A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31074  by Jens Eiffel
"Alright!" said Jens, sitting back in his seat. "How about a game of sorts. Anyone up for a game?"

Looking to Florian he said, "Remember the fun we had back in the day? Sitting around at The Bear? You know it was fun, come on. Even with Wesley being a creepy son of a bitch. That's how you ended up hooking up with Ana, right? All sorts of fun can come from such shenanigans..."
 #31075  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda gasped.

"Ya! I love games!" She then pointed to Jodie who seemed to be almost shaking her head. "Hey! No backing out. You promised a full night out with me!"

She turned to Jens expectantly. "What game?" She asked, taking another drag, her eyes misting over a little as she did.
 #31096  by Jens Eiffel
Jens ignored Florian's eye rolling as he said, "Well for being with strangers I think the best game is "Never Have I Ever". It kind of helps you to know everyone in the group. You all know how to play, right? You have to drink if you have done the thing?"

Seeing a confused look or two he said " Anyway it's easy enough for anyone to catch onto that hasn't played. Look I will go first to start it off. and everyone has to be honest. If you aren't well... just know in your heart that you are a coward and a loser. Got it? Ok, so..."

Jens held up his glass, then said, "Never have I ever... played on a school quidditch team." Putting down his glass he said, "So anyone who has played on a school quidditch team has to drink."

He was going to start very mild to get it going of course.

That was how it always started.
 #31097  by Florian Dahl
Florian shrugged and shook his head. He had never been on a school quidditch team.

"Tried to get on it my second year." he said. "Didn't get picked. It was tough competition. At least that's my story and I am sticking to it. By my third year I wasn't interested any more..."
 #31098  by Danica Iver
Danica had played Truth or Dare many times as a young teenager, but she had never played this particular game before. She looked around the table, but did not drink. She had little interest in playing quidditch at the time and... also the Slytherin team wasn't really known for accepting girls at the time.
 #31101  by Freddie Crookes
Freddie drank immediately.

"Slytherin beater; I was the best of the best! Even 'ad a full competition wi' Ginny Weasley - faced 'Arry Potter An'orl!" He gloated, grinning widely as he looked around the table.

He watched as Nahla did not lift her drink.

They probably did those carpet sports or whatever, anyway...
 #31102  by Jodie Watts
Jodie bit her lip, and then brought the glass up, taking a sip as she glanced around.

"Seeker for Hufflepuff." She countered but...it wasn't much of a counter. She heard Freddie snort in response. Hufflepuffs were always treated weirdly...
 #31103  by Magdalina Eklund
"Oh! I get it!" Magda grinned, then patted her hand on the table.

"Okay-Okay, I got one!" She exclaimed, but quickly took another drag of the roll Freddie had given her. That seemed to become more and more natural. "Never have I ever taken a class just to get close to a crush."

She followed it up with a drink, grinning.

"I was schooled at the Lundstrom Estate, but I used to sign up for external extracurriculars all the time; all the metal melding and fighting workshops had a bunch of boys in them..." She smiled coyly at the memory. Sven had definitely been her type.
 #31104  by Jens Eiffel
“Wow... “ said Jens. “Talk about private schooling.”

He did not touch his glass, and glancing about he saw others looking thought as they brought themselves back to their school days, but finally he saw Florian lift his glass and take a sip.
 #31105  by Florian Dahl
After taking a sip, Florian put down his glass and said, “I had to think about that a moment. I realised I took Advanced Herbology because there was a girl I liked taking the class. Two girls in fact. I told myself it was for other reasons but... yeah, that’s why I took it.”
 #31110  by Freddie Crookes
Freddie smirked at Florian. What a player...maybe the girls would see that and get turned off? Hopefully.

Jodie hadn't drunk, neither had Nahla. Freddie begrudgingly took a drink.

"Tried t' join same class as this fit lass; we wo' flirtin' an' everythin'. Turns out I misread her subject sheet - ended up in Arithmancy instead of Astrology. Pretty good class t' sleep in, anyway." He shrugged.

And then he leaned back, glancing at Jens. He could see Magda was fairly loosened up now, Jodie was on her way if she carried on puffing on Pixie Sprig, perhaps that was the same with Ara, and Nahla was always rather relaxed.

"Never have I ever had a 'solo nightly activity' within the past three days." He smirked, subtly glancing at the younger women like the utter perverted creep he was. And of course, he gladly drank.
 #31114  by Jens Eiffel
Jens made a scoffing sound, then said, "And here I thought you were trying to show off that you had lass with you for three nights in a row." He took a sip of his drink. Then looking to Freddie he said,

"Your erm...starting off strong with the invasive questions, aren't you? Can't wait until everyone is a little more drunk?"
 #31115  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda flushed red, scrunching her nose slightly.

"Clearly he lacks a bit of tact..." She muttered.

But despite that, she drank, unable to make eye contact with anyone.

Jodie remained still, but surprisingly, from the corner of her eyes, she saw Nahla.
 #31116  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahlahla seemed incredibly unphased, taking a sip of her drink easily and leaning back in her seat.

"Ah, it is only invasive if you desire it to be so." She shrugged. "It's a very natural part of life. Good for the body, mind, and soul. A bit of self care goes a long way - nightly activities being one of them. Healers recommend couples to indulge for health benefits; solo nights have similar affects."

She glanced over to Magda who seemed to take another drag, and Jodie who curled into herself more.

"Florian," She turned to the older man. "You agree, don't you? Perfectly healthy behaviour, yes?"
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