A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33392  by Vivianne Vale
Location: Iver Hall, South East England • Date: Late October 2003???

Vivianne was in a small room that Mrs. Iver had instructed her to use to brew her requested potions. Supposedly no one would bother her there, and Viv surely hoped that would be the case. She wasn't sure who knew of the poison Astrid wanted, and she didn't want to get in trouble if the wrong person stumbled in and found out.

An old potions book was open on the table, its pages yellowed and margins full of scribbled notes. The current page had detailed notes on a particularly unpleasant poison. A notebook full of her own notes sat next to it. Jars and vials of ingredients were organized next to the cauldron, including substances like venomous tentacle juice and moonseeds.

On the opposite end of the table there was a large vial of light orange liquid. This was the antidote she had just finished earlier that day. Astrid may have said that the poison was more important to her, but Viv wanted to make sure that the antidote was brewed and ready first just in case anything went wrong.

Now she just had to finish the poison. Which Astrid would maybe hopefully not actually need to use?? She tried to shake off the uneasy feeling inside her as she flipped through her notes again. Yes, let's go back to pretending that this was all just an academic exercise. This was just a fascinating poison that used venomous tentacular juice - such an interesting plant! The juice alone wasn't necessarily lethal, but it would certainly give an awful burning sensation in the stomach of whoever drank it.

She slowly poured a vial of the juice into the cauldron, the mixture sizzling as she steadily stirred clockwise. Her eyebrows were narrowed, eye focused and her expression serious, as she carefully followed each step.
 #33424  by Viola York
Viola had been curious about Astrid's new-found potioneer ever since she magically turned up out of nowhere. And of course, an envy had spiked within her. She was the only potioneer of Iver Hall, whether Astrid liked it or not; Viola was intelligent, cunning, ruthless, and creative. She was born to be in this role, if not higher, and she wasn't about to let some random plant-obsessed girl mess with her chances!

Although, as she tip-toed into the room, leaning against the door frame of the potions room, she had to admit that it was an impressive set up. She'd been looking for amateur mistakes in the tools and equipment, but apparently Vivianne at least knew some of her stuff...Viola supposed. She looked over the girl carefully, folding her arms, before eventually clearing her throat.

"So, you're Mrs Iver's new toy, are you? What's it like to be in her good graces?" She asked, smirking.
 #33451  by Vivianne Vale
After a minute Vivianne stopped stirring, glanced at her notes again, and took several moonseeds out of one of the jars. However at the sound of Viola clearing her throat Viv nearly dropped it. She jumped, startled by the sudden appearance of the other woman.

“What - who - uh, hi!” Vivianne stammered while trying to quickly hide her book and notes under some blank parchment. Of course that act probably made her look suspicious but what else was she to do? She wasn’t prepared for random visitors!

“Well, I don’t know if you’d call it good graces. More like neutral graces? I don’t think she’s made her mind up about me yet!” She gave a nervous laugh as she grabbed a mortar and pestle, placing the moonseeds inside, and began grinding them. Vivianne couldn’t exactly stop working on the poison now, or the timing could get screwed up. Hopefully this woman didn’t know anything about plants or potions??? Otherwise she might recognize the moonseeds and how poisonous they were.
 #33465  by Viola York
Viola raised a brow. "Nobody is neutral with Astrid; she has a set opinion on everyone, and once she has it, it's excruciatingly hard to change it. She will always make sure you fit the narrative she has imagined for you." She stepped in further, scuffing her heels on the floor laxly, arms swinging loosely as though she hadn't a care in the world.

"She probably knows exactly what she wants to do with you, and she will do everything in her power to manipulate you to do it anyway, as though it was all your idea to begin with." She continued, stepping further into the room.

She tilted her head at what Viv was doing, and soon, a sly smile begin to form on her lips.

"I see she's already getting you to act darkly...throwing you right into the deep end, I suppose. So...who's it for? Did she tell you?" She asked, nodding to the moonseeds.
 #33732  by Vivianne Vale
Vivianne gave a slight frown as she listened to Viola. What this woman was saying didn't sound unlikely - Astrid did seem to have a dangerous, manipulative edge to her. She had convinced her to make this poison, after all!

"I guess I'll find out what she thinks once the month is up," though Vivianne wasn't sure if she'd be sticking around even if she was in Mrs. Iver's good graces. Right now she just needed this woman to leave before she got too curious about what Viv was making -- too late!

"Uh- what are you talking about? Oh, this isn't for anyone. Just some studying and practice!" Vivianne focused her gaze on the moonseeds she was grinding, trying not to look at Viola. Trying to look innocent and studious and Not-Suspicious-At-All. She shifted her weight on the stool, clearly uncomfortable.
 #33800  by Viola York
Viola chuckled darkly, and then began to approach, a sensual edge to her as she stepped closer still.

"Now, what would you need to practice brewing poisons for, though? Got an enemy? Want a method of blackmail? Plotting something? Don't pretend you're better than all of this; you're at Iver Hall, after all. The very centre of cultivating dark arts - death and decay claw at its walls. And you really expect me to believe that this is just all an innocent coincidence that you're brewing such things here? Don't make me laugh."

She sidled up to Vivianne, peering over her shoulder.

"I make poisons too, y'know. Lots. I've made many potions for the Ivers...and seeing you secretly making a poison, hiding it from me, speaking about only being on probation can only give me one conclusion unless you tell me otherwise." She tilted her head. "You want to kill the current potioneer and take her place."