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 #36407  by Nola Fitzralph
Nola had just finished asking what she asked in time to catch the tail-end of Margarita's words to Francis. She wrinkled her nose at the Gryffindor alumna's rumbustiousness as she came slinging her arm around Oliver's shoulders. Nola exchanged a look with Oliver in which she tried—and failed—to resist rolling her eyes.

"Hello, Marquez," her former junior demanded, part huffily and part pretentiously, "play nice with my friend, thank you very much!" She shook her head as she turned toward Francis, temporarily leaving Margarita to fraternise with Oliver.

"Don't mind her." Nola cradled her brand new bottle of tequila rose and held out an open palm in front of the older male.

"Hey, where's my present anyway?"
 #36411  by Oliver Villiers
Not surprisingly Oliver was thrust into the circle of people drinking. He was handed a shot glass by someone he didn't recognise but he smiled politely at them nonetheless. This time around, Oliver was much more open to the idea of tequila rose and so when a shot was poured for him, he knocked it back before quickly asking for another. He knew this night wasn't going to end well already.

And suddenly, he had Marg by his side, tackling him like usual. He laughed and shook his head. "As if you're a thing of beauty yourself, Marg." he replied, a smirk on his face.

"And no," he answered, "I assumed she would have been with you." He paused for a moment, searching around for a bottle of something more to his taste. "I didn't realise the two of you were coming."
 #36414  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino seemed to have been declared guardian of the whiskey bottle. Well, that was a terrible idea, as they'd all see. They might not notice, though. Most people seemed to have brought bottles, either as a present for Nola, or for their own drinks, and with any luck, he could hold onto this one. Maybe tonight ended with him doing shots with Dorian in a quieter part of the room? He didn't even mind discussing what his ideal kind of woman was, if it was with Dorian. Well, kind of. Really, Dino? Did it always have to be the straight ones he fell for so badly?

'So if I pour ya another drink, ya'll let me call ya Mojito?' Dino asked charmingly, already at Marg's side with the whiskey, and wasting no time in pouring it. 'Oi, I heard that, Arundael! Some mate ya are!' He grinned cheekily. 'And I'll let ya know that Fiji is an archipelago.'

He poured himself another shot, and turned towards his newest friend. 'Everythin' alright?'
 #36426  by Iguana O'Sullivan
"I cannot believe you brought me to a party, Dino," Orla said, with her standard expression of 'mildly done with her twin brother's crap' that she was sure she had perfected even within the womb.

She had been sold a small gathering, with her brother and this 'Dorian' guy he had mentioned, which of course intrigued her, and she had agreed to come. But what it was turning out to be, was an evening with her mad brother and all of his old school friends, that group of Gryffindors who unfortunately for her, had been in her year as well. It was a miracle she had made it out with any N.E.W.Ts, with that lot dragging down the intellectual standards in every single class.

At least she had a drink in her hand, though. And she was sure Dino would force another one upon her pretty soon. She'd need it to get through this.
 #36444  by Francis Friis
"Oh, I don't mind," he replied, brows arched above his cup. He whispered, "It's a little too obvious she likes me, anyway."

For a moment, Francis looked blankly at Nola's open hand. That's right. He was supposed to bring a gift..

"It's nothing that can fit in my pocket!" was all he offered. "It's a work in progress and taking a bit longer than planned. But it's good. Very good. Just you wait!"
 #36446  by Nola Fitzralph
The birthday girl's exhaled a gasp of outrage at the answer.

"You jerk!" Nola's hand balled up into a small fist which landed—with the mighty force of a pygmy puff on anaesthetic—on Francis' upper arm.

"You haven't gotten anything, have you? I knew it, you're the worst. And you said I'm your favourite...."
 #36448  by Tamsin Villiers
Somewhere masked behind the energetic group, a slender hand cut with ease through the havoc and relieved Dinosaur of the newest shot glass he filled.

"Ah, so kind of you to know just what I need, compass," came the nonplussed voice of its owner, bizarrely polite as it was almost mocking, and ever accompanied by her perpetually amused-seeming smile. Tamsin might have gotten held up from heading in together with Margarita, Cristopher, and the rest of the group, but it was easy to find where she was supposed to go amidst the throngs of partygoers—just follow the loudest voice.

Surprisingly, that was not Margarita's, for once, but all roads led to Rome.

Having swapped out her healer robes for a pale blue slip of watery silk that clung to her subtle curves like waves hugged the edges of a jagged rock, the fair-haired newcomer lifted her plunder in a toast to her former classmate before tipping its contents down her throat. She shrugged unapologetically at his female twin as she briefly met Orla's eyes before turning away. Can Tamsin truly be blamed for Orla's brother being a subject for her amusement? He made it so easy.

"Don't look so pissy. I just needed the bathroom and got held up by some poor scriptwriting poet who was trying to drown out his breakup with mandrake rum," Margarita's best friend warded off the inevitable from her as she leaned in to brush a kiss against her own brother's cheek, "Hello you, stranger. I thought you'd be here tonight." It was not a difficult guess, admittedly, since she knew precisely who was his neighbour, much to her initial chagrin. Still, it was what it was. And it was good to see him. They had only begun speaking again last month at Arthur's birthday after what was nearly five months of radio silence. Tamsin hadn't missed Oliver so much in one year of working abroad in Indonesia than she had in those five months. Her smile did not waver, not even the tiniest wobble, but there was a hint of apprehension behind their mother's eyes if Oliver looked closely enough.

"I suppose I should say hi to the birthday ninny, shouldn't I? It won't take long. I'll be right back."

Somehow, talking to Fitzralph felt like the easier option. What a world. Before either of them could protest, Tamsin sidled past her brother and Margarita and the O'Sullivan twins and the Arundael triplets and some strangers she did not recognise. It took some deft manoeuvring for her to approach her one-time school junior, who seemed to be in the throes of a mock-argument with some jughead in a cap and shades.

"Well, happy birthday, Fitzralph. I must say, you need better friends. I will have you know that I am off duty tonight and regardless, it isn't acceptable for the drunken emesis to begin earlier than four hours into a party," she tilted her head at the jughead, "wouldn't you—"

Words abruptly stopped dead in their tracks.

The healer stared at the jughead, or rather, she stared at what little was visible of the jughead beneath the cap, the shades, and the beard. It was a very familiar jughead.

Tamsin turned around immediately and attempted to quickly retreat back into the crowd.

"All right, who had that firewhiskey, don't be a hogger now...."
 #36449  by Margarita Marquez
Well, this was definitely turning into a party. The room was swamped in a warm vibrancy that echoed the laughter glowing off the young partygoers. Shots were beckoned back and forth as Marg socialized with her old school friends. This was starting to become more of a reunion than a party. Had adult life gotten to that stage already? She didn't want her to think she was getting old, but this was definitely a kind of nostalgia.

As she backed up another shot of whiskey in her mouth (why was she shotting whiskey to begin? And where were the fancy rocks glasses?), a familiar blonde hurricane of hair appeared in Marg's forecast.

"Oliver! Tamsin's here!!" the half-Spaniard squaked at the oldest Villier's child, jumping up and down excitedly. The whiskey bubbled merrily in her stomach. "Tamsin! Ugh, Finally. Come, let's drink! Pass the firewhiskey already!"
 #36455  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino poured shots as fast as he could for the people that asked for them, and was quickly beginning to realize he would not be getting to keep this bottle of Firewhiskey. Shame. He held out a glass to Orla, hoping to placate her. He hadn't really known what this evening would be, if he was honest with himself. Cris had just mentioned a birthday party where the old crew would be, and that had sounded great. He hadn't expected fifty people, but there you were. He supposed that's what happened when friends invited friends along.

'Ach, yer good,' he told his twin, grinning widely, then turned to Dorian, and clapped him on the shoulder, his hand lingering there for a second longer than it should. 'Need another?'
 #36474  by Dorian Papatonis
Dorian was closer to the strong and silent type than a raging partier, which was lucky for him because he got to just observe what was happening in a room full of strangers. He wasn't really sure what would happen if one of these girls decided that they liked him enough to try and go home with him. They were all pretty, and he hated having to turn them down for made up reasons like he wasn't feeling well or he was tired or he'd just heard his name called from someplace that wasn't right there. Actually, he was a little annoyed with Dino for even suggesting it in the first place, but it was too late now, and he wasn't about to ruin this girl's party over something that anyone would assume.

Dino's friend Cris seemed to be right there though, throwing a job at Dino that made Dorian smirk. "It's my job to make sure it stays up," he joked back. "Otherwise, the entire area would be under tsunami warnings." He laughed and elbowed his friend to prove that he was kidding around.

He took shots every now and again, but not nearly as much as everyone else. It wasn't that he couldn't hold it, he just didn't want to end up pushed somewhere with a girl. "I'll take another, but we are toasting to Fiji this time," he said, not minding Dino's hand on his shoulder in the slightest. "I miss it. And mojitos," he added. "And the quiet." He really could go on about the place. It was his favorite.
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 #36477  by Harmony Hale
Harmony had been a student at the Wizarding Academy for Dramatic Arts for about half a year now, and she was really starting to find her feet. It turned out that being a student as a Witch of age came with a lot more freedom than being a student at Hogwarts did, and she was now living in halls of residence there, and starting to get to know people.

Harmony ended up working in a group with Nola for their end of year assessed performance, and apparently hanging out with Nola involved party invitations. She was unsure at first, but she knew a few WADA people who were going, so why not.

Upon entering though, she immediately felt a little bit overwhelmed with all of these people she had no idea Nola even knew. There were all these Quidditch players here! Harmony was no Quidditch talent herself, but as most people in the Magical community did, she obviously followed Quidditch, so of course recognised the Arundaels.

Not sure exactly what to make of all of this, Harmony poured herself a drink and went to go stand and talk with the people she knew from school.
 #36483  by Oliver Villiers
Ah, there she was.

Oliver knew that there would never be Marg without Tamsin at a party. The two were almost as inseparable as himself and Tamsin used to be. Oliver smiled as his sister placed a kiss on his cheek. He was glad that the two had somewhat made amends, but still, the tension lingered between them which bothered Oliver more than he would like to admit. When did it get to this point? That he and Tamsin would be at the same party and not be the life and soul of it. He watched as his sister went to say happy birthday to Nola before turning back to Margarita.

The elder of the two grabbed the bottle of firewhiskey that she had someone managed to claim for herself and held it in the air.

"I think it's time a little drinking game, don't you?"
 #36532  by Francis Friis
Francis had departed Nola's direct company, paying no mind to her attempt of a punch and even less to her jeers at his lack of gift -- the man had his sights on something new.

"Doctor!" he grinned as he slid up alongside Tamsin. Francis had officially abandoned any attempt at remaining low-profile. "I was just beginning to think I was due for a check-up!
 #36533  by Trystan Pumphrey
Suffice to say, Trystan should have expected what he was walking into, knowing who it was. Thankfully, May was taking the baby to visit her parents, and he had the evening free to go catch up with some of his old classmates... except as he walked in and realized everyone was drinking, he gave a nervous laugh. He had never been the drinking type, and now that he was a father, it was even less likely. Fantastic.

"Er, happy birthday," he said, glancing across at Nola with a small smile before setting the small wrapped parcel to the side. Just then, someone (he hadn't been able to discern just who was there yet) announced a drinking game and Trystan blanched.
 #36534  by Cristopher Arundael
At Dino's response, Cristopher glanced with mild perplexity between Dorian and his own sister, Lorelai.

"What the hell is an archipelago?"

Geography wasn't his strongest suit, didn't O'Sullivan know? Nonetheless, the male who had ditched the shots in favour of a failsafe beer found himself somehow within speaking range with the smarter-and-significantly-scarier reptile of the O'Sullivan twins.

Darn it. Of all people!

"Uhh, long time no see, Ig—Orla."

Did he ask about her work? What the hell did she even do again? Dino must have mentioned it only ten times, maybe twelve. Cris wasn't counting.