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 #33094  by Nathan Iver
“She...” Nathan stopped himself, pressing his lips together as he looked off to the side.

Re-calibrate a collar? Yes... it had to be. Of course... That devious little shrew!

Looking back at Viola he said, “And you were going to tell me about this when?” His irritation was clear, despite his calm voice.
 #33096  by Viola York
"The next time I saw you...which is now." She spoke back, burrowing her brows. "I didn't want to send a letter or a message; if it got back to Astrid before you she may have acted against me before you could step in to prevent it. I wanted to make sure she didn't feel I was ratting her out...simply explaining what my master has asked me to."

Viola sat quietly a moment, thinking back to that night. She hoped that reasoning made sense at least.

"She came here and ordered me to help design the uniforms for her new business. She gave me a very small window of time to do this. In fact she wanted the designs and the mock ups made within two weeks. I barely slept. Apparently Ciceron was in the same boat with some contracts." She rolled her eyes slightly. "I did do a great job though; she checked everything and was almost desperate to find something wrong. But in the end she was impressed."

Seeing his expression, Viola cleared her throat.

"She'd also told me she wanted this choker thing rewiring - she wanted it's master to be only her. She wanted it done overnight in a rush...But I couldn't do it. Not in that amount of time, and I told her how difficult it would be. But then...She said she would pay me. She told me to put all your experiments on hold and prioritise her otherwise Aidan wouldn't recognise me. After I finished it...She really did pay me."

Viola scowled.

"Three galleons. Better than having a caved in face though..." she looked away, clearly disappointed.
 #33130  by Nathan Iver
Nathan frowned, pursed his lips, then said after a moment,

"I am... sorry she is treating you like this."

Well he got that out of the way. Now onto the important part in all this

"Is there anything else you can tell me?" he said curiously. "It has been made so only she can use it. Anything else? Any other enhancements? Anything I would want to know? Did she tell you want she wanted it for? Even a hint?"

It could just be to put back on Hunter. Likely... and just as likely she wanted it for an entirely different purpose or person.
 #33132  by Viola York
Viola furrowed her brow. He was sorry? She hadn't expected that at all!

"Uhm..." She pulleda face, clearly trying to think back. "I was in a barely conscious state throughout the majority of the following conversation after my work; I was so tired...I mean, I guess she was pleased? She wanted a compulsion spell weaved into it, which I did. And then she mentioned 'finally showing that dog a lesson' or something."

She bit her lip.

"I did ask her why she wanted it, and the only response I got was that it was 'revenge on Simon's behalf', whatever that means. Maybe somebody wronged him?"
 #33159  by Nathan Iver
Nathan knit his brow, then bringing up his hand he tapped his lower lip with a finger in thought. He turned from Viola then, striding away a moment, then slowly pacing back as he said, "I am quite certain this is a male... she would likely refer to a female as a bitch. I have never heard her call anyone but male servants and such dogs... But revenge on Simon's behalf? Well... that could be... Well I suppose it could go right back on Hunter's neck. He didn't exactly get along with Simon. But it was already on him, and already controlled him. So why..."

Looking at Viola he said, "I suppose I don't keep up much on the latest gossip. What man would Simon want revenge on? What am I missing in the clues? You pay better to such things then I do I am sure..."
 #33162  by Viola York
Viola leaned back on the table, thinking for a moment, her legs swinging.

"Well...I would actually say you. You wronged him by the use of Imperious, right? But I highly doubt she would be using it on you unless...y'know, you were both into that, which I could see." She lifted a brow at him.

"Maybe on Ivan since he is now dating Zara Sheppard, his one true love? And don't ask me how I know; I know everything." She waved a hand dismissively. "Other than that...errrr...okay, Hunter could get it again, I guess. Maybe she just wanted to change the permissions?"
 #33166  by Nathan Iver
When Viola mentioned him, and suggested he might be into it, Nathan made a scoffing sound and said, "I assure you I am not. Nor would she ever refer to me as a dog. That I am certain."

But her next suggested really cause him pause.

"Wait.. Ivan... and Zara Shepard... are an item?" he said, looking confused. Did he know this? Ivan never told him. Did Astrid know?

"Well now that is... amusing..." he said with a slight smirk. "He only ever complained of her to me. Said some very unflattering things as well. But really, he is dating her? Taking her to bed once or twice I could see. Who wouldn't? But what an odd twist of fate that they should actually be an item. Perhaps Zara is doing it under Astrid's orders."

Nathan shook his head, then said, "I want to regain control of the collar. If she comes to you again with improvements she needs made... contact me before you return it to her."
 #33168  by Viola York
"Yeah, but you didn't hear that from me." She shrugged, folding her arms and sighing. "I had hoped I'd get a night with Ramazanov before I was completely taken off the market, but here we are, I guess."

At his request, she looked up at him, thought for a few seconds, and then nodded.

"Yes, Sir." She bit her lip, and then spoke again. "You know, I told you a long time ago that I always ensure all my creations have a fail-safe on them for my personal use. I didn't technically invent this, but I presumed my tweaking was enough of my signature to add this. For emergencies, of course. I would suggest I deactivate it now remotely, but frankly? There's no good outcome there. She would either come to me to fix it immediately or just torture me for 'failure', or the collar would aggravate her victim and she end up injured with no real method of protection. I don't know what she plans to do."

"So...what if I gave you the spell - essentially - render it into a useless strap of leather. It was inadvertently destroy its own magical wiring from the inside out. I would have to recreate the entire thing but...revenge may not be as sweet or dangerous for her. After all, you could always claim to have read my notes whilst I was away." She hinted, clearly wanting nothing to do with the blame for this.
 #33177  by Nathan Iver
"No," said Nathan, shaking his head. "That isn't what I want. I don't want to break it. I want to gain control. I don't even know what she wants it for yet. If it is for Hunter then I have even more interest in taking control of the one using it. "And don't worry about it getting back to you," said Nathan, waving a dismissive hand.

"I am a powerful wizard am I not? It was originally my collar, was it not? why shouldn't she accept I can figure out a way to exert control over it. Besides.... it would only do our relationship good if she believes there is nothing I can't do..." said Nathan, stroking his chin with a smile, "Have to trick to possessing ultimate power is a bit of smoke in mirrors thrown in for convenience."

Nathan sighed, then added, "IF she is happy with what you did, she is sure to come to you for something else. She would like to think she is able to have my special property doing things for her. Just learn what you can, pay more attention next time, get her talking if you can."
 #33179  by Viola York
Viola thought for a moment, but eventually nodded. "Okay...I'll do that."

It was then that a luminescent snake seemed to slither into the tower, long and writhing amidst the darkness around it. It was Astrid's patronus, calling for Nathan to come back to the house. Apparently, unlike Viola's thoughts, she had not been away on some fantastical trip.

Viola pursed her lips.

"I guess I'll see you in a few months." She spoke, almost solemn as she jumped off the table and turned back to the counter with her ingredients.
 #33208  by Astrid Iver
Viola had nodded, and immediately felt the emptiness of the room as Nathan went to tend to his wife.

As he arrived back at the tower, Astrid was in a suspiciously calm mood. She was seated in her chair, fiddling as Ivy wrapped herself around her hands and looped over her fingers. Astrid blinked, and then looked up at Nathan. She paused a moment, considering how to open, but she thought to simply get on with it.

"I'm pregnant."
 #33209  by Nathan Iver
Nathan's brows shot up at once. Pregnant!? So soon?! Well... perhaps he should not be surprised. He did tend to accomplish everything he put his mind to...

A happy, almost sly looking smirk replaced the look of surprise on his face.

"Well then..." he said smugly, "I told you it would take no time at all. Perhaps now you can let go of your bitterness towards me. I have given you a second child after all. We are a true family and I have kept all my promises."

He walked across the room towards her then, placing a hand on the back of her chair to lean down and give her a light kiss... if she would accept it.
 #33211  by Astrid Iver
Astrid was about to, but paused, placing her hand on his cheek to stop him, looking deeply into his dark eyes.

"Nathan...I'm about ten weeks already...I hadn't really suspected as I believed I was simply having some irregular cycles." She bit her lip. "With the conception date they estimated...I believe there's only one time that it could have been from."

She swallowed.

"The day you used dark magic."