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Perrine raised a brow at him.

Moral duty? What nonsense was this?

She was silent a moment, crossing her arms and sitting back in her chair. But finally she said,

"I am not saying I am 'elping you... yet. But I will say this. That is not how Jiang Shi would execute her... or murder her. No vampire would... It just does not sound like vampire on vampire."

She was quiet a moment, looking thoughtful before saying, "Tied to bed? Was she tortured first? Or anything else sordid done to her?" She couldn't quite say it. A lady did not speak of such things...
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Griffin blew out a breath, pressing his lips together for a moment after.

"Well...I don't know. Her body seems to have been burnt badly. I had a feeling that this wasn't a vampire that did it - I presume many wouldn't risk the flames catching. But if not for the gaping hole in her chest, I would presumed she was burnt alive. Couldn't have been after; the surroundings of the room are practically unscathed; not a lick of a fire. I believe she was targeted. Somebody, or something, threw fire at her to weaken her, perhaps immobilise her, and then carried her off to kill her in the shadows. This...is why I'm concerned. It doesn't look like a sexual attack, and without a lead on enemies...it seems like someone blindsided her on the street."

His voice was melancholic now, and he seemed to stare off to the side, clearly unsure.
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"You are afraid someone is targeting vampires?" said Perrine simply, tilting her head. "I do not think so. But if yes you tell me. I will become your attack force."

Closing her eyes then she leaned her head back and said, "She was very good fighter. It is surprise she was taken. I would say Kingdom did it. For revenge. But... I am surprised not one of them told me. Also... you say it was amateur. They are all professional. And... from lack of burn marks in room you know she was captured at different location? A Kingdom member would not know where she live to take her home. And even if they did? Why? They are professional. They would take her to secret location. And if they tie her up? They are not going to just stab her once and be done. Too clean for killing their former leader. That is not good enough message. They know art of taking time. Could not be Kingdom."

Perrine sat up and rubbed her temples in thought, then looking up at Griffin with a smirk she said, "I am good detective, no?This eez kind of fun. You want me to think longer and see what else I can tell you?" She looked at him almost eagerly.
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Griffin stared at her, and then began to lean forward, furrowing his brows deeply.

"What...is The Kingdom? Leader? Revenge? What are you talking about...professional..." He narrowed his eyes at her. "Professional killers? There's a group, an underground organisation of killers?"

Clearly, Cecile had not had time to share her findings...
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Perrine smiled, then said, "Oh? You do not know?" she shrugged, then said, "Maybe they are... You do not know who Wesley Marlow is?- Oh... I mean Anthony Dane. You know Anthony Dane, yes? He had little group. She killed him. Do not bother following up on Kingdom if you learn about them. They did not do it. and they are disbanded."

Placing her elbows on the table, and touching an index finger to her temples, she closed her eyes again, then said, "Before she killed Wesely she was working with him... or pretended to. Wesley only told me little, but I found out more snooping about. I wanted to make sure he was faithful to only me. She had people that would have reason to not like her... very much... because of her involvement with him. I can give you names."

She paused, thinking the names over. Wesley did not like any of them so... why protect them?

"Florian Dahl," she said."You look him up. Works in Black Forest Market in Germany, comes to London often on business. Also... his nephew Andi. Dahl did not like how Wesley treated his nephew.." Opening her eyes she said, "Oh, you must know case. Nephew was accused of helping Wesley Marlow in murders and such. Sora helped Wesley so it would be finishing off for revenge."

Perrine... did not know the details of Sora helping Florian in the end of course.

"Also there is Kit Harper. Reporter. Maybe you know his articles?" She said with a sly smile. "He writes bad articles about Ministry. Sora beat him up once. Broke his legs, ribs... but he was involved in trying to hunt down Wesley and Sora some time ago."

Perrine really did not think it was Kit but... she was amused to think of him getting into a little trouble with the Ministry. He gave them such bad press she assumed they wouldn't mind making his life uncomfortable and inconvenient for a little bit.

"And then last person involved in all that? Cecile Delaurier. She is a veela who..." but looking at Griffin's face she said, "Oh? You know her? Yes, she also works for Ministry. She tried to go after Wesely to kill him. Sora helped him escape her, and she also was used to feed information to Cecile to lure her in."

Or did...
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The moment that Perrine started spilling her guts about the topic, Griffin had whipped out a notebook and started to write quickly, nodding along to encourage her. Florian Dahl...hm, he hadn't heard of him before, or his nephew. Definitely one to look up. Kit Harper...now hold on a second, he did know the articles!

The reporter had had multiple near-fatal dealings with vampires according to the writings in the Prophet. Some he assumed to merely be false since he wasn't particularly aware of vampires running so rampant around those areas. But perhaps if they were true, it would link him directly to Sora's murder, which he was certain it was by this point. Definitely a suspect...though, he was kind of a shrew as far as he knew. Perhaps he was just linked in some way?

But at the mention of Cecile, Griffin's eyes snapped to her.

"Miss Delaurier?" A Veela...a creature known for fire balls. "Perhaps...perhaps...that is a possibility. Maybe they got into an altercation somewhere and Cecile accidentally...but then why would she take her somewhere and stab her? Ever since leaving the Ministry, she's kind of fallen off the face of the Earth."

He shook his head.

"Is there anything else you can tell me?"
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"No at the moment," said Perrine. "But I 'ave to think more on it."

Wagging her finger then at Griffin she said, "I do not think you know Miss Delaurier as well as you think. She is not upstanding person. She is friends with people around here," she said, waving her hand about the room. "You know. People who have records with Ministry? People who allegedly are involved in criminal activity? Even been girlfriend of at least one... No two in a way. she has connections here."

Perrine might have been exaggerating a bit. Like Kit, Cecile was someone she did not mind causing trouble for.

"That girl is always having trouble with vampires. She has also gotten into altercations with my fledgling over a man..."

Perrine smiled innocently, then said,

"Like old detective novel, you should round up all suspects, get them in a room and get them talking. You will find murderer. I guarantee it... someone will slip up."
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Griffin lifted his chin.

"Well then...I suppose some exclusive invitations will be going out. Recognised as potential business partners and invited to an upstanding meal." He said dryly, and then slowly began to stand.

"Miss Follet, do you feel as though you are in any immediate danger at all? If so...do contact me. I will offer shelter whilst ever we have peace between us." He spoke, handing over a business card. "Vampires are not evil...and even with the deeds you say Miss Hahn is guilty of, she deserved a fair trial. I don't like the idea of humans, beasts, beings or any other fantastical creature being smited of their lives for subjective causes."
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"I will call you this," said Perrine with a smile, "Au Revoir Monsieur Fool."

She watched him as he left, then casually strolled over to the window to peek out of it, watching him as he walked down the gloomy street of Knockturn.

She closed her eyes, pressing her forehead to the glass. She had not sensed his blood pulse quickening even once. Did he not fear her? He felt safe in a room with other people? He had dealt with enough vampires? He was arrogant? Cocky ? Thought that that he was untouchable because he was ministry?

She would love to make his pulse race with fear... that would be delicious. A vampire law enforcer? What a treat!

But he did seem sincere in wanting to be of help...

... But his reason. She noted he did not say it was because he loved vampires, or had a fascination or felt an affinity to them, nor did he tell a tragic tale of a vampire kid sister. His reason was that it was the right thing to do. A man with high moral principals in the Ministry? Ridiculous!

It probably paid well. That made more sense...

She turned and walked back into the room, feeling a bit listless. She wished she could tell Wesley how she had just made the lives of the people he hated uncomfortable. That would have been fun..