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 #30940  by Freddie Crookes
Freddie smirked at Florian's answer, and then glanced around the table to see the rest of the girls shaking their heads. Of course not. He then turned to Danica, pursing his lips.

"So...yer not from around 'ere, are yer?" He leaned forward. "Yer dressed the part, almost...but yer talk weird, ask questions, look shocked...who are yer spyin' on? Who for?" He narrowed his eyes.
 #30973  by Danica Iver
"Me?" said Danica in surprise. "I am not spying on anyone. But yes... I am... not exactly from around here."

She fell silent, looking about a moment before saying, "Alright, well... basically... I have lived in a bubble my whole life, and I thought maybe it would be nice for once to step outside of that bubble and... see what else was out there... see what other people were like."
 #30974  by Freddie Crookes
"An' this is the place you chose?" Freddie snorted, leaning into her, smirking devilishly. "Want me t' show yer a real good time?"

He quirked a brow, and then chuckled.

"Dun't panic. I don't mean that, though...I would make yer wail in pleasure, lemme tell yer." Rolling his eyes, he then moved to glance around the place.

Luckily, they were in a pretty secluded corner. He brought out a pouch and a set of rolling papers. He wasn't so concerned of anyone catching him and punishing - more concerned at the fact of people wanting to share. He opened up the unlabelled pouch, pinching out a purple-tinged leaves, ground just enough to be soft and flexible. He began layering it onto the paper before rolling it. Clearly he had done this many times.

"First one's free, after this, yer gotta pay for my drink." And with that, he lit it up, taking a long drag to get it going. By his expression, it clearly hit the spot. He held it in his chest a moment, and then blew it out, offering it like a cigarette to Danica.
 #30998  by Danica Iver
Danica drew back at first, her brows knitting in a frown. She wanted to tell him off at once for saying such thing about making her howl!, and let him know her husband would flay him alive if he heard! Of all the...

But after stiffening up she could not help but look curiously at what he was doing next. She knew what it was... she thought. But she had never tried it. Could she? No...

"Well first..." she said, crossing her arms lightly, "You should know I have no interest in hooking up with you tonight or any other night. so I don't need talk of how you could make me feel. It is moot. Second... what.... is that exactly? IT isn't dangerous is it? Doesn't cause one to become dependent on it, does it?" She glanced around at the other questioningly. She had a feeling she really should just turn it down... but she was very curious.
 #30999  by Florian Dahl
Florian shrugged at her questions, then said, "I use indulge it, and variations on the theme, when younger. And I don't touch that sort of thing today. Definitely not anything harder. So for me it wasn't a gateway or anything. I personally didn't become dependent but...I can also take or leave alcohol. Some people can't. I don't have an addictive personality. I wasn't indulging wile in a bad place in life. there can be a lot of factors to consider. If you've never tried it my advice would be... why start?" he said with a shrug.
 #31000  by Magdalina Eklund
"Well, if you aren't gonna have any, then pass it my way!" Exclaimed Magda, leaning far across the table despite the look of sheer confusion of Jodie. Magda took it out of Freddie's hand, taking a long drag.

She sputtered, covering her mouth, but then grinned as Freddie smirked at her. Once again, she brought it back to her lips and took another drag. This time, she copied what Freddie had done, and really started to enjoy it.

"Tastes good." She commented, ignoring the way Nahla looked to the ceiling and how Jodie shook her head. Magda passed it back to Freddie.
 #31002  by Freddie Crookes
"At a girl!" Freddie grinned, taking another hit before pointing to Florian. "Oi, dun't try an' influence 'er. She's a big girl that can make 'er own decisions."

He looked back to Danica.

"Isn't that right, love?" He asked, nudging it toward her.
 #31006  by Jens Eiffel
But the hand of Jens swooped in and picked it as he said, “Don’t mind if I do!”

He took a quick drag, then setting it down again he breathed out with satisfaction, then looking to Florian he said, “You’ve been far more adventurous in the past. Don’t know why you are down playing it. You told me so yourself.”

Looking to Danica then as if he already knew her he said, “It’s nothing to be scared of. Trust me. Only snobs and prudes have issues with it.”

Looking to the rest of the table then he said with a smile, “So what are we all getting into tonight? A bit of trouble I hope.”
 #31008  by Danica Iver
Danica glanced at Florian, but he merely shrugged at the others words. Magda had tried it, so why couldn’t she? What was she afraid of? Her husband would be disappointed? Hah... he probably did this sort of thing all the time...

Before she could think too much about it, Danica picked it up and brought it to her lips. She had smoked anything since she was a teenager. She really didn’t want to cough like Magda had but...

She inhaled the smoke, held it for a moment then let it out... she was almost in the clear when the tickle began at the back of her throat, making her cough lightly. Holding it out the Freddie then she said, “Oh... I am not sure I like that at all. It does not have a pleasant taste...”

She could not help but think of the vanilla flavored cigarillos she use to spoke with her friend... those were nice.
 #31015  by Freddie Crookes
"Heyup, Jens!" Freddie greeted the other man. He was perhaps one of the few he actually didn't mind hanging out with; he seemed willing to get into a bit of trouble, held a few of the same ideas, was a similar age, didn't care for Florian's romancing skills. He was a cool guy.

Freddie took it back off Danica, shrugging.

"More for us that can 'andle it then." He commented, definitely making a dig. Without hesitation, he took another drag.
 #31016  by Magdalina Eklund
"Lots of trouble." Magda grinned at Jens, already feeling a little euphoria from the inhalation of the leaves. It definitely felt good...she wondered what it would be like to have one of her own, all to herself. How good would it feel?

She nodded to Freddie.

"Will show me how to roll them?"
 #31018  by Freddie Crookes
Freddie lifted his brows, and then smirked. He offered a knowing glance to Jens, and then nodded to Magda, giving her a 'come hither' gesture with his finger. She moved around, sitting in a closer seat, but before she could speak, Freddie grabbed the leg of the chair and yanked her so close that she was touching thighs with him.

Looking into her face, he held the already lit roll to her, giving a little nod. Magda leaned forward, taking another slow drag as Freddie held it for her, his eyes never leaving her. As she blew out, he brought it back to his own lips and held it there in his mouth as he began to set out another paper.
 #31019  by Jodie Watts
Jodie watched in awe as Magda so easily fell into place with the group. Not that Jodie wanted to particularly get close to the likes of Freddie but...she did want to fit in. She glanced at Danica/Ara - even she had tried it...

Jodie bit her lip, and then took a long breath. After a few seconds of working up to it, she suddenly leaned forward, gently placing her fingers on the roll and taking it from Freddie's mouth. He simple glanced up and offered a twisted smile before going back to whispering lowly to Magda, explaining how to roll one.

Glancing at Ara, and trying to ignore the lifted brow of Nahla, Jodie took a drag...and began to cough a ridiculous amount. She clasped a hand over her mouth, closing her eyes and trying to hold them back from watering. How had Magda done that!?
 #31020  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahla sat back, taking a sip of her cider before looking over to Florian. Despite what was happening, she appeared very relaxed - it wasn't like this was an uncommon sight to her.

"Looks like we will be playing babysitters tonight." She commented, with a chuckle to the older man.

"Oh c'mon, Nahla, we all know you've dabbled in way worse!" Commented Freddie.

Nahlahla smiled, bringing her index finger to her lips as though it was a secret. "We were all young once."
 #31023  by Florian Dahl
Florian looked at Nahla and chuckled, but said, "Good luck with that. You are on your own. I am not doing any baby sitting tonight. My ex girlfriend, the love of my life, just over heard me saying my one wish was for her marriage to some how end and she end up with me."

Florian raised his glass to Nahla, smirked, then downed it. He then motioned to dice for another as he said, "where... exactly did you come from if I might ask? Do you usually just sit down at just anyone's table and make friends with strangers?"
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