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 #35473  by Margarita Marquez
Location: Wonderful Wands British Open Headquarters • Date: Early February

The office door leading to one of the best dueling agents in the United Kingdom slammed firmly behind a brusque young witch. The woman's tightened fists shook in white fury and her stormy expression betrayed the temper threatening to boil over as she stood there- unequivocably stunned at what had just happened.

Margarita had been summoned to meet her agent that morning and although her track record hadn't been amazing last season, she had scored enough wins to keep her in the safe zone. Perhaps she was going to get a raise or was asked to be the cover girl of the Professional Duelists Association.

What she hadn't expected was to cut from this season's roster.

Apparently, some people took news scandals more seriously than others. In this case, Margarita's latest escapade in Berlin over the New Years had earned her a rather unsavoury reputation. She didn't think it was this bad though. Being cut from the season! For causing a fight, and at a New Year's party at that? Alright, maybe she had broken a bottle of beer over a fellow competitor's head and then shoved the vice-chancellor into a grand piano. But it was New Year's. She thought everything and anything was exempt from responsibility on New Year's Day.

Hot tears prickled in the corner of her eyes, balefully urging its owner to let emotion get the better of her. The young duelist wiped at her face furiously, biting her shuddering lip in place as she stalked out of the building. In a disarray, she blindly left the building. Someone, or something hurled against her shoulder- probably someone whose path she had obstructed in her hurricane departure from the office.

"Get out of the way!" Margarita bawled at the stranger, painfully unaware that it was actually her that was in the way.
 #35692  by Jane Hadley
Jane did not know why her sister had bought her a winter hat with a pom pom. While Vera had claimed that the hat had been cute on her, Jane had argued that pom poms caused a strange imbalance atop a hat, making the hat more prone to tip over her eyes. Despite their disagreement regarding winter hat fashion, Jane had politely accepted the Christmas gift.

The hat had remained hidden in her cupboard until this day. Her sister had invited her for dinner and given the cold winds, she would likely expect to see Jane wearing the inconvenient hat.

Before dinner plans, Jane had several errands to run. One of which happened to be picking up a new quill. She was standing outside of the store, revising the list of characteristics she would need to observe in order to pick the right quill when someone thumped against her.

Flustered by unexpected physical contact, the blonde scrunched up her nose and shook off the uncomfortable feeling. View obstructed by her stupid hat who's pom pom had prompted a foreseen tilt, she struggled to see the person who was talking at her.

She pushed the hat off her eyes and elaborately attempted to place it into a proper angle. Finally noticing that the woman close to her was upset, Jane blinked a few times. "You're crying in public," she remarked, unable to offer anything other than a painfully obvious observation.
 #36104  by Margarita Marquez
Margarita hadn't expected the stranger's response to be all that positive, but she also did not think that whoever she had collided into with would bite back.

"I'm not crying in public, you absolute cow!" The duelist bellowed, desperately trying to ignore the steady crack in her voice as shameful tears threatened to spill. Here she was, making a scene in public- the exact reason she had been cut off the seasons roster for.

Instinctively and with every ounce of defensiveness in her body, Marg eyed the woman before her. There wasn't much point denying anything now, for she felt hot drops of humiliation tumble down her tanned cheeks. "I'm having a bloody stupid day, alright so what if I am crying in public?"
 #36317  by Jane Hadley
"Oh," she averted her eyes. The insult was not as much a surprise as the apparent fact that she had misidentified the woman's emotion. Jane took off her hat and started fidgeting with it. She regretted interacting with the woman and wondered if she could walk away without repercussions.

As she was about to turn and walk away, she heard the woman confirm her suspicions. Her big blue eyes studied the upset woman. "I recently cried in public," she admitted knowing that some people were made to feel better when told that what they were experiencing was not unusual.
 #36450  by Margarita Marquez
Why was this woman telling her this? Was it meant to make her feel any better? But in a way, knowing that other adults cried just as childishly and in broad daylight made Marg feel just a little bit better. She was furious. Not at the lady, but at herself. She wore her emotions bare and ugly on her face for all to see, tears parading down her face.

"Y-you did?" Marg found herself asking in spite of any attempts to save her own self-preservation. "W-what were you crying about?" she continued to question. A curious glint festered in the watery depths of her eyes as she let out a hiccup miserably.
 #36707  by Jane Hadley
"Yes," she pushed her blonde hair behind her ear. Brow furrowed above her blue eyes, Jane attempted to find the words to properly communicate what had occurred. "My boyfriend broke up with me through the stock market."

Still fidgeting with her hat her hand tightened around the fabric. It was an unpleasant memory.
 #36773  by Margarita Marquez
"What?" the duelist blurted back through tears, not at all showing any compassion for the woman's story. "The stock market? What does that even mean, lady?"

Maybe during a time like this it didn't hurt to be a little nicer, or try to. She did feel incredibly vulnerable now, and was embarrassingly aware of how weak she probably seemed. Not at all like the lioness she liked to think herself to be.

"Um... did you guys date for long?"
 #37152  by Jane Hadley
Too literal to understand the true meaning of the stranger's question, the blonde started to give a small financial lecture. "The stock market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers who buy and or sell stock. A stock represents ownership claims on businesses."

A little surprised by the second question given the sudden shift to a more personal tone she paused before she answered. "8 months," she finally answered though she had known the answer without needing to calculate.

"Why are you crying?" She asked.