A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31400  by Jeremie Lafaille
Location: The Leaky Cauldron • Date: Early October

Ever since gaining the superior position over his own team, and being assigned to almost every private security event with Astrid Iver, Jeremie found himself having less and less time to himself. The significant raise in wage was certainly a bonus, but what use was it when he couldn't have the time off or enjoy using it? Even this pub wasn't nearly as enticing as he wanted it to be; he would have much rather been in a quaint cafe in Paris. But alas, he could not risk being so far away in case Astrid urgently needed him.

It had happened before.

After working four late - and long - shifts in a row, Jeremie was utterly shattered. He used his spoon to stir his coffee, the murmuring of other pub visitors drifting in the background as he slowly began to feel his eyelids droop. He snapped his head up in surprise on one occasion, but it was only mere moments later that they felt heavy again, head nodding down.

As he dropped further, his nose landed right into the steaming cup of coffee on the counter, and he shot up in shock, gasping and slapping a hand over his scolding nose.

"Merde!" He groaned, accent thick. It only stung for a moment before he looked around for a napkin to wipe his face. He really needed a pepper-up potion, nevermind the coffee.
 #31492  by Margo Villiers
A few barstools down from the Wizard sat a younger woman, equally as tired, however possibly not as obviously tired.

Margo was starting to settle into her new job now, at least, even though she still felt the stress, and she was very much still the new girl in the office. She absolutely hated being the new person, but at least she knew vaguely who everyone was and what she was doing on a daily basis.

She was supposed to meet an old friend from Hogwarts here this evening, however, after half an hour of waiting she received a message saying that something had come up and that her friend was no longer available. Feeling the pang of disappointment, Margo decided to stay to finish the drink she had ordered, before apparating home.

The man near her had not caught her attention, until she heard swearing in French, and noticed that he had actually fallen asleep into his coffee.

"Merlin," Margo exclaimed, "are you okay?"

She noticed him looking around and grabbed a handful of napkins from nearby, and held them out to him. "Take these."
 #31505  by Jeremie Lafaille
Jeremie looked up at the woman, quickly taking the napkins and pressing them to his nose. He wiped the scolding hot liquid from his face, wincing a little. He was sure it was already turning red from the impact of coffee, which was definitely not the best of looks - in his opinion. He rubbed his eyes, and then looked over to the young woman, offering a small smile.

Of course, his version of a small , polite smile was rather charming. He couldn't help it!

"Thank you." He said in English, the French pronunciation lulling through the words. "I'm fine." He spoke again, giving his nose one final wipe before placing the napkins down.

Turning to her a little more, Jeremie allowed his smile to brighten further.

"Be honest with me, Miss...is my nose red? I have a feeling I've ruined my chances of modelling with this, you know." He jested.
 #31601  by Margo Villiers
Margo immediately noticed that the man was French when he began to speak, which she couldn't deny intrigued her a little. He had a nice smile as well.

She looked at his nose, torn between wanting to appease and be polite, and wanting to tell the truth.

"A little, but nothing to be too worried about," Margo found herself smiling back. "You were only asleep in the coffee for a few seconds, not much time to do any serious damage."
 #31603  by Jeremie Lafaille
Jeremie smiled widely at her. She was sweet, at the very least.

"Good, I'm glad." He let his eyes drift over her for a few seconds before looking back to her face. "I hope I haven't ruined your opinion of me too much; it would be a shame to have thoroughly embarrassed myself before even getting to the introduction of a woman as pretty as you."

Yes, he was flirting. Why wouldn't he? She was attractive, he was attractive. Why not?
 #31884  by Jacklynn Casteele
Jacklynn did not usually frequent places like the Leaky Cauldron, but she was bored with her usual hangouts. They were always full of noisy patrons who were immature and wanting to get into trouble. Not the fun kind of trouble either. The kind of trouble where the authorities were notified and all of the fun ended. Yeah, she was definitely not in the mood for that this time.

Instead she found herself entering the run down (in her opinion) establishment. There weren't that many people there, which was how she wanted it tonight. Swiftly, she neared the bar, passing a woman and smiling at the man she was talking to. She ordered a cup of tea and turned to watch the two that were chatting. Maybe this would be a fun time after all.

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 #32379  by Margo Villiers
"Oh, not at all," Margo smiled, part of her not at all sure what to do with this slightly forward man, as this was not something she was used to at all, but another part of her secretly pleased.

Though at that moment, what seemed like one of the most beautiful women Margo had ever seen entered the building. Typical.

"Oh I'm sorry, I'll move my bag out of the way," Margo said, and did smile politely at her and moved her handbag so there would be more room at the bar next to them.
 #32619  by Jeremie Lafaille
Jeremie lifted his brow. Now this was interesting; two beautiful women at once! This was definitely worth the sore nose. Then again, he'd barely spoken to this other woman, but he could tell by the way his vision pulled to her that she wasn't a regular witch.

"Oh, you two don't know each other?" He commented, looking between the two. "That's very surprising. I had been certain that two gorgeous women would gravitate to one another to become friends..."

He smirked a little and then held his hand out to each of them in turn.

"Jeremie Lafaille." He said, French accent thick. "Security team leader, working my way up in the ranks."
 #33147  by Jacklynn Casteele
Jacklynn smiled, maybe a bit condescendingly at first, at the girl as she moved her things from the bartop. She placed her hands gingerly next to her cup of tea and turned more toward the pair. "Much appreciated," she said, her voice a bit on the silky side as she moved her gaze to the man that she'd wanted to get to know.

"Jeremie, do you really think that just because two women are pretty they know each other?" she asked, masking her feelings of being insulted. She was a thousand times more beautiful than the blonde girl was. "Although I'm not opposed," she added. It was very much a lie, but she would deal with it the way she usually did. At least she thought that her patience was rather on point today.

She extended her hand to him and in the most ladylike way possible, squeezed his fingers just the tiniest bit. "My name is Jacklynn, and it's very nice to meet you." Her lips twitched into a quick smile and she ignored the woman seated next to them.
 #33193  by Margo Villiers
This had always been a slight sore point for Margo, that amongst the Villiers family she was not the one who had been blessed with abundances of natural charm, especially with men. There was interest there, sometimes, but she often lacked the self-confidence of knowing exactly what to say.

Though she did shake Jeremie's hand. "Margo Villiers, I work for the Ministry of Magic," she said, with a small, slightly shy smile.

She wasn't sure about this other woman, who was probably the exact opposite to Margo when it came to charm.
 #33200  by Jeremie Lafaille
Jeremie lifted his brows. To him, both women were beautiful, although he had to admit there was something slightly more drawing to Jacklynne, but he wasn't particularly sure why. Even with that pull, he didn't want the other woman to feel left out.

"So a Ministry worker? That is very interesting..." He turned to the other woman. "And Jacklynne is a very beautiful name. I must be blessed to be treated to both your company like this - a very lucky man, I must say."

He smirked, openly flirting with the both of them.

"I must say it's definitely cheered me up after a long week of increasing stress and working hours. Perhaps you two would be kind enough to offer me some company...ah, but perhaps we shouldn't be indulging in caffeinated drinks. Sir-" He called to the bartender. "three firewhiskeys, I'll pay for the mademoiselles."