A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31546  by Artemis Browning
Location: Nimbus Broom Co. Headquarters • Date: Oct 8

Artemis hovered above the floor on her broom, bent over low as if she was racing while the cameras flashed around her. It was a show put on for the media to demonstrate the newest line of Nimbus brooms. Suddenly, without warning, she swung her weight, rolling around in place, a complete 360. When she righted herself amid cheers and applause, she couldn't help but notice the broom was wobbling just a bit.

It was only one of the things she had started noticing about different broom brands as she had started her research. She was still a long way off from having Huntress Brooms become a reality, but while continuing her public appearances for other brands, she was slyly trying to see what actually went into a proper broom.

Finally, her turn in front of the camera was done and she vaulted off the broom, landing with a grin as she handed it off to the next brand ambassador. "Try and top that," she said, smirking.
 #31602  by Reese Killigrew
Reese had been racing brooms for a number of years now, and even though her name was not unknown in the circuits anymore, and she occasionally did feature in a Quidditch magazine or on a radio show, she still wasn't entirely convinced that she was a natural in front of the cameras. Reese had always been too blunt, too honest, accused of being rude sometimes. She definitely didn't seem to have that natural fake charm that seemed to work for the press.

Yet, here she was, being photographed to advertise the new line of Nimbus brooms.

"Nice. Very unexpected, extremely agile, I'm sure everyone who buys one will expect to be able to do that immediately," Reese joked, taking the broom from Artemis Browning, and she stood waiting as the cameras weren't quite ready for her yet.
 #31707  by Artemis Browning
Artemis raised her eyebrows cheekily, giving a little wiggle of her shoulders. "I'm showing them what they can accomplish with some practice," she chirped, running her fingers through her hair to fix it after her acrobatic show. She had built her personal brand on theatrics in front of the camera, so this was natural for her.

"It had a bit of a wobble to it, though," she commented, leaning in close to Reese, turning her head so the cameras couldn't pick up what she was whispering. "I find a lot of the commercial brooms do."
 #32386  by Reese Killigrew
"Sometimes," Reese nodded, lowering her voice as well. "I always find that they do wear out extremely quickly, but then we use them so much more than the average recreational user would," she said.

Also, burning through a broom every few months wasn't such a big deal when companies gifted you them for free.
 #32410  by Artemis Browning
Artemis nodded, looking around the room. "That's a fair point. The brooms could be more durable, though, especially for athletes," she mused, shrugging.

"Almost makes you want to make your own." In the middle of her sentence, she paused and flashed a smile as a photographer snapped a shot of the two athletes standing together. "I wouldn't know where to start, though."
 #32580  by Reese Killigrew
"Have you thought about doing that before?" Reese asked, as it sometimes didn't seem like the worst idea in the world. After all, sometimes the athletes were frustrated that they couldn't find brooms that met their exact, specific needs. Who could be better at designing the perfect broom, than the athletes themselves?

"With all the time we spend on brooms, surely it can't be that hard to start somewhere," Reese thought about it. "Are there books on it?"

Reading was never really one of her favourite passtimes when she was a student.
 #32677  by Artemis Browning
Artemis shrugged a shoulder, even as she was internally squealing over the fact that she wasn't the only athlete with the thought. "I haven't come across any books yet," she admitted, letting out a small sigh. "But why do you think I flew all the way here for this photoshoot?" She winked.
 #33290  by Artemis Browning
"Not on this broom," Artemis said, giving a twinkling giggle. "I took SorcerAir. But I came here to see how a broom company does things," she added, smirking. "And so far they haven't disappointed. I even managed to weasel my way into a tour of the manufacturing facility!"
 #33319  by Artemis Browning
As though she was telling a secret, Artemis bent in closer, her voice low. "My family is pretty high profile across the pond," she whispered, "so it wasn't that hard. My mother is an explorer, too, and she needs a broom, so I'm supposedly looking to order a custom broom for her." She grinned happily.
 #33609  by Lindsay Barton
Lindsay hated the days when they brought in celebrity endorsements. Sure, they were popular with the general audience, but they were so difficult to work with.

She let out a long sigh, collecting herself before approaching the two athletes. "We're ready for you now, Miss Killigrew," she said, offering a polite smile at Artemis. "If you'll just follow me, we're going to use this other backdrop over here. Miss Browning, you may help yourself at craft services over there." She pointed to the other corner of the room.
 #33641  by Reese Killigrew
"Okay, sounds good," Reese said, very casually, as she instinctively reached a hand up to sort out her hair, which seemed to be forever messy no matter what she tried.

As she was being ushered away, she turned round to offer Artemis a grin.

"We'll catch up later, yeah?"