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Location: Velvet Goldman's Flat • Date: October 28th, 2003

As the years went on and Orla and Dino O'Sullivan got older, she found that they saw each other less and less. Instead of the endless childhood days where they almost spent too much time together, seeing her twin brother was now an increasingly rare occasion. It didn't help that his job involved so much travel, while her job involved her spending most of her waking hours at her desk inside of the Ministry building.

Though one of those rare times had lined up where both of them seemed to be in the correct country and free at the same time, so Orla knocked on the door of Velvet Goldman's flat, who she had gone to Hogwarts with, and who Dino was currently staying with.

Hopefully he hadn't forgotten she was coming...
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Dino was excited to see his twin sister. Ever since graduation, it felt like they mostly only saw each other for family functions and holidays, the latest of which had been their own birthday. Dino had not stayed in Derry very long, that time, owing to a birthday bash a few mates had organised for him in London that sounded more fun than sitting through an awkward meal of being called Dinosaur and asked why he didn't have a significant other, regardless of gender. Small blessing he supposed that his parents didn't ask him about children...

He'd been crashing at Velvet's for over a week, the lull between jobs messing up any semblance of sleep schedule he might have had. The sun was starting to want to set, and still he was in his pyjamas, a white undershirt and grey sweatpants complete with actual bunny slippers, the likes of which weren't manufactured for adult men, but had magically been made to fit him.

And so it was thusly dressed that he opened the door to his sister, feeling only a slight bit ashamed of his presentation.

'Fancy seein' ya here, Orla.'
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"You knew I was coming over," Orla stated as a fact. There wasn't even a question about it, even if Dino had forgotten about this, she had definitely planned on coming over to see him on this exact date well in advance.

Though at the sight of what he was wearing, she couldn't help but smile.

"Nice bunny slippers. Do they have names?"
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Dino gave his traditional grin and shrug in answer. It was hard to get out of bed on time, alright?

He wiggled his toes, making the slippers move. 'Ach, sure they do,' he lied. 'Here's, uh, Bun, and that's Ny.' He pointed to his feet.

'D'ya want anythin' to drink? Eat? Take off yer coat and make yerself comfortable, and all. Quit lookin' at me like that, I'm goin' to change, ya'll be so happy.'

With no further word he let his sister alone in the doorstep, and went to the room he used when at Violet's.
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"Great," Orla said, and chuckled lightly. They could not look more opposite, her still dressed in her formal work attire as she had come straight from the Ministry, while he was wearing bunny slippers.

"Do you actually have food in? That you'll cook?" She asked, sounding surprised, with no faith in her brother's cooking skills. She took her coat off and draped it over the nearest chair.
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It took Dino a moment only to change into beige cargo pants and a The Offspring t-shirt that had a small mustard stain. So tiny. No one at the bar would notice tonight. Dino certainly didn't notice it. Stains just gave clothes more personality, didn't they?

He reappeared, and gave his twin sister an offended look.

'What! Of course I have food in the fridge! Velvet made lasagne! Do ya want some? It's really good, so it is.'
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"Oh okay, sure," Orla said, "if you didn't cook it, I'm sure it'll be edible," she teased.

Orla had never been one hundred percent sure of Dino's friend Velvet, or most of his chosen friends really, but at least she did always offer him a place to stay whenever he was in the country. And Orla trusted her cooking quite a bit more than she did her own brother's.
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'Oh, that's so clever and funny,' Dino replied, faking offense once again.

'You watch that smart mouth, young lady,' he added in a bad imitation of their mother's voice, pointing an accusing finger at his twin.
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"But I'm right though, you can't deny that, surely," Orla sat down on the sofa.

"Unless you've suddenly become a top chef while travelling across the world."

Orla was always right. It was something that automatically came with being the smarter twin, she had decided.
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Dino rolled his eyes dramatically, mock scowling. 'Fine, fine, is that ya? Quit faffin' around and insultin' the lasagne, or I'll find someone else to give it to, someone more grateful.' He tsked. 'Have ya heard the bake on ya, mammy would have somethin' to say about that!'

Instantly he dropped the act. 'Ya'll find I eat beans straight out of a can. But I don't believe for a second you make time for cookin',' he added with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. 'Velvet makes sure I'm still alive every once in a while.'
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"Fine, let's have the lasagne," Orla chuckled. There was something about her twin brother that did instantly make her relax a little bit more - apparently sharing a womb could do that. It could even make one of the most uptight people in existence a little bit less uptight.

"You're not wrong there, I'm at the Ministry until God knows what time of night, so I end up grabbing some instant noodles most of the time and crashing out in bed," Orla sighed, though she knew she wouldn't have it any other way.
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Finally, Orla agreed to the lasagne, so Dino went to fix her a plate of it. A minute or two later, he brought back a hot plate of the food and a fork. Who needed knives, anyway? Food was meant to be shoveled into one's mouth, wasn't it? His own plate soon followed.

'See, I do have a more balanced diet than ya! This has, uh, tomatoes!' Dino said as he poked at his food, and then licked his finger. 'Oh, before I forget, Mammy told me to tell ya to send her an owl at the latest on the 22nd for somethin'. What date are we even? These days off are really doin' my head in!'
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"Thanks, this does actually smell really nice," Orla would have to tell Velvet whenever she next saw her. She clearly had more talent for cooking than either of the O'Sullivan twins did.

"Well, it's the 28th now, you really have lost the plot a bit when it comes to the date," she rolled her eyes, "what was it even about, did she say?"

She probably didn't send letters home as often as she should. She would get so wrapped up in her job and life at the Ministry, that a lot of the time she unintentionally just forgot.
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Dino nodded proudly, as though he had been the one to make the lasagne isntead of Velvet. It was some pretty good stuff. He couldn't figure out why she did it, but Velvet put bacon in the lasagne, and it was amazing.

'Uh, it was something, uh... relatively urgent?' Dino said sheepishly.
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"Oh, brilliant," Orla said, "well hopefully if it was really that urgent, she'd have sent me an owl. So it must be fine," she basically talked herself into why it was fine that she had neglected their family for a while.

"I feel like I haven't actually been back to Derry in ages, you probably visited more recently than I did," she said, as she put another mouthful of food in her mouth. It did taste really good, and it probably was one of the most nutritious meals she had eaten recently.