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Dino shrugged. He was not very good at keeping in touch. If he had a permanent place to call home, he didn't doubt he'd be in much the same situation as Orla. In the meantime, he was mostly away on jobs. When he wasn't, he was either here, with Velvet, or in Derry. In any case, rent wasn't a thing he'd ever paid, but he did pay for groceries.

'I don't remember, so it can't have been too dramatic, can it?' He shrugged, and shoveled a forkful into his mouth. 'I was back home two weeks ago, I think, but I usually stay here when I'm in the isles. Yer not missin' much, I can tell ya that. How often do ya reckon a lad can get the significant other speech before he explodes?' Dino asked, eyes wide as he gesticulated wildly. A bit of lasagne fell from his open mouth and back into his plate.
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"Yeah, I'm sure it's fine, I'll write them soon," Orla nodded. She probably did need to keep better on top of her good daughter duties, an area of her life that did not seem to be the priority at the moment.

Her eyes flickered to the lasagne falling, but she ignored it. She was used to that.

"Hey, it's not like you're the only one, I'm also yet to have any kind of a romantic interest, and 'I don't have time for that' doesn't seem to be a valid excuse!" Orla replied, "at this rate they probably are starting to lose all hope for grandchildren."
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Dino shrugged. He was in no position to tell Orla what to do. Neither of the O'Sullivan children were very good with family ties, but then again they were called Iguana and Dinosaur, so maybe that was just karmic retribution.

'Ach, just grand. We're twenty-four, they need to calm down. It's not even like I want children to begin with...' At least his folks had the decency not to ask him about children. It wasn't as though he could accidentally come by them, anyway. Dino hoped they extended his twin the same courtesy. 'At least you have an excuse to give them.' As extroverted as the oceanographer was, he had something keeping him back from saying to his darling mammy and da that he didn't need a significant other, that he was quite content just sleeping around. Couldn't very well say that to your parents, though...

'So,' he said brightly. 'What's things like at the Ministry?' Dreadfully boring, he supposed.
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Orla ate another few mouthfuls of her food. "They do need to calm down, I think the fact that we've both got good jobs should be enough for now," she said. To give her brother some credit, getting to work for the Wizarding Expedition Society was quite impressive.

"It's good, though I'm in early and I leave late, and still haven't gotten a raise, or a promotion. And there's this business trip to the American Bureau of Magical Affairs that I'd really like to go on, but my supervisor hasn't mentioned anything about me going at all," Orla said, knowing that Dino had little interest in her more corporate line of work, but she didn't care.
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Dino nodded in energetic agreement. Yes, their parents definetely needed to chill. 'They're only goin' to be happy when yer the Minister and have five children, ya do realize this, aye?' As for him, well, they were in Northern Ireland. Dino supposed they'd had to lay whatever dreams they'd held towards that goal to rest.

His nod became polite when she started to talk about her job. Hey, he'd asked. 'That's what ya get for bein' such a boffin in school,' he shook his head sympathetically, now, still forcing food into his open mouth. His mammy would have something to say about that... 'Ya'll get there, though. Boffins go far.'

At the mention of transatlantic travel, Dino perked up significantly. 'Ach, of course ya'll get to go. When's it supposed to be?'
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"I know," Orla chuckled, "though the Minister thing may be more likely than the five children at this rate," she said. Her mantra had always been that she did not have time for dating, which was true, but it wasn't like the eligible bachelors were all lining up outside of her office waiting for her either. And most of the men she worked with were older, and married.

"It's not until after Christmas, end of January or February," Orla said, "though they're organising all of it now. Do you know where you'll be that far in advance?"

Her brother's job had always fascinated her, with all the travel involved. It did suit him well.
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'Well, ya have to have children,' Dino replied. 'Ma and Da will explode if one of us doesn't, and uh, ya know it's not goin' to be me.' He snorted into his lasagne. 'Even if I tried my damndest.' He snickered some more, the thought of potential failed attempts clearly very amusing to him. In earnest he didn't care about if Orla had children. She seemed to have a busy enough life as is, why add to the insanity? Not everyone was made to have children, after all.

'Right, that's grand. Proper polite of them to give so much time ahead. I only find out about my assigments the month before I have to leave. Doesn't leave much time, but what else am I meant to do, party all the time?' More lasagne fell from his open mouth and he wiped it with the back of his hand. Flecks of food fell to the floor, without him noticing.
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"I may get there one day, someone has to keep the family line going, apparently," Orla smirked. She could not picture herself as a mother at all, but you never know. It annoyed her that it seemed to be an expectation for her, as it seemed to be for a lot of women, but she also didn't want to rule it out fully.

"You definitely do party all the time," Orla chuckled, as she knew exactly what her twin brother was like. "Where is your next one, do you know yet?"
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Dino shrugged. Dinosaurs have gone extinct, and it didn't matter much to him if the O'Sullivans also went extinct. They had plenty of cousins on both sides anyway to carry the name.

'Ach, I do not party all the time,' Dino protested. 'I stayed in last night!' He shoved in a couple more forkfuls. 'I leave in two weeks, so aye, I do know where I'm going. Fiji.' HIs eyes sparkled. 'Can ya believe I've never been?'
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"Wow, one night," Orla said sarcastically after chewing her food first. Her brother always brought out the sarcasm in her, but then she also knew that it would really freak her out more if he was any different.

"Fiji sounds amazing though," Orla said, picturing it for a minute. "You know, maybe I would like to travel a little bit more if I ever felt like I could take the time off."

She couldn't remember the last time that she had left the country that wasn't with the Ministry, usually visiting a foreign Ministry somewhere across the Wizarding World.
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Dino wolfed down the rest of his lasagne with manners that were sure to turn his mother into a ghost that would haunt him upon her death, mostly because he was tired of holding his plate. He sat himself down on the armrest of the sofa, and put his plate on the sofa, and then stuck out his pierced tongue in response to Orla's sarcasm. How witty.

'Ya should come visit! Take a week off, have fun in the sun! I'd still be workin', but ya could just sleep in the sun, go swimmin', read a book, I don't know! Think about it, ya'd love it!'
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"I have genuinely never done that," Orla said, referring to the swimming and sleeping in the sun. She had never taken a week off, or a holiday with the sole purpose of relaxing, just for herself, in her entire life. She had always been too focused on her grades, or getting the best job, or getting promoted.

"I might be able to, I'm not sure," she said.
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Dino slapped the armrest and gasped in mock outrage. Had Orla really never taken a vacation? Well, it was in keeping with Iguana Orla O'Sullivan's entire life up to this point, hardly surprising.

'Ach, yes, do it! Come along! It would be such good craic!'
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"I'll see what my boss says," Orla said, wondering if she'd ever have the courage to admit to her boss that occasionally she did think about other things, and wanting to do other things than work. She definitely had the annual leave free to take, as she never used any.

"Also, this lasagne really was nice, you can pass the compliment along to Velvet," Orla finished the last mouthful, and actually felt a lot better having finally eaten a proper, homecooked meal.
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OOooo, this would be awesome! Dino hadn't spent much time at all with Orla since the holidays last Christmas. The last time they'd spent time alone that was longer than a coffee or this lasagne meal, Dino couldn't actually remember. A few years ago? It made their parents sad that the twins didn't keep such close contact since they were out of school, but what were they expecting? Dino traveled for a living, and Orla was overworked for a living.

'Aye, it would be stickin' out! Want me to talk to yer boss?' He waved Orla's comment about the lasagne away, as though to say it was nothing. Sure, it was nothing on him. He hadn't been the one doing the cooking, after all...