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 #30849  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda took the other woman's hand easily.

"Ara, what a nice name! I'm Magda, and this is Jodie." She smiled, gap ever prominent. "And Jodie's right - you needn't wait alone around here. Knockturn can be a scary place. Hopefully you and your friend plan to go somewhere a little nicer?" She asked hopefully.
 #30853  by Danica Iver
"Thank you. You are ever so kind," said Danica, taking a seat. "And what are your names? What do you do? Why do you frequent such an establishment?"

She did not even notice she sounded more like a reporter interviewing them than a random person in a bar.

Leaning over the counter then she waved at Dice and said, "A whiskey and soda with a twist? Oh, uhm..." she eyed one of the less expensive brands Dice was reaching for, then motioning to one of the bottles higher up she said, "that one, unless you have Black Stone Reserve?" she said, asking for a terribly expensive wizard brand whiskey that The Blood Moon did not carry, "No? Ah well that will do," she said, motioning to another top shelf brand.

Looking to the other two women then she said, "What are you drinking? Next one is on me. Whatever you would like."
 #30861  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda blinked. She watched as the other woman picked out one of the more expensive brands, and then shared a look with Jodie. That was certainly outside of Magda's budget; maybe she could afford one like that but...not every drink.

"White Russian." Magda said, taking another sip. "Why do I come here? Well...I work security for Watchdogs, and this is a common hang out spot for them. Plus..." She leaned forward, grinning. "Lots of macho men here, just you wait."
 #30862  by Jodie Watts
Jodie shrugged.

"Daiquiri...maybe a strawberry one would be nice next." She spoke absently before looking back to the other woman.

"I'm kind of a tag along to Magda. I work under the Ivers...well, I guess technically we all do. Specifically, I work alongside Mistress Iver's second in command." She leaned forward a bit. "So you're here to meet a friend? Who are they? Maybe we know them - we come here a lot." She smiled a little.
 #30866  by Danica Iver
Danica rolled her eyes slightly as Magda said there were lots of “macho men” , then said, “yes well... that is a type now isn’t it..”

Then seeing Dice look at her questioningly as he pointed up and down the row of bottle she said, “Oh! Use only the good stuff of course. Might as well drink cleaning fluid then some of those bottom shelf brands.”

Not that... she ever had to know...

She started to look to Jodie then as she said, “Who? Oh... erm... Monica.. Bottle.” There was only a slight paused as she made something up, feeling a bit thrown that this woman also worked for Astrid.

“Do you enjoy working for the Ivers? I have heard of them. Seems it would be a good job.” She eyed Dice as he began to pour the drinks, making sure he didn’t switch anything up on the , but before Jodie could answer a voice behind her said,

“Wow, you ladies have expensive tastes in liquor tonight. I like it...”
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 #30867  by Florian Dahl
Florian stoof a few feet behind Danica, looking over at the drinks Dice was oreparing and handing out. He gave her a quick smile, then looking to Magda and Jodie he said, “You are hear! To tell you the truth I thought you would both bail on me. But you brought a friend I see.”

Holding his hand out to Danica then he said,

“Florian Dahl. Nice to meet you.”

Well this was nice. Maybe the other men would not show up. He would not mind that at all...
 #30869  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda really hoped that this Ara didn't just bail on them after ordering these expensive drinks...or many drinks. It wasn't really something in either hers, or Jodie's, budget. But it was then that Florian made his appearance, and Magda grinned widely.

"Florian! There you are!" She smiled brightly. Jodie seemed to offer him a smile too, though not nearly as large or enthusiastic. "We just met her actually! This is Ara, she was waiting for a friend too."

She turned to the Iver.

"This is Flor- oh, he's already told you. Well, here's a cool guy. He was going to tell us stories about his adventures in the wilderness. They're very interesting!"
 #30870  by Jodie Watts
Jodie had been about to answer, but Florian made himself known. She smiled politely at the man, sipping her drink and then looking over to Ara. She acknowledged her, ensuring the other knew she had definitely heard the question but would likely answer it later.

She briefly flicked her eyes over Florian's shoulder, wondering if Simon had turned up. Not that she cared...not that he would want to...
 #30877  by Danica Iver
“Oh, erm... that’s nice,” said Danica, eying Florian.

Finally... someone she did not know or have any connection with.

“Mind if I join you? I really don’t think Monica is even showing up... such a flake.”
 #30878  by Florian Dahl
“Of course, not at all,” said Florian easily. Gesturing to a table off behind them then he said, “Why don’t we take a seat over there. It will be far more comfortable.

Pulling out a chair then he took a photo book from under his arm, and placing it on the table in front of Magda he said, “You said you were interested in pictures of my adventures. Those are mostly from years ago when I was in my mid twenties, but there are some really good ones in there. I am not nearly as interested in capturing every, single moment of life on film as I use to.”
 #30880  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda took the book immediately, opening it up so they could all see. Immediately, she started flicking through, and up came a photo of Florian in his twenties. She leaned in, mouth agape.

"Whoa! You're so handsome!"

She kind of wished he was in his twenties now; sure, he wouldn't be as experienced or wise but...dammit, he was really attractive back then too! And they would be a similar age, maybe had more in common, and maybe done exploring together!
 #30881  by Jodie Watts
But despite looking at the same photo, Jodie was interested in something else.

"You're holding a Dragon vine! How are you not torn to shreds!? Those things are deadly; the Mistress had one in her garden in Sweden and all the staff used to draw straws not to water it."
 #30882  by Nahlahla Odili
From behind, Nahlahla Odili spoke up. Apparently, she was currently staying - temporarily - at the inn, and after making her way into the main area, she had overheard the conversation.

"Dragon Vines are definitely tricky; I believe the best method of sedating them is Balthazar's Blood; a rare sap. But there are other easing methods." She spoke rather smoothly, all words flowing in a similar fashion to her multi-patterned chiffon dress. Her long braids were knotted at the top of her head, decorated with beads and a few sprigs of herbs. Handmade wooden charms seemed to be used for her earrings, necklace, and a belt that tied at her waist to show off her curves and cinch her caftan.

Stepping toward the table, she looked over the photo, narrowing her eyes a moment before a spark of recognition came to her expression.

"Balearic Islands?" She asked, lifting a brow to Florian. "Have you been since? It's a lovely place; has certainly changed a bit in the past ten years; more tourists, but some great magical sights."
 #30886  by Florian Dahl
He watched as Ara leaned over Magda's shoulder, looking with interest at the pictures.

The undivided attention of three attractive women? who were interested in what he did? Could the night get any better?

Florian was about to answer Jodie when he heard a voice from behind him. Turning around and spotting the new comer, he said with a smile,

"You are correct. We used Balthazr's Blood. And theeeen... had a little friendly competition with our group to see who would dare hold their vine the longest, pushing the limits of when the affect would wear off."

He paused, looked around at the four women for dramatic effect, then said, "If you were wondering, yes... I won."

He then held up a hand, and slipped one of the leather gloves he used for flying off, holding the palm out to them and showing a nasty raised scare as he said, "I got this for my pains..." turning his hand around, which was covered in a number of scares and burns, he pointed to another slash and said, "And this one. Needless to say we were very young and foolish. Hurt like hell. Not sure which was worse. The pain... or my teacher, the man I was working and training under at the time, yelling and lecturing us for an hour when he got back."

Looking to Nahlahla with a smile then he said, "You know your plants well. Are you an herbologist of sorts?"
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