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 #36443  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: Their hotel room • Date: February 15, 2004
Time of Day: 4.00 AM • Weather: Night timey

Well, that had been a fun party. Dino was completely hammered, and he had a feeling he was going to be so, so, so hungover when he properly woke up. Hopefully he'd make it back to Fiji in one piece.

He hadn't done anything embarrassing, not by his standards. Admittedly they might be low, but still. And his friends hadn't said anything too compromising, maybe because of how much Dino had insisted that they were bros, and that Dorian really loved the ladies.

Still singing an old hit from Wyvern of Wye that had been playing as they left the party, Dino brushed his teeth. Back in their hotel room, he'd stripped down to his boxers, unashamed, and was preparing for bed, finally. He'd set up his overnight bag on one of the beds, trying not to think about how close to Dorian he would be sleeping. Different beds, sure, but same room.

Ach. Best not dwell on that. He was drunk, but not that drunk.
 #36475  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian glanced over his shoulder at his friend and hotel roommate as he came from the bathroom. Dino'd had more to drink than him, so it didn't bother Dorian to have a tiny look at the other in his boxers. He was good looking, but there had been so many times when he'd ignored Dorian's hints and tiny advances, so there was nothing to assume but that Dino was straight. Dino had assumed the same about him.

And that was fine. They were starting to be great friends anyway.

"Interesting party," he commented, unbuttoning his shirt to get ready for bed. "I didn't know you were so popular." Dorian swore there were a hundred people in that room for that shindig. "I know it wasn't for you, but I think you knew almost everyone. Mister Popularity over here." It was a joke, but he was also a little serious.
 #36491  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino patted his stomach contentedly as he strolled through the room, still brushing his teeth. He went to spit as Dorian spoke, and emerged from the bathroom, beaming at his friend.

'I'm not popular,' he said. 'Those are mostly people I went to Hogwarts with. Ach, sure, some of them are friends, but I don't even know the birthday girl that much. Cris, Reese, and some of the others, those were my really close friends back then,' he said. And he was so, so glad that they'd managed to hold their tongues, too. He had really insisted on the bro thing, though, and on Dorian's prowess with the ladies. Orla had given him a suspicious look at one point, but he'd simply grinned and completely ignored her.

'I was really glad ya were there, though, my friend. Glad to introduce ya to my other friends.' Why that was so important, Dino wouldn't say, but it really was. He clapped his friend on the back, as he had done earlier, and once again his hand lingered, though now the guy was shirtless. Damn it, Dorian was hot. How bad of an idea was it that they were going to sleep in the same room? And why did he only ever fall for guys he couldn't possibly have?
 #36508  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian turned his head and locked eyes with Dino for a moment, perhaps enjoying the other's hand lingering on his shoulder a little too much. It was getting hard to keep his sexaulity a secret when it came to his friend; he felt compelled to be near him more often than not. And he had enjoyed seeing him around his friend too.

"Still, it was nice to see you surrounded by people you know and like. You're funny when you're drinking," he said, noting the bit at the end. They'd been drinking since they met, and drinking made them more... playful, Dorian thought. What a weird thing to think about your friend. Perhaps your friend who you were feeling something more than friendship for. Your straight friend who you were feeling more than friendship for. Ugh.

He gathered his things and shoved them back into his duffel bag, bending down to put the bag on the floor at the foot of his bed. As he put it down, a balled up pair of socks rolled out of it and he reached to grab it and put it back. He was quick after that to stand up. "That was exhausting for me though. I'm ready for a good night's sleep," he said, getting undressed down to his boxers and turning down his sheets. He loved hotel bedding. It was always crisp and tucked in nicely.
 #36537  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino reasoned with himself. A shirtless Dorian here was the same thing as Dorian wearing swimming trunks back in Fiji. Shouldn't get him so worked up, now, should it? But even in Fiji he was always always forcing himself to avert his gaze, wasn't he? The hell, Dino? Why couldn't he just behave normally? How Dorian had never noticed Dino's stares, he would never know, but now that they were in close quarters, it was especially painful.

He grinned at his friend. 'I'm funny all the time, big lad, hadn't ya noticed?' He clapped Dorian on the shoulder, and finally, if a bit regretfully, took his hand off the man's shoulder. He was a bit close for comfort, maybe closer than strict bros should be, and he was about to back off when Dorian bent over.

And then of course Dino could do nothing else but stare, hypnotized, at what was on offering before him. A million thoughts raced to his mind, none of them appropriate for the straight bros they clearly both were. Or at least the straight bro Dino was impersonating. He could just imagine his hands on... Whoa, alright.

Immediately he rushed over to his bed before Dorian could turn around, and got under his covers, settling on his side, back towards Dorian.

'Yeah, a good night's sleep,' came Dino's voice, a bit more high-pitched than usual.
 #36565  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian slipped into the crisp, white sheets and pulled them to rest around his middle. Something about hotel beds made him feel so relaxed, even when he was sleeping just a few feet from this man that he felt so much attraction to since the day they'd met on that beach. It was such a hard feeling to ignore, even as he reached up and turned off the light above him, shrouding the whole room in darkness, except for the little sliver of light coming from between the curtains.

That little sliver of light allowed him to just barely see the back of Dino's head as he lay there, pretending to try and fall asleep. Being the other's friend was getting to be more and more difficult, the more he learned about him. Tonight had been no exception and left him wishing for things he knew he wasn't going to get.

He let out a sigh and turned his head straight, resting it on the pillow and finally closing his eyes. Sleep took its time, but eventually paid him a visit.
 #36587  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino was irritated with himself. Honestly? It was just one small night in a hotel room, and he couldn't get through it? It was the first time his body betrayed him this badly, at least since the time they'd gone skinny dipping at night, but then it had already been dark. So much for subtlety, really, but Dorian, if he had noticed anything at all, made no comment whatsoever, and Dino was grateful for it. It took a while, and the sweet old lady from the underground earlier made an appearance in his thoughts, but eventually he was able to fall asleep, stress alleviated.

It wasn't an hour before his bladder had the better of him, and, groaning, he got up to use the bathroom. He relieved himself, washed his hands, and staggered drunkenly back to the first bed his shins met, collapsing on it with another groan. He moved his arm from under himself, intent on lying there spread-eagle, but it found an obstacle in its way. Dorian.

'Shit. Wrong bed,' he grunted loudly, though he didn't move. He was too tired, his limbs were too heavy to move anymore, and also he was super drunk.

He lay there in the darkness for a while, arm around Dorian's midriff as though he'd planned it, and wondered what the hell was happening. Dorian's skin was warm under his arm, and he yearned to get closer, to see how warm the lad actually was, but refrained. Of course. He'd just have to have beautiful dreams. Eyes still open, he contemplated the outline of the headboard. This was really quite a peculiar situation to be in.
 #36597  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian was dreaming about his beloved boat and those crystal clear waters he so loved in the South Pacific, particularly Fiji. Particularly his favorite island in Fiji. Just perfectly warm waters lapping up the sides of his little boat, listening to seagulls steal fish from each other and the small creak sound that the ropes made in the little waves. Paradise.

The peace was suddenly replaced with turbulence that Dorian realized was a real sensation and not a dreamed one. His eyes opened just a little and he realized that Dino was literally in bed next to him. Dorian's lungs forgot how to breathe and he had to force them to stay moving at their normal rate when his heart was racing. Especially once his drunk, straight friend's arm ended up around him.

Dino was making a mistake. It was clearly not his bed and Dorian was clearly not a woman. The other was so close to him though. He could feel the heat coming off of Dino's body and Dorian weighed his options. He could either freak out like a normal straight person would, or he could just lay there and enjoy the other wanting to be so close and pretend he hadn't realized it till morning.

Yeah, he was going with that second one.
 #36598  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dorian was clearly awake; even an elephant would have awoken after Dino's racket. But he didn't move, didn't say anything. Didn't push him off. Dorian was just warm, and his skin felt so pleasant under his arm. It was so hard to resist being even closer to him, but imposing himself felt wrong. You didn't just feel up a straight bro, did you?

Dino rolled onto his side, and it had the effect of making his hand brush up against the cartographer's stomach. It was flat, and the skin was so unbearably warm, but how much closer could he get without it being a problem? Dino was drunker than was ideal for good decision-making, but not that drunk that he didn't have a good idea to placate himself.

'Yer such a great mate, ya know, big lad,' he mumbled, moving his head closer to Dorian. He gave the man a light kiss on the shoulder, and rested his head near there. Bros totally did that.
 #36605  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian was holding his breath, listening to the sounds of the room. The only real sound was that of their window unit clicking off and his friend rolling over, getting closer. And then it was silent. Except for Dino's little whispered words that made Dorian's heart beat faster when combined with that tiny little press of soft lips against his shoulder.

He didn't have a choice now. He had to admit things to Dino before Dino was grossed out that he'd spent the night hugging a gay man whilst drunk with no inhibitions. He let himself enjoy a moment more of the close sensation before he built up enough courage to ruin the friendship they'd built.

"Dino? You need to stop. You don't want to make a mistake." He paused and rolled over so that he could see the other's eyes. "I need to tell you something and I'm just going to come right out and say it." He took a deep breath. "I like the way your arm feels around me like that. And I like when you whisper so low that only I can hear. I... like men."

He froze, waiting for something. Anything.
 #36606  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino's entire body tensed and froze as Dorian spoke, and he rolled away from his friend and onto his back at about the speed of light. Shit. Shit, shit, shit, he'd gone too far. He should have known. Did straight bros kiss their friends' shoulders? They probably didn't. How the hell would Dino know? He hadn't tried to impersonate a straight guy since his school years, and he was absolutely terrible at hiding his interest towards guys. And now he'd gone and ruined all of it. Shit.

'Jesus wept, I'm sorry, Dorian, I'm drunk out of my head,' he tried to justify. 'Don't know what I was thinkin', but ya don't need to worry. I don't, uh...' Dino trailed off, as Dorian continued to speak. He was preparing himself to come up with a defense for his actions, and wasn't this all so funny? But the Greek man didn't say what Dino was expecting.

'Ya what?' The oceanographer asked in shock. 'Ya knew all along, and ya let me be a naff fool?' Dino stared at his friend in disbelief. 'Ya like men?'
 #36607  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian had a hard time figuring out if Dino was angry with him or if he wasn't. He'd tried to defend his actions and then he seemed offended that Dooorian hadn't mentioned that he was awake the whole time, and then he seemed... sort of upset that Dorian prefered men over women. He hoped that the other man had a reaction other than anger.

"Naí," he replied, swallowing and remembering that Dino was not Greek. "Yes. I like men. Meaning, I prefer the romantic company of men, yes. So when you lie so close like that... It's difficult too... ah. To not be... attracted to you in a way that you may not be so keen about." Was that an apology under all of those strung together words? Or just an admission of attraction to his friend? Hard to tell. Definitely not a thing that bros did.
 #36608  by Dino O'Sullivan
'I know what bein' gay means,' Dino replied tensely. He knew it better than most, actually. Had a reaaaaally decent idea of what it meant, and everything it implied. 'I'm familiar with the concept. But like is this news to ya? Like recently figured it out, or? Ya didn't tell me?' He'd be a hypocrite to be offended by it, obviously, but something like outrage blossomed within him. How had he not known? And why had Dorian known and said nothing all along?

Something did sommersaults in Dino's stomach when Dorian said something about feeling attraction towards him. His mind fell blank.

'Ya... yer attracted to... me?'
 #36656  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian was quiet for a moment before he took a deep breath. "I don't just go around telling everyone that I meet that I'm into men. There are a lot of people out there that wouldn't be okay with that and I don't know who they are. I like my job and my way of life. I love discovering the unknown but not to the point where it would put me in danger."

He didn't like the way this was turning out. Was he about to have his ass kicked? He swallowed hard and scooted over in the bed- further away from Dino. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. Everyone knows you don't say those things to a straight guy," he said, scooting a little further, ready to pack his bag and get out of there. Back to Fiji. Back to being alone.
 #36658  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dorian's anxiety was making Dino nervous in turn. He sat up, and looked at the other man, though the obscurity was precluding him from seeing the cartographer. 'There's a lot of people who are fine with it too! I am,' Dino blurted out. Why wasn't he saying the words he knew he should? The other man's stress was beginning to tie his stomach into knots.

'Lumos,' he mumbled, and then finally saw his friend. His expression matched his tone, and Dino reached out to grab his arm, to prevent him from getting up. Even with all this nervous energy, being half naked in bed with Dorian and reaching for his arm was still a nice feeling.

He felt absolutely stupid. Of course Dorian thought he was a straight guy. Wasn't that what he'd pretended to be all along, just not to lose his chance at being friends? Stupid. He was so ridiculously stupid. This was all on him, wasn't it?

'Dorian, wait,' he said, scooting forward. 'I, uh, I wanted to be yer friend. I didn't want ya to think that I was, well... I didn't think that ya were, so I was just... It was stupid, I know.' Dino didn't know where to look. He felt ridiculous. His grip on Dorian tightened, and he moved even closer, urgency rising in his voice. 'Don't go,' he pleaded. 'I'm gay. I just didn't want to lose ya so ya couldn't know how badly I...'

Dino never usually had an issue coming on to a guy. All of it was breezy and fun. But then again there had never before been feelings involved. He fiddled with his tongue stud for a moment.

'I, uh, I never imagined for one second that ya would possibly... My radar's banjaxed, so it is...'