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 #30888  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahla smiled in return.

"Not by trade, but it is a keen passion of mine. I specialise more in charm making, but I suppose many of those require a certain knowledge of herbology and general woods. Perhaps one day I will be a famous herbologist or wand maker " she gave a small shrug. "But really? I find myself enjoying my current employment within the Magical Artisan Guild. It means a lot of travelling, sight seeing, and plenty of culture exploration."

She nodded to the photos.

"Perhaps we have visited the same areas. I work mainly from the Nairobi branch, so perhaps you would like some tips on where to find the rarest of plants and animals?"
 #30892  by Florian Dahl
“I am always open to new tips,” said Florian with a smile. “I own a shop in the Black Forest Market in Germany. I sell magical flora and fauna for charms, wands, and the like. If you give me a truely lucrative tip I could even pay you a finders fee. It is not often I find someone in my field that is willing to tell their secrets Miss, ermm... sorry, what was your name again?”
 #30893  by Danica Iver
Danica gasped at the scares on Florian’s hand, then gave a nervous chuckle as he spoke of how young and foolish he was. She had thought this was going to be a bit dull but... his stories seemed to have an entertaining side... but she did rather wish he would put his glove back on. The thought of how he got the wounds made her shiver.

Looking then to the dark skinned women, Danica sat back in her seat. She had clearly done a lot with her life. She was part of something she was fascinated by, something she loved. They both were. This man and this woman... Was it all worth it? She had been told she lead a charmed life. She had everything she wanted growing up. She did not need to work a traditional job if she did not want to. She could come and go as she pleased...

"You do what you love, right?" said Danica to Nahlahal, "but tell me... does it not cause a great deal of frustration that you must do what you love in order to eat? I mean.. the fact that something you must also be a job. that you can't put it aside for a moment and that the normal frustrations of any job have to be mixed with it? Or is there something you love to do more that you are able to keep as a hobby?"

How did this all work?...
 #30895  by Nahlahla Odili
Reaching out her hand to shake, she offered a friendly smile to Florian. "Nahlahla Odili. Don't worry, I know, it's a mouthful. Nahla is fine."

She looked over to Danica, humming for a moment, looking up in thought.

"Now, that is an extraordinary question. Do I grow to love making money more because it is a hobby, or do I grow to hate my hobby because it becomes my works. I think at times, both. But I believe with anything, if you have a genuine, personal interest - whether it be in a field of work, a hobby, or even a person - you tend to work harder at it regardless. You put the additional effort in even when not required to. I usually find that I have been so caught up in a new style of weaving that I have made far more trinkets and charms than I usually would in a day, and that would be the enjoyment. But in other cases, there may be a specific demand for something I am not currently interested in, and I will have to do it to get the money."

She gave a small shrug.

"But with any job, some areas are more enjoyable than others. All aspects of mine are interesting, but some days, we must notice what we are ready for mentally. My job requires speaking to a lot of people, and on the days that I am too mentally or emotionally drained, I will get ahead in gathering or making so that when I do go out to speak to people, I can dedicate more time in a healthy, mentally stimulating manner."

She waved a hand, not even realising that she had sat down.

"Do excuse me, I do tend to ramble a lot. Words also appear to be a passion of mine." She looked over to Danica. "You ask this because you are not currently doing something you are passionate about, correct? But don't have time to make it a regular hobby?"
 #30896  by Jodie Watts
Jodie couldn't help but stare at Nahla. She was so confident. She was so beautiful despite everything Jodie had been told was not attractive.

Nahla was so serene, with large brown eyes that seemed so kind and wise. Traditional Rastafarian hair, knotted on her head; colourful dress-sense, womanly curves, very dark skin. Jodie couldn't help but feel emotional for a moment.

She remained silent and hid her feelings from drifting onto her expression. But in all her time with Astrid, people like her were not so common, and when they were, they were not so confident and sanguine as this woman. She even made a joke of her own name! Was it simply because the woman was more worldly? More experienced? Or had she never been told to change or that she was lesser than others? Jodie didn't know.

But in that moment, she felt a strange pull to Nahla, and felt more relaxed with her around.
 #30898  by Danica Iver
"Yes, something like that..." said Danica, knitting her brow. She was not at all certain she liked this women guessing her so easily. "I don't suppose I have ever really done what I love..."

How could she when she didn't even know what she loved? If she could do anything in the world what would it be? Right now? If a fairy could grant her a wish? what would others say? How did one find out? what was there to do in life that she had not already done?

"Wait..." she said, planting her hands down on the table and looking around at the others. "I have a question for you all. Think of something you love to do, or would love to be doing right now. Something not easy to obtain, but you often wish for and think about. If you could be granted it with one wish, no bad consequences either for missing work or what have you. Let's not be overly practical. What would it be? What do you feel would make you the most happy right now? or are you doing it with your current life?" she said with a questioning glance to Nalahla.
 #30899  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahla smiled widely, then offered a small shrug.

"I am doing it for the most part. What would make it better? Sharing my passions with friends and family more often. I would love to take all my brothers and sisters for long trip away; a group of friends in the most beautiful locations with no worries and plenty of freedom. Perhaps better if not done for money...but that is a goal, not a wish."
 #30900  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda drank down the last of her cocktail, and then tapped the top of the table.

"MMA star. I wanna compete around the world against the best. I wanna do cage fighting, maybe tournaments in that. Not bothered about magical dueling, but physical fighting? Yes, sign me up. That's my wish." She grinned widely, really wanting Florian's attention.

Why couldn't the other men be here too? This was getting a bit crowded with all the ladies...
 #30902  by Danica Iver
Danica nodded at Nahla. The woman seemed quite put together in life. What would that feel like? To have such passion and be doing it? She really wished for nothing else?

But she gasped then as Magda revealed her desire. "Cage fighting?! really?! That's?.. how shocking! You do not look like someone... well look at your hands! so slender and delicate. I assumed only a very desperate woman would have to do such a thing... to... well..."

Danica suddenly wondered if she sounded out of place. Was that a normal goal for young women who had not grown up in proper society?

"I'm sorry," said said. "I have just never met a woman who wanted to do such a thing... I suppose I haven't really met a man who had tat as a goal either though. Do you mind me asking... Why would you want to hit another human being over and over, and cut off their air until they gave up, if they are not your enemy?"
 #30910  by Florian Dahl
Florian gave a low whistle at Magda’s answer, then said,

“Now. that’s an interesting goal!” He certainly hadn’t expected anything like that, but before he could say anything else Ara was interrupting with her own shock and thoughts on the matter. He understood her surprise but... well surely she did not think women only turned to such a sport when there were no other options... her words actually made him smile a bit in amusement as he looked to Magda for her answer.
 #30912  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda furrowed her brows slightly, but then smiled.

"Desperate? Absolutely not. Becoming a professional sports star isn't a last ditch effort at employment; there are other things people do out of desperation. To turn to sport is a difficult decision because there's no guarantee to get signed or to win; you have to work on yourself always, have to make changes, have to keep an eye on the competition, have to learn things all the time. No match it the same, no opponent is the same. And everyone within the sport knows that. We're not enemies, or we try not to be. The point isn't to fight out of anger; it's to create a mutual respect for each other's efforts to improve and overpower."

"I don't look very intimidating, but that's the point. If I stepped into a ring, I assure you, they wouldn't underestimate me. Jodie even knows. In fact, I gave Captain - er - Ramazanov a run for his money with a choke hold. It's a sport for the little guy. It's about utilising the body in clever ways, not forceful ways - using other people's flaws against them, and turning around the tables. But in the end, we don't fight out of hate or anger or blood lust. It's exhilarating!"
 #30913  by Florian Dahl
"Well I for one think that is pretty impressive," said Florian. "I know I could never do that." Glancing to Nahla then he added, "And good for you. Content in life. Simply want to do more of exactly what you are doing. You will have to tell me what that is like some day."

Florian cleared his throat, then said, "If I could have one wish? Right now? It would be that I could win my ex back, marry her, living happily ever after and all that."
 #30914  by Anastasiya Persky
Unfortunately for Florian, it was at that exact moment that Ana had come out from the seeing Levi in his lab. He was working late and needed some kind of food before coming home, otherwise he would be far too hungry to function, she was sure!

But she stood there, behind Florian, having just heard his wish.

Swallowing thickly, she looked away, and paced past the table, coming into view of Florian with her head down as she headed to the front door. It was evident that she didn't really want to discuss it.
 #30915  by Danica Iver
"Well that is very romantic of you..." said Danica, leaning towards Florian with interest. "Perhaps that wish will come true..." she then noticed the women walking into their view, and the way Florian reacted at once to seeing her.
 #30916  by Florian Dahl
Florian gave a start when he saw Ana, then sinking down in his chair he said, "Oh, shit..."

He brought his hand to his head, covering his eyes a moment before calling out to Ana just as she left, "Just kidding! I knew you were there..."

Looking to the others then he said in answer to Danica, "No... not likely... That was her. And she just got married."
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