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"A few years ago, a healer installed a few greenhouses here," Eleanor remembered being rather excited to hear that the hospital would grow its own ingredients for potions. "Sadly, a lack of funding meant that the project had to be abandoned, but the terrace is still here."

Eleanor parked her friend's chair in the shade. "I thought you might appreciate being outside for a little bit." Healer Costa would likely disapprove, which made Eleanor rather nervous, but she was so desperate for her friend to get better that she was almost willing to do anything.
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Phillipa did appreciate being outside, even if it was only for a small while. She had been cooped up inside her hospital room for such a long time now that the woman had nearly forgotten what it was like to feel the sun against her skin. Nearly.

Reaching out a hand, she slowly carved it through the stream of light piercing the small court yard, watching as the light bounced off silver bracelet she wore that had Eloise's name engraved in it. The warmth that covered her palm felt like someone was grasping it in their own. She pulled her hand back and then turned to Eleanor, "Help me up," She requested, "I want to walk for a bit." Phillipa wasn't sure how many opportunities like this she would get, so she planned to make the most of it, even if that meant defying her doctors orders. Eleanor would have to help her however, as she was quite unsteady on her feet these days, hence the wheel chair, but she needed to be on her feet, fully bathed in the light.
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Eleanor glimpsed at the door that had closed behind them. An irrational fear of being caught made her hesitate. Though she knew Healer Costa would never seek out such a peaceful haven, she became extremely nervous.

Lines of worry covering her forehead she looked at the frail blonde. Resiting her bleeding blue was becoming more and more difficult. Using her nurse training, Eleanor lifted her friend from her chair. While in a position almost mimicking a hug her eyes shied away from her friends. "Don't let go of me," she instructed as she started shifting towards Phillipa side.
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Licking her lips, Phillipa pulled her bottom one between her teeth to bite back the groan that wanted to escape as she felt her body resist nearly every movement she made. Her left leg dragged almost painfully behind her, and she clung onto Eleanor more than she liked to admit. She was so very tired, so very weak, and it made her angry, so angry, but she refused to stop, refused to give up. Not now when she had freedom, even if it was only for a moment.

"Let's just--" she jerked her head at the wooden bench situated to the left, right beneath the glaring sun.
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Holding onto Eleanor's hand tightly, she looked up at the sun shining down on them, and even though the brightness made her squint, her eyes watering, she didn't look away, "I just need a minute. It's been..." She trailed off as she finally closed her eyes, the rays becoming too much.

"I haven't got long do I," She murmured, breaking the silence after a few minutes. Her voice barely above a whisper.
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Eleanor's heart started beating erratically. That was not a question she could answer. More importantly, that was not a state of mind in which she wanted to see her friend.

Eleanor wrapped her arm around Phillipa shoulders. "You're not dying. You're not." She insisted. "It's not going as well as we would like, but you are not dying," she promised.
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"You know," Raegan drawled as she made her way down the hall, her kittens heels connecting with linoleum floor with a satisfying 'click'. Her gait was only slightly slower, her round belly making her waddle more than she liked, but she still managed to keep an even pace. At eight months pregnant, the woman showed no signs of slowing down. "I don't believe following me around like a bad smell is part of your job description Healer Costa."
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Phillipa managed a chuckle, though it came out more wheezy than she liked, "I definitely feel like I'm dying, but I guess one would when they had spent the better part of the day vomiting." Costa's treatment had been particularly vicious this morning, and the potions pumping through her system had made her stomach revolt. It definitely didn't get easier, and Healer Costa had been telling the truth when she'd said that it would be a brutal.

Letting her head rest on Eleanor's shoulder, she swiped her thumb over the woman's smooth hand, "You know I've never told Eloise about her father. I'm not sure why, it's not like he was a bad man. I just..." She swallowed, struggling to find the words. She'd never told anyone this not even Meja, but beneath the sun's rays, standing at deaths door, Phillipa suddenly felt like she had to tell someone. "When I fell pregnant with her, he had insisted on me having an abortion. He had never wanted kids, and that was something that wasn't ever going to change. I had thought that too. Children were...messy, but when I booked my appointment, I was lying on the bed, the nurse brought me the potion, but for the life of me, I couldn't get myself to drink it." Phillipa's voice was small, but not because she was sick, small because she was ashamed. Small because she was unsure the woman would react. "I told him I had the abortion and he was so happy. Eleanor you should have seen his face and it broke me. I knew I had to leave if I wanted this child. So I did. I left and I raised Eloise by myself while her father doesn't even know she exists."
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Paying no attention to their surroundings Matilde had not expected the sunlight that hit her eyes. Squinting she placed a hand above her eyes. Exhausted and foggy from everything she had taken to remain awake, it took her a few seconds to find her bearings under the glaring sun.

"Nurse hand-holder's been promoted to hugging," she remarked snidely as she looked at the two women on the bench. "Why is my patient outside, Nurse Hug-it-all?"
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"I am not going to buy you a massage chair for the staff lounge," Raegan rolled her eyes as she pushed open the door to the hidden garden she visited whenever she needed a minute to herself.

Stepping out into the court yard, she came to a halt as she found Nurse Miller and a patient she had only come across a few times. What on earth...

She looked to Matilda as the woman spoke, a frown forming as she took in the situation.