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 #31914  by Evelyn Winters
Location: Evelyn and Vera’s Home • Date: Fall

Pushing open her front door, Evelyn shuffled forward and toed off her heels while holding the door open for Jane.

“Vera should be home soon but I think—“ She stopped and turned as footsteps neared them. Julia, Louis’ nanny was approaching them with Louis hot on tale. Bracing herself with a hand against the wall, she watched as her son raced forward but instead of impacting with her legs, he passed her and dived at the blonde who had only just managed to close the door.

Wincing at the shriek iminating from the small boy, Evelyn turned to pull her son away from his aunt’s legs, “Louis, gentle.” She chastised as she looked at Jane to make sure she was okay.
 #31921  by Jane Hadley
Befuddled by her nephew's enthusiastic greeting, Jane looked at the boy's mother. She knew she was not to admonish the little boy, he had not been warned of her condition, but his exuberant shriek had pierced through her throbbing head like a knife.

Wincing she got down to Louis's level. "Hello," she spoke gently. "Do you always greet people like this?" She wondered attempting to understand her nephew's motivations.
 #31922  by Louis Hadley
"Are you going to have dinner with me?" The little boy wondered aloud despite his mother's admonishment.

The little boy's smile faded and his eyes widened when he noticed the stitched gash on his aunt's forehead. "You're hurt?" He worried. He put a gentle hand on the blonde's cheek.
 #31923  by Jane Hadley
Eyes darting towards the hand on her cheek, she took a sharp breath and swallowed back her reticence.

"I am hurt," Jane admitted. "But the healers said I would be okay," she added in an attempt to reassure her nephew as well as herself.
 #31924  by Louis Hadley
Louis nodded slowly. "You will be okay," the little boy confirmed. "Maman will take care of you," he said with the confidence of a child who idolized his parent.

His hand moved from his aunt's cheek to her hand. "Has maman kissed it better?" He inquired looking up at his mother.
 #31945  by Evelyn Winters
Blinking down at her child, she looked quickly at Jane before turning back to Louis, “I have,” She answered immediately before bending down and scooping him up.

“Now, say goodbye to Julia and let starts on dinner, hmm?”

After closing the door on Louis’ nanny, Evelyn herded both Louis and Jane into the kitchen and then sat her son on the counter next to the sink where she began to wash her hands.

“Would you like something to drink, Jane?”
 #31946  by Jane Hadley
Wide-eyed, the blue-eyed blonde remained fused to the ground. Her sister in law may have considered this to be an innocent lie, but she did not. Like any lie, this one rendered her mute. Having read a few books about children's development to be fully competent when interacting with her nephew, she could not find a rationale justifying a lie to him.

She used her wand to send her luggage to the guest bedroom and followed her family towards the kitchen. "I would like a glass of truth," she answered. It took her a few seconds to realize her slip. As it was rare for her to misspeak, her frown was particularly deep. "Water," she clarified before she added. "And also we should tell Louis the truth." She added.
 #31964  by Evelyn Winters
With one hand on Louis' thigh, she waved her wand at the cabinet across from them and two glasses floated out from them. Snatching one out of the air, she filled it with water from the tap and pushed it toward her guest.

"I don't understand," Evelyn replied, tapping her son's knees with her thumbs before beginning to fill her own glass. She took a delicate sip, her gaze flicking between Jane, and her son who playing with one of his trucks that he had left on the counter that morning.
 #31965  by Jane Hadley
"You have not kissed it better," Jane explained with a hand shielding the side of her mouth her nephew could spy but neglecting to lower her voice. "Kisses do not have healing properties." Quite confused, she tilted her head. Surely Evelyn did not believe this.
 #32036  by Evelyn Winters
Quickly looking at Louis to see whether he had heard his aunt's badly whispered words, Evelyn was relieved to see that he was absorbed in making his trucks wheels turn backwards and then forwards.

"You're right, generally they do not, but Louis likes to believe they do and we don't see any reason in not encouraging him. He's three years old and like to overreact so if a kiss with stop him from crying because he fell over but didn't actually heard himself, than a kiss it is." Evelyn looked at Jane to see if she understood what she was saying.
 #32038  by Jane Hadley
Eyebrows twitching, the blonde attempted to process the information she had been offered. Reassurance through affection was not something that was foreign to her, hugs given by those she trusted had been known to calm her.

"I understand," she assured though she still wondered why Evelyn had lied about kissing her.
 #32039  by Vera Hadley
Resenting the fact that her secretary had chosen not to pull her from her meeting when her sister had needed her Vera had spent the entire journey home rehearsing the enraged speech the poor employee would receive in the morning.

Without taking the time to take off her shoes, the blonde had entered the kitchen a few seconds after she had entered her home. Barely glancing at her wife and son, she quickly assessed her sister's state. "Are you okay?" She wrapped her arms around Jane and held her tightly. "I'm sorry, I am so sorry," she apologized.
 #32041  by Jane Hadley
Jane rested her cheek against Vera's shoulder and melted in the comfort of her embrace. Perhaps she wasn't so different from her nephew after all.

For a few seconds, she simply enjoyed the pressure surrounding her limbs, but eventually the observation her sister's appearance had prompted tumbled out of her mouth. "I prefer you as a blonde," she confessed as she pulled away to get a better look at her sister's hair. "Why?" She asked clearly confused by the color change.
 #32051  by Evelyn Winters
Happy to see her wife, Evelyn watched the exchange between the two of them, glad someone else agreed with her opinion about Vera's new hair color and reached for Louis who was trying to climb down the counter so he could get to his mother.

"She's okay. A minor incident at work. She has a slight concussion and needs supervision so I told her she could stay here." She looked at Jane, "Matilde was her Healer and checked her out."