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 #34325  by Tuoni Valo
Location: A Hole in the Wall Club • Date: January 31
Time of Day: 1:02 AM • Weather: Clear Skies and Bitter Cold

"Thank you and good night!" Tuoni cleared his throat and stepped back away from the edge of the tiny stage. It wasn't their first international show, but the electric buzzing under his skin he got whenever his band performed in front of a crowd was as intense as ever. Quickly wicking the sweat from his face, Tuo glanced up at his sister currently extracting herself from behind her drum kit. It had been a good show, he barely had any notes to give her or the other members. Which was a rarity - Tuo usually had at least a few nits to pick with them. Of course, that might have something to do with his good mood. They'd been asked to play tonight by a friend of a friend of a friend who worked as a bouncer at the club. The band they club had booked to perform had backed out last minute so it was Merlin's Beard to the rescue.

Tuo quickly descended the stairs to the clubs floor and looked around the moderately sized crowd. No one looked upset with the set they'd just wrapped up. In fact, the mood seemed to be leaning towards positive. Which was good. Better than their last show, where they'd been almost booed off the stage after 30 minutes of playing. Tuo cut a path through the crowd towards the bar. He needed some water to replace what he'd lost bouncing around on stage. Somewhere behind him a yelp echoed over the crowd, and Tuo's head swiveled towards the noise wondering what could possibly have caused it.
 #35419  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino had been called to the London office to be given a new mission. He didn't yet know where it was, but he knew that it would be short, a week at the most. Then he could go back to his beloved paradise islands.

After spending so much time in Fiji, being back in London was disheartening. The grey and the cold were revolting. Nothing compared to those beautiful blue skies, that warm sand, the palm trees, the delightful sun... The city definetely lacked a lot in the exotic department. And besides, no one was wearing a bathing suit here. Boring. He'd gotten used to these things, and he wanted them all the time, now.

London had no shortage of other things, though, Dino mused. He'd never heard of this band before, but Velvet had dragged him out the second he'd come knocking to yet again stay at her place. He'd enjoyed it. They were fun, had a good dynamic onstage, and seemed to have good chemestry with the audience. They were a good time.

And now Dino was going to have an even better time, because he was going to start doing shots. Hey, it wasn't his fault! The barmaid had offered, and who was he to decline a woman who, by the looks of it, he was certainly going to have to decline for other reasons later on in the evening? It would be rude, of course, and Dino was not rude. He paid for his shots, and turned back to go hand one to his friend.

A noise distracted him from his clear cut path, and of course that was the moment he bumped into someone. Typical. Usually when this happened, he spilled his drink on himself, which was a lot more polite, but this time, it seemed to be evenly distributed. Bye bye, tequila.

'Ach, that's me bein' an eejit! I'm sorry!' Dino exclaimed. He looked at his victim more carefully. 'Aren't ya the lad up on stage, then? I'm proper scundered. Can I buy ya a drink?'
 #35542  by Tuoni Valo
One small bump, and then Tuos t-shirt was soaked. It took only a second for the overwhelming smell of tequila hit his nose. Someone had spilled their shot on him. A small smile fought its way into Tuo's reluctant mouth as he glanced up into his assaulter. It was another second before Tuo realized that the man was speaking to him in what - he thought, at least - had to be English. His reluctant smile brightened into an amused grin as he tried to catch the man's meaning through his accent. While technically fluent in the language, Tuoni was much more familiar with Scandinavian and London born flavors of English, and anything else he found harder to decipher, especially in a loud bar. But he heard the word "sorry" and the words "buy you a drink" and those he certainly understood.

"Ah, no, it is okay." His eyes crinkled with silent laughter - he was already covered in sweat from their set, the alcohol probably was helping more than hurting at this point. "You can pay me back for the accident with one of whatever you were going to be having" he motioned to his shirt, where he now wore the man's drink. Hopefully his own accent would be decipherable against the noise. Hed been working on it, but sometimes people still had a hard time.
 #35548  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, sure,' Dino replied, sheepish for only a second or two. 'I'll get ya a tequila. Ya know, youse were beezer, I had a grand time. First time I come and see yer band, right, and I manage to ruin yer kex...'

Dino gave himself permission to detail the man in front of him, on the pretense of seeing what the damage was. He didn't give himself permission for much else: he'd been so bad in the past few months at divining other men's preferences that he didn't give himself the benefit of the doubt anymore, and didn't give himself the occasion to mess up once again. How many repeat Dice Rogans did a guy need?

'So, tequila,' he repeated. 'I'll get that. Did ya want to come to the bar, or wait here, or go backstage...?'

Oh yeah, way to refrain from doing anything stupid, Dino. Real smooth.
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 #35606  by Tuoni Valo
Tuo's smile hitched a little higher as he watched the man's eyes give him a once-over as he spoke. He cocked an eyebrow, knowing that the look could be little more than the man checking the damage he'd wrought. But Tuo had been around the block a time or two - he knew what a man looked like when he wanted to look more, but figured he shouldn't. Chuckling slightly to himself at his luck, there was always something about being on stage that got his blood pumping and the Tuo could almost feel the adrenaline still flowing through him.

Following the man's words was more difficult than following his gaze, and Tuo struggled to keep up. But he got the gist. "I'll come with you." he motioned towards the bar with a smile. Their set was up and he probably should help the band pack up the gear - but the last time he'd thought to help he'd almost snapped all of the guitar strings in an unfortunate accident. So he'd been put on probation, as it were. Lucky for him, because the clumsy man who'd assaulted him with liquor was rather cute. "Glad you enjoyed the show."
 #35621  by Dino O'Sullivan
Fine, no going backstage, then. Dino figured it was just as well. He didn't know what it was with him and the constant pushing of his luck. Maybe it was because of his recent spat of bad luck, but most likely it was because of the frustrating Dorian situation back in Fiji, which was going nowhere fast. Monitoring himself not to be too flirty, not to be too obvious was exhausting, and maybe he'd left his energy for it in the islands.

Hopefully he got better at it soon, because otherwise all he was going to have to do going forward was dammage control. Eugh. Dino cleared his head, gave the musician in front of him a big grin, and walked towards the bar. 'Tequila for the oul mucker,' he ordered, then turned again to face the man as he leaned his back on the counter. 'I did! Typically I'm more on the punk rock scene, but youse are cracker. How long have ya been makin' music? Finnish, ya guys are, right? First time in England? I shouldn't keep ya too long, then, wouldn't want to keep ya from yer groupies or anythin'. Comes with bein' famous, I guess, aye?' Somehow Dino didn't seem to be able to shut his trap. How the hell was the other guy supposed to get a word in edgewise? The only thing that seemed to keep his mouth shut was to be drinking, so he handed the new shot of tequila to the man, held up his own as he muttered Sláinte, and drank.
 #35940  by Tuoni Valo
"Finnish, joo." He nodded, accepting his drink from the bartender. "Not the first time, but I do not make it to here often." Tuo admitted, swirling the clear liquid around in the glass. When was the last time he had tequila? He couldn't quite remember. Maybe the last time he was in the UK? "We have played in London before. Have been a band for..." he drifted off to count the years "12 years?" he thought aloud. "Maybe 13."

"Kippis." he responded, clinking the side of his shot glass against his new companions before tipping back to let the tequila slide back his throat. He let his eyes slowly wander around the full bar as the warming sensation of the alcohol spread over him. He let his eyes return to the man beside him as he watched, amused, as his new friend tried to pretend he wasn't interested. "Did you want to meet the band?" He asked, pointing over his shoulder to where he knew the guys were packing up with a smirk on his face. If Tuo had to bet, he would rather them be alone. Tuo knew he'd rather it that way.
 #35958  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino's eyes widened. 'Twelve years? Now that's impressive. Like, professionally for twelve years, or in yer ma's house for the first five?' The guy didn't look that much older than him, and it appeared inconceivable that they'd been touring professionally for all that time. 'How old are ya?' He asked, perhaps a little too bluntly.

He found he responded well to tequila. Just made a guy want to party, that's what it did. 'I'd love to meet the band!' Dino blurted. Meeting a band sounded exciting. This one seemed less exciting than say, System of a Down, but he'd never pass up an opportunity to do something as clinker as meet a band. And who knew, when they were met with international fame, maybe Dino could say he'd met them, and that would make for a beezer anecdote. And also, it meant he could spend a few more minutes with this guy. Even if nothing came from it, well, the view wasn't bad at all.