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 #30381  by Eliza Villiers
The summer had been an...interesting one for Eliza, to say the least. She had gone to the Villiers holiday home in France (as usual) and spent her summer lazing by the pool and drinking wine without her parent's permission (as usual). However, once she returned, the family harmony (as strange as it often was) took a turn for the worst when news of her father's affair reached the Villiers siblings.

The following days and weeks were riot albeit a quiet one. The silence in the Villiers Estate was deafening. Eliza had never been as glad for September 1st to roll around so she could make her sweet escape from the rolling English countryside.

Upon her return, however, Eliza's mind had only been on that of the affair. Her focus on her studies was at an all-time low. Multiple teachers had commented that the young Slytherin did not seem herself and she had heard a few of the girls whispering about her family in the corridors between classes.

This was Eliza's final year at Hogwarts. This was meant to be her year. The year where everybody in the school knew her name and adored her. She needed to get back on top, quickly.

Eliza sat in the Great Hall, Potions books scattered around her as she tried but desperately failed to complete the essay assigned to her the week before. She tapped her pen on the table repetitively, her eyes staring off into space.
 #30842  by Alexis Nightshade
One such professor that had noted that the Slytherin student had been rather withdrawn, was Professor Nightshade. Now, normally the seventh year's were perhaps the more energetic of the years, albeit a little stressed knowing exams were somewhere make or break this year, and making decisions for their futures. Alexis' remembered those times well.

It was a free period for some, and a break for others and Alexis was on duty to keep a watchful eye on the students remaining in the Great Hall. Her eyes flicked around as she did the occasionally loop about. Stopping briefly to converse with a student seeking assistance with homework. Sometimes, they just wanted to see her pet hamster, that accompanied her around the school, and during lessons.

She paused as she wandered past Eliza, "Knut for your thoughts Miss Villiers?"
 #31065  by Eliza Villiers
Just as Eliza was thinking about some plot or scheme she could come up with to make herself more popular, Professor Nightshade wandered into her peripheral vision. The Slytherin sat up, putting a bright smile on her face.

"Oh Professor Nightshade." she replied, "I'm just trying to decide which of the many Everlasting Elixirs I should write about for this potions essay. The list is," she paused, smiling at the Charms professor, "well, everlasting."
 #31239  by Alexis Nightshade
Alexis eyed the young woman with a curious expression before settling on a warm smiling, "I can see that's quite the conundrum, in these circumstances, I think the best option is either to settle on the one that really calls to you. Or if you really can't decide, you can always put the name of the potions into a hat and then randomly select one."

Appearing just around Alexis' neck, though partially hidden by her hair were two small beady eyes watching the girl with utmost curiosity.
 #31276  by Eliza Villiers
Eliza nodded at the professor's suggestion. "It would be great if there was an Everlasting Elixir that could make you popular forever." she laughed. "That would definitely be the Elixir for me."

The Slytherin began to pack away some of her belongings. After all, she had been here an hour and written a measly three words. Work was not going to be completed this evening. As she began packing away she noticed a small creature at her teacher's neck. Professor Nightshade and her hamster were well known amongst the students at Hogwarts although Eliza never actually got to interact with it. The young blonde smiled.

"How is your hamster getting on, Professor Nightshade." Eliza asked.
 #31296  by Alexis Nightshade
"You think so?" she asked the student at the girl's desire to always be popular, "would you really prefer to have that instant, faked rather than the popularity that comes naturally, not forced?

It wouldn't be Alexis' cup of tea, not by any stretch but then she was a lot older than Eliza, and had gone into the phase of simply not caring if she was well liked etc, part of the it crowd and all that jazz. That said, she knew still just about remembered being a teenager and all the agro that went with it.

At the mention of Button's she smiled, her hand reaching up to gentle coax the little creature from clinging to the back of her neck to into the palm of her hand, with a very careful hand movement, she scooped him up and held him down lower for both he and Eliza to see one another clearly.

"Oh, like a duck to water. Curious little thing that seemingly adores everyone and everything. Nosey too..."

Buttons shifted forward on Alexis' hand, little nose and whiskers twitching as it regarded Eliza, very slowly it shifted from it's not usual soft lavender grey hue to more grey. Alexis frowned only for a moment before looking back at Eliza.
 #31808  by Eliza Villiers
"Once people like you then you have no problems," Eliza explained matter-of-factly. It was imperative to Eliza that people liked her. Ever since she was a child, she was obsessed with popularity. She always felt that when people were on her side that her life was better. There were fewer issues and less drama. But now things seemed to be shifting and she didn't like it.

Eliza inspected the hamster as he crawled closer to her. The Slytherin looked at it as its fur changed and a smile crept upon her face.

"He really is adorable," Eliza said, her eyes still locked on the creature. "Isn't funny how he just lives his life and doesn't care about popularity or rumours or anything of the sort." Eliza looked up at the Professor for a second before looking back down at the hamster in her hand.
 #32470  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Peeves had been having a quiet start of term so far. Boring! The castle was almost sleepy, it was like they'd gotten used to a certain amount of chaos. That simply would not do. He'd have to shake things up a little.

The Great Hall was always a good place to start if he was looking for students to pester. And there was even a combo to be had right now, in the shape of a Professor and a student! Excellent!

Grabbing a straw from inside his vest, he started shooting spitballs in the pair's direction.
 #32735  by Alexis Nightshade
Alexis' smiled a little, "I understand that but I've always been a firm believer that you can't like everyone and nor can they like you. All you can be is respectful and polite. All I am saying is there is more to life than popularity, its far better to have a few good friends than thousands that you can't possibly know fondly or they know you well."

She brushed a few fingers over the soft fur of Buttons, "you can hold if you like, he's like a little hand warmer - which in this place is a blessing...." she trailed off as something hit the side of her neck, it didn't hurt and nor did it leave a last impression on her, but as it happened again, her only free hand dropped to her side to extract her wand from her pocket. and turned to see what was occurring.

As she spotted another thing flying their way she shielded it with her wand, deflecting it what she hoped wasn't towards another student.

"Peeves...Oh Peeves...do come out and show yourself now..." she said with a smile, because despite everything she did have a little bit of fondness for him even if at times she wanted to strangle him.
 #35258  by Eliza Villiers
Eliza took in her teacher's words carefully. She knew that Professor Nightshade had a point but popularity was much more than just someone liking or disliking you. No. When it came to her family, their reputation and popularity among other high society families was everything. It was the only thing that may keep the whispers at bay. At this stage, Eliza was the only hope the Villiers had to retain their image and she would do anything to keep it that way.

Just as Eliza held the creature in her palms she notices Profesro Nightshade removing her wand from her pocket. Eliza glanced around the room to see what the issue was. At the mention of Peeves, Eliza rolled her eyes.

"Stop being so irritating Peeves. It's not funny."
 #35260  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Well, the shielding was disappointing. All his lovely spitballs were going to be wasted if he shot them out right now, and that would be an absolute shame. Peeves couldn't possibly condone that. At the behest of the Professor, he became visible. It wasn't as though there weren't any other way he could disrupt people while being seen. His track record was excellent.

'Peevesie Peeves appears!' He wiggled his fingers, as though giving an excellent dramatic performance nut then blew a raspberry at the teenager's comments. How dare she? He was positively luminous in his humour. 'Maybe Vile Villiers needs some cheering up?'

Cheering up, to Peeves, came in the form of a particularly well aimed spitball.
 #35556  by Eliza Villiers
Vile Villiers? VILE? Who did Peeves think he was? Eliza was far from vile. It was most certainly Peeves that was the vile one.

In a huff, the Slytherin stood up from her seat, handing the pet back to her professor.

Just as she did so, Eliza got a spitball straight to the side of the face.

"PEEVES." the blonde shouted which in return saw many students and professors present in the great hall turning to see what was going on. At this, Eliza grabbed her books and folders and climbed out over her seat, hurrying off to her dorm where she could be angry in peace.