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 #36117  by Nola Fitzralph
Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Location: An auditorium in Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts • Date: Saturday, 14 February 2004

She had enlisted a guy from the set design department to help her set things up. He had offered to help, on his own, which made sense—eight out of ten men in any department that was not acting or scriptwriting were not into her kind of... assets, but if anyone were to have a chance amongst the more even pickings in set design and construction, it was surely Nola. And sure, she may have had to laugh and shut him down with a play-pretence innocuousness each time he tried to offer to go on an actual date, but Nola wasn't his keeper. The whole affair of their relations had been based on a mutual understanding.

Except it was apparently not mutual since who knew when.

And that made things a little awkward.

He did a good job though, she had to admit begrudgingly. There was a reason Adam was the one that all the acting students fought tooth and nail over to work with for their practical. The medium-sized auditorium typically reserved for smaller performances was barely recognisable as a seascape of sorts. The stage was a flawless illusion of a shallow, glimmering, rippling pool, and monstrous, magnificent stalks of coral bloomed and wove through the space to make space for standing tables or nooks for people to cozy in. Gilded sconces and mirrors of gold and glass from the set designer had borrowed from the props department decorated the walls, all awash in a blue that rippled with dancing light as if from above surface. It was the ceiling, however, that took her off guard when she had first seen it. He had somehow covered it completely with moss, sea flora, and glittering chains of pearls that loomed down upon the partygoers.

Still, she just wanted a good party. It was Nola's last night of being on the right side of her twenties, and she wasn't going to let Adam's haplessly hopeful puppy eyes coax her into dating him because he had decided to catch feelings. The birthday girl determinedly kept her gaze away from the corner which she knew he was listlessly loitering in, trying desperately to catch her eye. Nola flitted from person to person, always with a drink in hand, practically gleaming herself in a dreamlike dress with floating ribbons of seafoam and dripping strings of pearls.

She tried not to look too much at the door either. She was having a good time.

The twenty-five-young woman shuddered from the shot she just threw back. "Oh no, why did you make me do that?" she whined facetiously at her latest circle of companions.
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 #36293  by Margarita Marquez
There was never not a time to party and lately, this was a lifestyle that young Margarita enthusiastically lived by. Her suspension from the Professional Duelling Association's Spring season for dismal misconduct means that she had more time in her day than everyday life could properly consume. And she hardly spent it wisely. It was a vicious cycle of more parties, more days spent moping in bed hungover, more scandals which thrilled but all the running tabloid magazines.

So when Cris mentioned a birthday party, it seemed like a pretty great idea, even if she didn't particularly enjoy the company of the birthday girl. Out of courtesy for being invited as a plus-one she had brought along a limited edition bottle of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey and her best pair of dancing heels.

The party was just getting started as Margarita arrived at the scene, brandishing the bottle of firewhiskey and shooting white-gold sparklers out the tip of her wand.

"Happy Birthday Fitzralph! Aren't you happy that the real party has finally arrived?" Bellowed Marg as she stalked confidently into the room. The duelist pulled her classmate into a high-spirited hug not before flourishing the bottle of firewhiskey in Nola's face. "If you don't finish this tonight I will be personally offended."
 #36306  by Francis Friis

Francis grinned to himself, sipping his drink from across the room. His beard and hair had both grown past the usual point of 'flawlessly scrappy-looking' that he usually shot for into something more unrecognizable. That was the point after all, as the American was still recovering from some very negative press following a sucker-punch to the face that he'd delivered at a very public event some months ago. But low profile just wasn't Frank's style, despite sporting a big beard and unkempt locks of hair under a dark cap, trying to disguise himself. Sunglasses indoors were the cherry on top. Against his efforts, Francis had really only made himself more outstanding. It was just his way.

"Well done, ladies, well done," he cheered, seemingly appearing from thin air into the shot-taking group's midst and wrapping a perhaps slightly too welcoming arm around both Nola and her friend. He'd downed his drink on his waltz across the room and he was ready for another.

"Line 'em up! Line 'em up!" he called for another round. "Party's just getting going, eh?"

Francis eyed Margarita up and down from behind his shades and nodded, confirming to himself that he liked what he'd walked in on. He freed the ladies of his grasp and crossed his arms thoughtfully, as if to give one final check on the box before going on.

"A round of firewhiskey?" He grinned his most charming grin.
 #36329  by Nola Fitzralph
Suddenly, there was Margarita.

At Nola's party.

For which she did not send her former school senior an invitation.

And the Gryffindor alumna was coming right at her. Reluctantly allowing herself to be pulled into a hug from what had been an unsuccessful attempt to hide behind one of her girlfriends from the academy, Nola reflexively accepted the bottle of firewhiskey when it was thrusted in her face, opening her mouth to respond. Only then, suddenly, there was—

It took her a moment.

"Francis," clearly unfazed by his proximity and still cradling the bottle of firewhiskey in the elbow of her arm, Nola looked upon the older male with an expression that was a mixture of delight and dismay. "You made it! What on earth are you wearing? And couldn't you have at least shaved?" Still, she took him by his upper arm and leaned up to brush a kiss against his cheek before turning toward Margarita.

"No rest for the wicked," the birthday girl gestured in mock mournfulness with her gift in reference to Francis' call for more shots.

"It's been a while. And you're wearing heels!" Nola gasped gleefully, though she tacked on just as quickly, "Looking fabulous, I mean. How did you know—"
 #36331  by Cristopher Arundael

The unauthorised issuer of unauthorised invitations bellowed in bright exuberance, beelining toward the rapidly expanding circle around her as soon as he disentangled himself from a brief interlude of autographing a napkin for one of her presumably-actually-invited guests. Cristopher let out a whoop as he lifted her clean off the ground for a quick spin before he set her back down unceremoniously.

"Happy birthday, babydoll!"

Her one-time boyfriend of precisely six weeks retreated to Margarita's side, but not before nicking the bottle of firewhiskey from Nola's clutch—Merlin save them all from any attempt of hers to magically open a bottle. Cris placed a free hand over his heart with a mockingly injured expression. "Can't believe you didn't owl me an invitation. That's just cruel, Nola. We wouldn't want to miss out on a good reunion. Good thing Adri knows what's up, eh?"

Grinning broadly, he gestured with the bottle at one of Nola's closest girlfriends in the circle, who just happened to be the youngest of the Arundael triplet.

Snapping out of her mesmerised stare at the older man next to Nola, Yvette hastily held up a defensive finger. "Okay, okay, I only mentioned it to him and Lore by accident! And I only told the two of them."
 #36332  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino sauntered in the party room happily, reluctant though he was to be in the February cold in London, when he could have been enjoying his Brolentine's Day back in Fiji, where it was warm, and beautiful, and warm, and beautiful... And also warm...

He'd been invited by his mate Cris, and he'd managed to drag along Dorian, his new mate. HIs bro. Yeah. And Dorian had agreed. Dino liked spending time with him. He was super hot, for one, and then there was the slight matter of him being absolutely amazing. Dorian was cute. He was funny. He was kind. He was smart. He was curious and adventurous, and he ticked all of Dino's boxes. Such a damn shame.

He only realised how hard he'd fallen for Dorian once he saw Cris. Seeing his fellow Gryffindor brought back all the memories of painful, unrequited love he'd lived through during his years at Hogwarts, and the two situations felt awkwardly similar. Well, this was total bollocks. Seemed like he never learned, did he? Well, it didn't matter. Dorian was just a friend, anyway, and there were bars in Australia he could go to if he got lonely. Yeah, this was fine.

It was so fine, in fact, that Dino was just cheerfully greeting his old schoolmates, as though he were the guest of honour, rather than Nola.

Snatching the bottle away from Cris as he arrived in the inner circle, the lad magicked a dozen or so shot glasses from thin air. 'I'm here!' Dino exclaimed. 'Happy birthday, Nola! Now, how about we drink?'
 #36354  by Margarita Marquez
The duelist felt inclined to brazenly point out that she did not appreciate being described as fantastic, but figured that since it was Nola's birthday it would be appreciated if Marg skipped her usual commentary. She knew it wouldn't be easy, especially after a few rounds of firewhiskey. Hopefully, there were more idiots roaming around to distract her from pinching Nola's arm as she had been so inclined to do back at school. And where was Tamsin?

Anyway, whoever this dark-haired flip of a man was who thought that slinging an arm around her was a coherent idea was definitely going to get on her nerve.

Luckily for Francis who was just about to earn himself a metaphorical slap across the wrist, a gaggle of ex-classmates had just arrived. The party had indeed gotten livelier. She wondered if the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts had a breaking point to these kind of things. It didn't matter. It wasn't like she was a student here, nor was this her party. As far as Marg was concerned, she was completely void of all liabilities.

Screw it. It was shots time. "Here's to Dino!" the Gryffindor alumna cheered to her old school friend enthusiastically. "Well pour it out, then!"
 #36355  by Francis Friis
"Nola, please." Francis pretended to be embarrassed by the peck on the cheek. "I'm trying to keep a low profile here."

Not hard to do with so many people showing up, all in the right state of mind for party that might get just a little too crazy by the end of the night. Still, Francis was determined to contradict himself.

"Yes, yes! Deeno is here!" Francis nodded at the man he pretended to know. "And I'll drink to that anytime!"

Francis neglected to realize that most everyone at the party seemed to have some history with each other, other than himself. He knew Nola, but who were the rest of these people? Maybe he did know them? They were probably all fans, actually, but his disguise was working so well.

"Now, now," he went on in a lower tone, finding himself with a shot in his hand as he turned back to Margarita. "What was your name? I'm.. Frank." Yes, that would fool them all. Frank. Not Francis Friis, star broom racer. "You look great in those heels. And quality whiskey! You've got good taste."
 #36359  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Comin'!' Dino exclaimed in mock exasperation. He poured out the drinks, and handed them out to everyone around.

'Right, everyone, this lad here is my mate Dorian,' he introduced. 'He's Greek, he's awesome, and we work together in Fiji. And if yer nice, maybe he goes home with one of ya girls.' Maybe that was presumptive. And maybe it was kind of rude to Dorian. And maybe the thought kind of irritated him, but he wanted to make it quite clear to his friends that the Greek man was just a friend, and nothing more. Unfortunately. 'Dorian, this is Cris, Nola, Margarita,' he said, pointing to each of them in turn, and then moving on to a few others. 'And some lad I don't know.'

He turned back to his shot glass. 'Right! To me! And also to Nola, who apparently happened to celebrate her birthday at the party I was invited to!' Dino toasted.
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 #36363  by Oliver Villiers
The last few months had been strange for Oliver. Since the announcement of his parents split, he felt like his whole world had come crashing down around him. And for some reason, he didn't care. He didn't care that he sat up till all hours drinking whiskey on his own in his apartment. He didn't care that he barely spoke to Tamsin from one week to the next. He felt like he had been lied to. Betrayed. Not only by his mother and father. That didn't surprise him. But Tamsin. How could his sister, his best friend, have lied to him for so long. It just didn't add up.

Tonight, the oldest of the Villiers siblings was attending his neighbour, Nola's, birthday party. He hadn't seen too much of her recently but nonetheless, she had mentioned to him that she was throwing a party while the two of them spoke whilst collecting their mail earlier that week. Hazel, Oliver's most recent fling, wasn't too happy when he rocked up late that evening to tell her that he was cancelling any Valentine's day plans she had, to go to his neighbour's party. Again, he just didn't care.

Rocking up, in a suit pant and a casual shirt, Oliver had a bottle of Nola's favourite drink in tow, Rose Tequila. He remembered how much she loved the stuff when they first went out drinking together. While it wasn't to his taste, he knew Nola would appreciate it.

Entering the room, he saw that the party was already in full flow. Across the room, he spotted Marg. He paused for a second, glancing around to see if Tamsin was present, but alas he did not see his younger sister in the room. The blonde made his way to the birthday girl, placing his hand on her back as he approached her.

"Happy birthday." he said with a smile, holding out the bottle of tequila to her.
 #36386  by Nola Fitzralph
"You're the worst!" Nola gasped, facetiously outraged at the giggling Yvette, though any desire to smack her friend was quickly and quite literally stopped by another overflowing shot glass being thrusted into her hand. This time, she did not complain. It was strange, seeing all of them, in one place, which had rarely ever happened since Hogwarts.

Nola could definitely be drunker.

Distracted from whatever was going on between Francis and Margarita by Dino's introduction of his friend, she fluttered her fingers and smiled coquettishly at the handsome stranger. They worked together in Fiji, Dino said. Did Nola need a trip to Fiji sometime? The birthday girl amusedly offered Dino a perfectly manicured middle finger for his misleading toast. "Francis, his name is Francis," she tacked on the introduction, not realising the alias that Francis was giving Margarita. She flourished her own shot in the air before tilting it into her mouth. Ugh, couldn't Margarita have brought something better? Like, tequila?

Turning when she felt a hand on her back, what had been a light grimace from the fiery whiskey rearranged itself into a bright smile as soon as she saw who it was. "Aw, thank you, I'm so glad you decided to come!" she cooed at Oliver, briefly inspecting the bottle he gave her.

Speaking of the devil. Nola gasped happily and hugged the pink bottle of tequila rose to her chest.

"And this! You remembered! Oh, how sweet." Linking her arm through his with no particular care for his consent or permission, she tugged him into the circle onto her left side where Francis occupied her right. "Come on, you have a lot of catching up to do. Dino! Pass the bottle. We need another shot. This is my neighbour, by the way, everyone. Oliver! The best neighbour anyone can ask for. Oh! Hey," suddenly recalling, Nola glanced between Oliver and Margarita on Francis' other side, "you know Margarita, right? She and Tamsin were practically Siamese twins back in school."

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 #36400  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino didn't even bother pretending to look shocked at the bird Nola had just flipped him. His grin only widened, and he drained his shotglass after saying Sláinte.

Looking at Dorian he pointed at Margarita. 'Her name is Margarita, like yer favourite drink. No, wait, those are mojitos. I'm sure she doesn't mind if we call her Mojito instead.' Of course, he wasn't going to bother asking the girl in question. Obviously.

'Hold yer horses, birthday girl,' he called out to Nola, unscrewing the bottle he'd only just closed. He poured everyone who'd drank their shots new ones, and cleared his throat.

'Alright, then, since ya've been askin', I'll do a proper toast. To birthdays and friends, to health and joy, to an endless flow of alcohol, and to us not bein' too drunk to remember this tomorrow! And also to me again,' he added, eyes twinkling, grin wider than ever. 'Because I'm a really hot piece of arse, and I don't think any of youse tell me that nearly enough! Sláinte, Hogwarts!' Dino exclaimed, draining his glass once again.
 #36403  by Margarita Marquez
This 'Frank' dunce who was breathing all into her personal space was not doing well to get on her good side. Had Olivier not made his entrance in that exact moment, Frank or Francis rather, might have earned himself a no less than thrown drink to the face. It wasn't that Marg didn't enjoy being told that she had a good taste in whiskey or that she looked great in heels but what the way he was acting was so painfully obvious. And she wasn't great with guys to begin with. Not in that way. Usually she scared them off or acted too much like a wayward bulldozer. Anyway this wasn't her scene and she was glad for the sudden distraction.

"Yeah, Frank. Great meeting you. Good chat, lad." The duelist thumped the man heartily on the back. "Catch ya later, now if you could feck off please..."

Side-tackling Olivier felt all too natural. "Oi, boyo!" Margarita bellowed as she slung an arm around her best friend's older brother. "Nice to see your ugly mug around here. Is Tamsin with you?"

With her greeting to Olivier out of the way, it was now time to address a more pressing issue which unfortunately for her old housemate, she had overheard. "I can hear you discussing my name, Dino! Call me mojito I'll hex your saggy you-know-whats off. So take your manky alcoholic beverage name associations and bugger off or pour me another drink, you clown!" she roared. Two shots down and how many more to go?
 #36404  by Cristopher Arundael
"To all the hot arses!"

Looking up from conversation with his younger triplet, Cristopher brandished his refilled shot glass in the air, turning to Dino's Greek friend with a snort from his nose.

"How hasn't Fiji sank yet with that big fuckin' ego of his?"
 #36405  by Francis Friis
Francis gave Margarita a nod, an eyebrow wiggle, and a grin. He knew what she meant. He'd be seeing more of her, he was sure.

Unfazed as he was, being surrounded by a bunch of people he didn't know, Francis saw the opportunity to help himself to another drink while the old friends shot the breeze. It was a pleasant atmosphere, but the sudden mention of a certain name turned his mouth numb, and anyone paying attention might notice a dribble fall from his mouth to the floor. Superficially, he recovered quickly, but in his head he wondered.. Tamsin.

Uncertain of whether or not he was distracting himself or preparing for something inevitable, Francis acquired another drink.