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 #34823  by Bailey Shea
Location: Atsronomy Tower Weather: Clear and chilly
Time of Day: 2hrs before Curfew

Bailey still had two more hours till he had to be back in the Hufflepuff common rooms. The top of the Astronomy Tower was where his last class was to be held. He trudged up the many steps, along with his classmates to get to the very top. Bailey's tummy growled for food and he thought about how lovely it would be to have hot cocoa as they gaze up at the millions of stars.

It was a perfect night for stargazing too. There wasn't a single cloud and the moon was nearly full and shining down on all their sleepy faces. Bailey could feel a tinge of drowsiness already taking him over but he was very excited about the lesson too. Biting on his lower lip, trying to stifle the wide smile that was beginning to hurt his cheeks as he found his seat and grabbed his Astronomy book.

Squirming in his chair, he felt so restless and anxious for the class to begin. What would they learn today? What would the professor be like? Would he be able to get hot cocoa before having to go to bed? What time was breakfast again? Bailey's stomach growled again and bailey hoped no one heard it. Food was definitely one thing on his mind. He forgot to eat enough during dinner, preoccupied with the many other things going on. He was happy it was chilly out though, otherwise he wouldn't be feeling too good right about now.
 #34862  by Dianne Osgood
Having to teach at night was both a privilege and a curse to Dianne Osgood. On one hand, her classes needed to be able to look at the skies, and she personally loved gazing at a clear sky and she loved sharing that with her classes. On the other hand, she was tired, and the students were often tired and grumpy.

However, the first years were usually very sweet and enthusiastic, at least. Or hopefully they would be anyway, as she did not know this particular group yet.

After she had welcomed the class, set her expectations and given them the simple task of using their telescopes to see if they could even spot any stars, she was wandering around the Astronomy Tower, checking up on each student. From her experience, even the simple act of setting up a telescope could prove to be the first hurdle with First Years.
 #34863  by Bailey Shea
While the professor welcomed the class and went over the itinerary for the year, Bailey looked up at all the stars and tried to take everything in. It was all so new to him and the fresh air made his head swim. He heard probably half of it before becoming distracted by an object in his hand. An instrument that was supposed to allow him to see the stars better. His eyes widened in awe as the little gadget was fiddled within his small hands. He didn't know how to work it and looked around impatiently at the other students.

He tried to mimic the other students to the best of his abilities. He was determined to set the telescope up himself. He was used to doing things himself, after all. "How?" he whispered to himself before finally setting it up correctly and peeking through the scope to see nothing but darkness. "Excuse me, professor?" he called out while raising his hand. He didn't know what went wrong, he did everything correctly.

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 #34904  by Dianne Osgood
Dianne's attention was caught by one of the boys in the class asking for her attention. He looked like a very typical first year student, confused and slightly scared. First year was probably her favourite year to teach, as the change in the students from the beginning of year to the end was insane.

"Yes?" Dianne said, offering the boy a smile. "What's your name, and what seems to be the problem?"

She tried to know all of her students by name as quick as she could.
 #34991  by Bailey Shea
The cold had tinted Bailey's cheeks pink which hid the embarrassment he felt as the professor came over to help him. He never liked to ask for help and most of his life didn't need it. This was a much more advanced piece of machinery that Bailey was not used to dealing with. His eyes looked around shyly at the other students who were thankfully not paying him any mind and dealing with the device on their own. He was used to a student becoming the center of attention when they needed help. Being laughed at and hushed whispers about them but it was so different here at Hogwarts. Perhaps it was because they all were dealing with new things and it wasn't just him.

A deep breath in and out helped calm his nerves. He looked up in admiration towards his professor. They all seemed so kind and caring. He wondered for a brief moment if she was a mother. He wondered about his own mother and quickly snapped back into reality. His little hand that held the scope, reached towards the professor to show her it. "I can't see anything," he informed in a low hesitant tone, nearly forgetting her initial question. "My name..."

The puff nearly forgetting his own name. It was the environment and new surroundings. He was so very distracted with everything going on around him that done him in. Millions of questions and thoughts popping and crackling within his brain that made it hard to concentrate. "Um... M-My name is Bailey?" he spoke questionably, as though questioning his own name but stating a fact all at the same time. Shivering from the icy cold feeling that ran down his spine and nibbling on his lower lip in anticipation to find out why the telescope wasn't working for him.
 #35441  by Dianne Osgood
"That's okay, Bailey," Dianne smiled warmly, immediately noticing that even though all first years were scared early on in the year, she had seen it year upon year in her teaching, and even with her own children, even though she was at the same school as them most of the time. Bailey though seemed a tad more scared than the others.

"Let's see what the problem is here," she reassured him, before bending down to peer through his telescope. He had a point, she also could not see anything.

She stood back up, and ran her hand slowly down the telescope, thinking. Then turned around to look at the end, to find the protective cap still in place. Dianne removed it and showed Bailey with it in the palm of her hand.

"This might help," Dianne smiled again.