at home.

"Oh, Maisie," Huia said, "no, she didn't. He was too immature for her," she added, with the all-knowing wisdom about boys and relationships that only a fourteen-year-old can have.

"Most of the boys in my year are really immature, actually," Huia said.
 #36600  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau nodded with interest, filling up simultaneously on Hogwarts gossip and bacon, and gave out a chuckle when Huia delivered her resounding judgement on all teenage boys.

'That I don't doubt,' her father said. 'Boys often take longer to be mature than girls.' Merlin knew he had. He'd gotten up to all sorts when he was younger, back in Auckland. Heaps of trouble, but also heaps of fun. Soooo immature, the girls in his grade had often called them, shaking their heads. 'That's why a lot of girls go for guys who are a bit older, give them time to get themselves together more. How about you, Huia? Anyone in your sights?'
 #37004  by Huia Harrison
"Yeah, we can definitely tell," Huia said, thinking about how boys didn't mature as quickly as girls did. It was beyond obvious. All of the boys in her year still acted the way they did in first year.

"No, I don't have anyone," Huia said, still eating, "but maybe I should be looking in the year above," she joked.
 #37086  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau grinned at his daughter. Girls certainly were something, weren't they? He wanted to shake his head in amusement, but refrained for fear of Huia thinking he wasn't taking her opinions seriously. He was. But it was still funny to him.

'Maybe an older boy will be more on your level,' he shrugged. 'Just don't do like your mother and date younger guys, it doesn't work out,' he joked. There was only a year between him and his ex, but maybe it was valid advice. Don't go for gay men certainly was good advice.

'You don't even have to worry about boys, you know. It's alright if you want to date a girl. It's also alright if you don't want to date anyone,' the Auror said, the wisdom of his words slightly drowned out by the fact he had egg yolk in his beard. 'Do you want some more bacon?'
 #37159  by Huia Harrison
"I'm definitely not dating anyone in first or second year, that would be gross," Huia said, looking disgusted, as she sipped her juice. They were still total babies. The first years were about half her height.

She nodded, listening to her dad as she ate her breakfast. "Yeah, I'll see what happens." Huia shrugged.

"Sure," she said to more bacon, "oh, and you've got egg in your beard," Huia grinned.
 #37190  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau nodded in agreement. He wasn't exactly sure what kind of guy was his type, not yet, but he was fairly certain he wasn't interested in guys a lot younger than him. Sounded like trouble. And drama. And those were the last things he wanted in his life. Not now, not ever. It felt to him like his divorce was the most drama he ever wanted in his life, and that hadn't even been too traumatic, not even for Huia, he thought.

Nikau got up, and walked towards the stove, grabbed the pan, and threw a couple more slices of bacon on his daughter's plate, and a generous helping into his.

'Bugger,' he muttered, trying to get the egg out. 'So, no more awkward talk. What do you want to do today? Did you want to go shopping?' Shopping had never been an activity he enjoyed at all. When he was married, he let his wife do it for him, and was just as glad. Nowadays he preferred to wear those clothes, but when he had to buy something new, he just winged it. Everything paired well with jeans, didn't it? Since having custody of his kid, though, Nikau had learned that it was an essential part of teenage life, and he accepted it with grace, not even begrundgingly. 'Christmas gifts, something to wear at Christmas?' He'd be a fool to refuse any activity that made him spend time with his daughter.
 #37331  by Huia Harrison
"Yes, shopping sounds good," Huia said, pleased that her dad had actually suggested this first. Her theory was that he was more likely to spend money on her at the beginning of the holiday when they hadn't seen each other for a while, and it would also give her a good opportunity to drop some not-so-subtle hints about what she'd like for Christmas.

"I'm so sick of wearing my school uniform all the time, glad I don't have to put that on for another two weeks," Huia was getting more and more interested in what she wore, which a few years ago she had no interest in. "I don't know what I want to wear at Christmas yet."
 #37420  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau smiled, then shoveled the last of his food into his mouth. He was used to eating alone, and didn't really draw out the experience. Sure, he might like good food, but he ate for nourrishment, and he needed to be efficient. Unfortunately that did translate as not being a pleasant view.

'I know what you mean, I don't like wearing suits either,' he said. Of course, he didn't ever have to wear suits, not unless he was on a date, and then that was a matter of preference, really, but all the same, he didn't like it. 'Much rather be wearing something comfortable. Do you want to buy actual clothes, or more like a pyjama?'

Nikau got up, and went to put his plate and utensils in the sink. He rinsed them out in silence, then turned back to Huia. 'If you help me with the dishes, we can be at the stores in an hour. Do you think we can manage that?' The father asked with a wink.
 #37425  by Huia Harrison
"Okay yeah sure," Huia grinned and she immediately jumped up and grabbed the towel. She always had preferred drying up to the actual washing up, so that she didn't have to touch any of the gross leftover food bits.

"I think something comfortable, yeah, maybe not quite pyjamas though. More like nice loungewear, do you know what I mean?"

Huia didn't have much faith that her Dad would understand fashion, but as long as they could still go shopping, it didn't really matter.
 #37436  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau waved his wand, and all the dishes made their way to the sink. Seeing his teenager daughter pick up the dish towel without any complaining whatsoever just warmed his heart. He had colleagues with teenagers, and when Huia had been younger, it had felt like puberty turned children into monsters, and he'd been apprehensive about it. But Huia was amazing. He'd just gotten lucky.

'Uhm, yeah, sure as.' He didn't know what she meant. 'If you wanted to help me, I wouldn't mind getting a new shirt.' It had been so, so much easier when his ex bought his clothes for him.