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 #35724  by Draco Malfoy
Location: Dept. of Int'l Magical Cooperation • Date: February 8

For once in his life, Draco felt like things were going exactly as planned. He had a decent job in the department he wanted to work in, and living in London was, while definitely not a permanent solution, a good distraction while the Manor was being revamped.

Of course, he was definitely looking for a promotion soon, since calling himself an intern didn't sound too fancy when he talked to the people in his life. That was why he was throwing himself into his work, staying late and taking on extra projects. He needed to prove himself.

One such evening, he was still sitting at his cubicle, long after the other interns had left, working on a report. Thankfully, he had always enjoyed writing essays in school, so this was a breeze. He still wore long sleeves, of course, but there was an ease to the way he worked that had never been there during his teenage years.

Footsteps echoed behind him and he paused, lifting his head from the paper, wondering who was still around at that hour.
 #35933  by Astoria Greengrass
The sound of clicking heels grew louder as a young woman dressed in a form fitting navy blue dress approached the cubicle of the only person in the department who seemed to enjoy working himself down to the bone. She extended a cloth lunch bag to Draco. “How will your boss recognize your efforts of putting in such grueling hours if they themselves are not here to witness it?”

The lunch bag was warm, suspiciously warm.

“You missed dinner again....” said Astoria gently.
 #35980  by Draco Malfoy
He turned around, letting out a breathy chuckle. Of course it was her. Draco smiled sheepishly, reaching out and taking the lunch bag from her. As soon as he felt the warmth radiating from the bag, he blanched.

"Staying late proves that I'm serious," he said, setting the bag on his desk. "And my boss sees the results when he gets here in the morning." He reached out to take her hand. "But I'm sorry. How long were you waiting?" A pause. "What time is it, anyway?"
 #36230  by Astoria Greengrass
As irritated as she was for him missing dinner she couldn't help but admire his ambitious dreams. He worked hard and he was right - it showed. Hopefully one day it would pay off. Astoria perched on the corner desk of a vacant neighboring cube to watch him curiously. She smiled when he asked for the time. " It's nearly nine now," she said softly, " What are you working on that has you missing pasta night? "
 #36279  by Draco Malfoy
Draco winced, glancing up at the large clock on the wall. In his defense, the way his cubicle was situated, he couldn't see the clock when he was seated and working.

"I'm sorry," he repeated, opening the bag and breathing in the rich scents. "Smells delicious, though. Thank you for bringing some over." It was one of the things he truly loved about Astoria, her thoughtfulness.

"There's a conference coming up. In, er, Dubai, I think. Delegates from all over are going, and I'm working on the summary of the brief for the British delegate," he answered, shrugging. "It's a big project. I almost didn't think they'd give it to me, if I'm honest."
 #36464  by Astoria Greengrass
“Mmhm…” Astoria’s lips twitched into a small smile as he took an appreciative whiff of the enticing aroma wafting from the opened bag. He was never ungrateful, and she loved him for it.

“Don’t be so humble, Draco. It doesn’t suit you,” she scolded lightly. “And why wouldn’t they give it to you? You’re just as deserving as anyone else in this labor camp they call a business!”

She sighed loudly and stood from her perched spot at the neighboring desk. “Sorry…I’ve been a little testy lately. My parents are still insisting that your father pays for the wedding, but your mother and I can’t even agree on what spoons to serve the guests soup with! I don’t even like soup! Draco…they hate me.”
 #36529  by Draco Malfoy
Draco smiled, setting the bag on his desk. "I appreciate your faith in me," he said. Then, he rose from his chair and pulled her into his arms. "They don't hate you," he said, kissing her cheek. "A few more months and this will all be over. You will be my wife, and we will be on our honeymoon, far away from our parents."

It was still hard to believe. They were getting married. It seemed like not that long ago that he had been sitting at Hogwarts, wondering who his parents were going to get to marry him, and now he and Astoria had chosen each other. He smiled fondly at her, holding both of her hands in his. "Let Mother have her way with the spoons and we can focus on what really matters."
 #37463  by Astoria Greengrass
Astoria allowed her soon to be husband to pull her closer. She pursed her lips together and leaned into his warm embrace . "Fine," she sighed," Your mother can have the spoons. "But this wasn't about spoons. This was about her taking away the only thing of real importance that belonged to the Malfoy family. This was about his mother not wanting to let go of her baby boy to another woman. His father...his father had his own reasons.

"I should let you get back to work," she said gently as she tucked back a few stray hairs that were poking out from behind his ear. Astoria pressed a loving kiss to Draco's lips, collected her expensive handbag, and turned to leave. "Oh, and one more thing," she said over her shoulder," I want to invite the Weasleys to the wedding reception."
 #37503  by Draco Malfoy
Draco smiled contently at her touch and kiss. She just had that effect on him. "I'm almost done, actually. I could probably, er, finish this tomorrow," he said quickly, starting to shuffle the papers on his desk when she spoke again.

He paused, jaw dropped. "Pardon? Why?" he asked, confusion written all over his face as he turned back to face her.
 #37504  by Astoria Greengrass
She turned to face him again and smiled. “Because...” said Astoria as she walked over to Draco. She placed a long thin finger underneath his chin to gently close his jaw, “It will help with your image. Not everyone can see the kind hearted man you hide underneath that Malfoy pride.”